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  • Diiv Evokes a Bygone Alt-Rock Era - February 9, 2016
    Is the Is Are, the second album from Zachary Cole Smith’s band DIIV is a music box of blurry guitar pop, evoking bygone alt-rock... The post Diiv Evokes a Bygone Alt-Rock Era appeared first on Rhapsody Music News.
  • Grammys: Courtney Barnett, the Reluctant Star - February 9, 2016
    Eccentric, wordy and spontaneous, confessional and sometimes inappropriate, charming and self-effacing, singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett seems the sort of artist who wouldn’t be up for... The post Grammys: Courtney Barnett, the Reluctant Star appeared first on Rhapsody Music News.
  • Grammys: Sleater-Kinney Unjustly Snubbed - February 9, 2016
    A lot has happened to the members of Sleater-Kinney since the band decided to take a hiatus in 2006. Singer/guitarist Corin Tucker released a pair... The post Grammys: Sleater-Kinney Unjustly Snubbed appeared first on Rhapsody Music News.
  • Grammys: Underdog Mark Ronson Deserves to Win - February 7, 2016
    Soul music dominates the patchwork ensemble of 2016’s Record of the Year Grammy nominees: Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars for “Uptown Special,” “Really Love”... The post Grammys: Underdog Mark Ronson Deserves to Win appeared first on Rhapsody Music News.
  • Grammys: Carly Rae Jepsen Deserved a Nod - February 6, 2016
    One of the more curious and confounding omissions from this year’s spate of Grammy nominations is Carly Rae Jepsen’s third album, Emotion. While admittedly... The post Grammys: Carly Rae Jepsen Deserved a Nod appeared first on Rhapsody Music News.

Recommendations: Netflix

I recommend Netflix because they have 65+ million movie stream subscribers; and ships over 3,400+ discs are processed per hour, for the over 5.3 million DVD/Blu-Ray subscribers. Netflix has close to 100,000 movie titles and TV shows of just about every genre you can think of; titles that are not easily found anywhere else.

I recommend Netflix because they have 65+ million movie stream subscribers; and ships over 3,400+ discs are processed per hour, for the over 5.3 million DVD/Blu-Ray subscribers. Netflix has close to 100,000 movie titles and TV shows of just about every genre you can think of; titles that are not easily found anywhere else.

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Recommendation: HULU

I recommend Hulu because they have thousands of movie titles for streaming. In my opinion, it is the best service for current and popular TV shows, such as "Empire," with the handsome Terrence Howard. However, I think Netflix has a larger selection of better movies.

I recommend Hulu because they have thousands of movie titles for streaming. In my opinion, it is the best service for current and popular TV shows, such as "Empire," with the handsome Terrence Howard. However, I think Netflix has a larger selection of better movies.

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Recommendations: Spotify

I'll be honest, Spotify isn't my first choice to put on my list of recommendations. However, Spotify offers free accounts that allows you to stream unlimited music legally! Not the best software in terms of functionality, but the service is free to use, and Spotify pays the artists their royalties.

I'll be honest, Spotify wasn't my first choice to put on my list of recommendations. However, Spotify offers free accounts that allows you to stream unlimited music legally! Not the best software in terms of functionality, but the service is free to use, and Spotify pays the artists their royalties.

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Recommendations: Rhap.

My preferred source of music streaming.  One of the many reasons I recommend Rhapsody, is because they posses over 36+ million songs in their library, tons of features, and mobile, web, and desktop applications are all consistent with each other. Very easy to discover even more classic music with Rhapsody.

My preferred source of music streaming. One of the many reasons I recommend Rhapsody, is because they posses over 36+ million songs in their library; tons of features, and mobile, web, and desktop applications are all consistent with each other. Very easy to discover even more classic music with Rhapsody.

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Missy Elliot: WTF

It's been a LOOOONG time since Missy came out with a new album. I honestly can say, I really like the new song from Missy Elliot (featuring  Pharrell Williams) called "WTF." I'm not going to lie, it had to grow on me a little bit. I had to watch it a few times; because all Missy Elliot fans know, she is very eccentric; and fans my not know what to think at first. I love the beat; the music is still relevant; and the music video was amazing. It was almost like watching a quadruple upgrade to her "She's A Bitch (1998)" video. This is one of those songs were the beat is so fast paced, that I'll definitely leave the dancing to the younger generation. Unfortunately, Rhapsody doesn't have the license for the song yet. You know how it goes, the studio gotta make that money from the mp3s first :-( awh shit. It should be available within the next 2 or 3 weeks (or whenever her studio decides to release it to music streaming). Here is a YouTube link instead.

[November 13, 2015] It's been a LOOOONG time since Missy came out with a new album. I honestly can say, I really like the new song from Missy Elliot (featuring Pharrell Williams) called "WTF." I'm not going to lie, it had to grow on me a little bit. I had to watch it a few times; because all Missy Elliot fans know, she is very eccentric; and fans may not know what to think the first time you see something from her. I love the beat; the music is still relevant; and the music video was amazing. It was almost like watching a quadruple upgrade to her "She's A Bitch (1998)" video.The video was extremely innovative and unique. I absolutely love the puppets! Way cool. This is one of those songs were the beat is so fast paced, that I'll definitely leave the dancing to the younger generation. Unfortunately, Rhapsody doesn't have the license for the song yet. You know how it goes, the studio gotta make that money from the mp3s first :-( awh shit. It should be available within the next 2 or 3 weeks (or whenever her studio decides to release it to music streaming). Here is a YouTube link instead.

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  • Half-Dozen Rosemary Clooneys - February 11, 2016
    Rosemary Clooney was a bandleader's singer. On record, she could swing, she had intonation and she sounded extraordinarily relaxed and comfortable with herself, which is partly why Bing Crosby loved her so much. The other part is she seemed fun...            Related Stories Julie London: A Good Cry  
  • Bill Watrous: In Love Again - February 10, 2016
    After spending the early 1960s as a top New York studio trombonist, Bill Watrous caught a break in 1967 and recorded his first leadership album—In Love Again, for MTA Records. Given Watrous's beautiful tone, which was akin to Urbie Green's,...             
  • Interview: Elliot Lawrence - February 9, 2016
    I've long loved Elliot Lawrence's music. His big band recordings of the late 1940s and 1950s had superb swing and sensitivity, especially on Gerry Mulligan arrangements. His bands were always tight, well rehearsed and loaded with the best musicians. After...            Related Stories Al + Zoot: Happy Over Hoagy Elliot Lawrence on the Road Tiny Kahn and Elliot Lawrence  

Lego Star Wars

Travel the dunes with the LEGO� Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series Sancrawler™




I’ve found two more reasons to add, to the already existing pile of reasons why apple is on my poop list! Now, I kindly ask that my small and faithful blog fans not be upset for this post. Once again, I think Apple makes phenomenal products, so it’s not that I think Apple devices are crap. All their products works damn near flawless! For goodness sake, I’ve owned 3 iPod classics (which all still work); and I still currently use iTunes software because I still think it’s the best music management software for DRM free/mp3 files they have on the market today! My HUGE gripe with Apple, is their quest to hold customers hostage! They hold their customers hostage indirectly with the music content, and the apps. No one can honestly say that they will be using one app, or one type of phone for the rest of their life. I have the right as a consumer (who spent a LOT of money on Apple music and movies), to have the ability/license to switch technologies at will, and not be concerned with all the money I spent before a new technology. Keep in mind, this is one of the huge advantages Android OS has over Apple; Android doesn’t have such a strong choke hold that it doesn’t allow innovation from the outside. Android is open source, and You’ll find many devices and technology that are now using Android OS; they’re not limited to just Samsung smartphones. Including but not limited to video steaming devices [NVIDIA Shield Android TV and other devices], and watches [ASUS ZenWatch and other watch brands]. Even vehicles are using Android Auto. This is one of the huge reason I keep pounding on my readers heads to ALWAYS purchase DRM free mp3 files ONLY!! DRM free files are sold through Amazon, and GooglePlay (both have significant collections of music). If you want to be limited by Apple, that’s your problem. I’ll always be looking for other technologies where I can benefit, or improve the way I do things.


Today, I tried to open up an Apple link that was posted on Facebook. The web page opened, however, much to my surprise, I could not play the music at all. In fact, the play button wasn’t even visible. I thought I needed an upgrade, but my software was current. So I decided rather trying to find the play button, I clicked on the “view/play in iTunes” link. The user that posted the link was a subscriber to their new Apple streaming. I have to be a member of Apple streaming to hear the music. WTF???????? WTF?????? LOLOLOL 😀  I should have gotten at least a 30 second preview. It is standard practice to give previews on all digital products offered for sale. However, they only offer samples on their “pay per download.” In my opinion, that was a really bad move on Apple’s part; non-users should have samples, because samples is what’s needed to make a decision to buy or tryout a service. They need to disable their share features if they insist on doing that; it may be that they don’t want to pay the labels for free samples. Just my humble opinion. The last insult to injury, they took away Apple radio too. Apple radio is now only available to Apple Music subscribers. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. But continued to make their curated radio streams available (for free of course). However, the curated list of stations are very sloppy; meaning you’ll find many duplicates stations; sometimes up to 4 duplicates. Many stations don’t even belong there, such as feeds from Live365. You need to be a subscriber of Live365, because they have a limit of 10 listeners at a time per station. You’ll be forced to use the Live365 software and search for the station you want and play it. I have to say, a lot of the music on their curated stations are not that great either. You’ll do better finding your own radio streams on the internet, and copying the URL in your favorite radio feed software. It’s obvious they are focusing hard on their subscription services. Even the availability of diverse podcasts sucks. Just food for thought guys.



Today I watched a very old TV show I netflix’d called  “Jake and The Fatman (1987). It was the first episode from the first season. I just couldn’t resist. This was one of those shows that I remembered watching a lot of, but didn’t actually remember a whole lot of details about the show. However, I did remember that this was definitely one of those “made for TV shows,” were the writers made sure the viewers saw no violence. Now, I got to be honest with my readers, I absolutely don’t like “80’s made for TV” shows; because usually they’re specifically designed to be way too bubblegum-ish for my taste. But since I remembered watching a lot of the show as a kid, I figured it couldn’t have been that bad. 😀 In my opinion, most of those “made for TV” were comparable to watching a 45 minute service announcement. But so far the fist episode kept me entertained (despite there wasn’t a whole lot of action in it) 😀 So, “The Fatman” McCabe plaid by William Conrad, is an attorney (who loves his little pugs) who’s more like a detective helping to solve crimes.


The Fatman’s partner in crime is the good looking Jake Styles, plaid by Joe Penny. Jake is the actual detective that does all the work, and solves the cases; yet some who manages to juggle his personal life and his demanding detective life together. Jake is almost like a young version of Matlock; he solves all the crimes without serious confrontations (at least from what I can tell in this first episode).


Robert Reed (who you may remember as Mike Brady from the TV show “The Brady Bunch (1969)”) plays a Senator who was having an affair with Clare Wren. Let me tell you, I don’t usually call women out of their names (but since this is a TV show), this lady was a whore! I say this because after a quick conference Robert had with the press (I think), she almost immediately guided him to a room to “make out” and do the hanky panky. Robert basically said “my wife is out there, you want people to find out?” LOLOL. She really had the hots for him. They really didn’t do anything, but her acting was so good, she really made the audience believe she was ready to try and do one up better than what Monica Lewinsky did to Bill Clinton LOLOLOL. She was ready to rock his world and had absolutely NO shame..


John Rubinstein plays Brent Moore, who’s Robert’s right-hand man. This guy turns out to be a crazy ass psychopath. He discovered that Clare was having an affair with Robert, and ends up killing her. He confesses to Robert and claims he had to do it otherwise she would have hurt his campaign and career. This dude was so crazy off his rocker, that I couldn’t figure out where the writers were going with his character. It almost appeared that John was actually in love with Robert for a minute. But then I said to myself, that couldn’t be true, because I think he would have killed his wife first. This John guy was definitely coocoo for Cocoa Puffs. But it turns out he wasn’t that crazy after all, because shortly after, he tried to frame Robert for the murder. How will Robert get himself out of this mess?  Order the first DVD of Jake and The Fatman from Netflix.




I absolutely love the Riddick Franchise, and I love Van Diesel even more for starring as “Riddick.” I don’t think anyone else can play Riddick, Diesel truly fits this role. However, I didn’t know there was a cartoon for it.  Thankfully the producers decided to use Diesel’s voice for Riddick. I thought it was a series, but the flick turns out to be only a 34 minutes. This version of Riddick  was done Anime style. I feel that the drawing of Riddick’s body was a bit exaggerated, but the cartoon had enough action in it to hold my attention.


Among many things, Riddick is a bounty hunter, and wanted to off load two people that was on his ship. However, I was still unclear as to the real relationship between Riddick and the two people on his ship. ‘Cause you know how it is, the cartoons, movies, comic books, and books usually all have different stories. I got the feeling they were close, but just needed an excuse to land his ship and refuel. He meets up with this shapely alien chick, that likes to collect aliens and some who makes them living trophies. Unbeknown to Riddick, she would try to make him her next victim.


The battle of Riddicks life has now begun. She releases an 8 tentacle robotic monster to try and destroy Riddick. How will Riddick escape? Does he manage to rescue the two passengers that came with him? Check it out on Netflix. By the way: I’m not sure if it’s a rumor or not, they’re supposed to be working on a new Riddick movie for 2017! Yay!!!



“Two Tons O’ Fun,” also known as “The Weather Girls,” first album (pictured above) was in 1980 I believe. A two woman group consisted of Martha Wash and Izora Armstead. Their music was mostly disco, club, and high energy dance music. I remember my mom playing this album all the time. I know I’ve written about this album before I think, but I wanted to post it again because it’s one of my favorite albums from them, and if you’re a true old school person like I am, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this album. On the original album there’s only 8 tracks. Rhapsody has three additional tracks for this album (not sure why, maybe they are bonus tracks). My favorite songs are “Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?” “Just Us,” “Got The Feeling.” Martha Wash is still performing, however,  Izora Armstead was sick and past away in 2004. Listen on Rhapsody.



US vinyl market worth more than YouTube, Vevo and Spotify Free combined

The article this quote comes from doesn’t have a date; however, judging from the URL, it was posted on September 24th of last year. Despite the name of the website is called “Fact Magazine,” I call bullshit. You have to be so careful when you read these websites that through these numbers all over the place, because many of them don’t take in to consideration other factors. First of all, Spotify isn’t making any money; which explains why they’ve never made significant improvements to their desktop and mobile applications; and also reasons why many music labels and major online music stores such as iTunes has put so much pressure to limit their free services. I can’t find any proof that YouTube is paying royalties for all of the music videos; but then again I realize I won’t find any proof because YouTube/Google can’t make such a statement; simply because (as I’ve said before) there’s absolutely no way to account for which royalties are being paid to the actual music labels, and which videos are monitored by YouTube users. Vevo is just a smaller version of YouTube. I don’t understand why this blogger is comparing stats between these three online services, and weighing it against album sales. It’s not even in the same ball park!  Second, Record labels are not producing vinyls at the same rate they used to before CD technology. That means that a significant portion of the total vinyl sales (in my opinion) must be coming from collector albums that are in mint condition. Collector albums that are higher in price, for a specific elite group of faithful vinyl fans. I hate when bloggers skew numbers to sway people in to believing something that’s not entirely true. Here is the article if you’d like to read it here.



That o’l saying “we all have a twin” is soooo true! Comedian and director Harold Lloyd looks like splitting image of actor Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS (or should I say the other way around?). I’m just stunned at the coincidence. Even the contours of their dimples, the shape of their lips, even their noses appear to be almost exactly proportioned. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that these handsome men were father and son.



I clicked on a YouTube link of a guy who was reviewing the latest Amazon Fire. I was totally stunned by what I heard. Not because of what he said about the Amazon Fire product itself, but what a user failed to do after she returned her fire back to amazon. Now, I’m not sure totally what the situation was, because many times companies send YouTubers products to review them; and I’m thinking maybe this one was an Open Box or something like that. In essence, the person sent back the Amazon Fire to Amazon, and failed to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, that woman’s Amazon Fire was sent to the YouTuber with ALL her personal information, and that includes access to purchases in the android store. He actually purchased a game for five dollars to prove a point. Now, the YouTuber mentioned that this was a security issue; which I agree; but I think the security issue does not lie with Amazon; it lies with the user. Anytime you change your Smart Phone, Tablet, or any other device that requires you to enter personal information, YOU MUST RESET DEVICE BEFORE RETURNING IT! This is not funny, yet I find it comical at the same time. There was a time in the 80’s and 90’s where people would go ape-shit, if they saw anyone entering their credit card on the internet, because “someone could steel it!” The truth of the matter is, credit card theft happens more on the retail level, and not on the internet level. Most large business like Amazon invest millions of dollars to make sure they have all the tools and the latest encryption technologies in place to keep your credit card information safe when purchasing online. This is also why you need a paid and trusted anti-virus package like Norton’s Security.


I’ve heard a many of dumb-ass “technicians” tell customers that anti-viruses are a scam to make money. This is soooo far from the truth. While retailers have security measures to protect your personal information being sent to them via online; your anti-virus prevents malicious code coming in. Anti-viruses prevent malicious from getting inside your computer, scanning any bank software, cookies, record keeping programs; and executing “credit card stealers” that grab/transfer/datamine and migrate all your financial information kept in your program files. You no longer have to download anything anymore to get a computer virus. You can accidentally open up the wrong email and have bad code in it; this is one of the reasons a lot of business chose to use their email programs in “TEXT MODE ONLY,” instead of HTML or RTF. You are even more vulnerable when you use illegal sites and P2P applications; they are swarming with really, really, really, bad viruses and malware, that are in *zip, *rar, *lzh, *exe, *com, and yes, sometimes they’re also found in newer versions of *pdf files. Even something as innocent as *doc, *docx, *xls, or any program that allows you to write bad program scripts, unbeknown to the downloader when they open the document; it doesn’t necessarily have to be Microsoft Word, or Excel. There is very little one can do about security if you don’t restore your device first, before you send back your device to the manufacture or retail store. Or at least, if you’re one of those people that always forget, DON’T set your android market to automatically remember your store purchase password; always enter it manually. Sometimes if you send back a device under warranty, they DO often check the device for all kinds of damages. Sometimes they check to see whether the problem is software related;  and even if you put a lock on your device; there could be a combination of complex button sequences (both internal and external) on your device to unlock it (that only a authorized service center would have). Trust absolutely nobody and ALWAYS factory reset ALL devices before you return a device, or hand it down to another. Here is the YouTube link if you’re interested here.



I just realized, I haven’t done a look alike in ages. Here are two I thought of a couple of weeks ago.  Demi Moore and the infamous 80’s pop diva Boy George; they really could actually be sisters! LOL. I don’t know what it is, I think its their piercing eyes that done it for me.



Before I forget, I just wanted to write something quick about the differences between the 3 major video streaming services. They are, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. I’m not going to tell you which one is the best, because they are all 3 are good, they just offer different things. This really is about personal taste, and the kinds of movies you like. All 3 services offer free trials, I highly suggest that you sign up for them, because it’s the only way you’ll know what’s best for YOU. All three are inexpensive. Keep in mind that none of them will offer any “new” movies younger than about 6 months old (sometimes longer depending on how popular it is in the theater, and licensing). They all have “original TV programming,” and some of these original programs have some big names in the movie business. Depending on the device you’re using to stream your video, you’re going to have different features available. For example, You’re not going to have the same options on your Roku box, they way you would on your computer. The same is true between boxes; so a Roku interface is going to be different from a Sony PlayStation, or Smart TV, etc.


If I’m not mistaken, their movie streaming service only comes as a package with Amazon’s Prime. Like all the other services, you can watch either on your computer, phone, tablet, or Roku box, or any streaming enabled box. However, be forewarned, I purchased a couple of digital movies from them, and they do not display on my computer or phone in high-definition. It they only display in HD if I use my Roku (keep that in mind). Amazon did offer to refund me, but since I use my Roku more, I just decided to keep it. One of the things I had a real problem with, is the fact that their licenses change frequently. For instance, you can save a movie for viewing later, then next month that same movie will be off prime, then you’ll have to pay for it. The same is true for quite a few of their music streaming too. But they do have a lot of good action movies, as well as children stuff. For original content, they have shows like “Bosch,” and “Catastrophe.” For regular shows, they have “Falling Skies,” “Suites,” and “Hannibal.” Their TV classics are “Bonanza,” and “Batman.” Movies are “Slow West,” “Expendables 3.”


Like Amazon, you can use the service across most platforms. Hulu is really good for TV shows rather than their movies. If you skim through their movies, you’ll notice that a lot of them are cheesy horror movies you’d find in the $4 dollar bin, in the closeout section of your local media store. But their TV shows are on point. They have most of the popular TV shows that are out today such as “Empire,” “Gotham,” and Vampire Diaries. They also have their own TV originals such as “Doorgy,” and “Difficult People.” I almost forgot, the have a decent selection of classic TV shows too, such as “I Love Lucy,” “Kojak,” and “Remington Steel.” If you’re a TV show buff, you’ll probably lean toward Hulu.


The nice thing about Netflix is that, although their DVD/Blu-Rays and streaming are two separate services now, they are still integrated features in your account. You can have one or the other, or both if you wish. Personally, I’d take Netflix over Amazon, because just about all the movies that are on Amazon, you can get from Netflix (with the exception of Amazon’s original content). Also, you don’t have to deal with frequent license expiration; and not to mention the fact that they have the biggest DVD/Blu-Ray library than anybody else (including foreign films, documentaries, and special interests). Netflix has lots of popular TV shows too, the only difference, is that Netflix tends to be back by one season compared to Hulu. Hulu is better if you want near current episodes. HOWEVER, if you want last season of “whatever,” you’ll probably need to go to Netflix, because Hulu doesn’t always have all of the seasons. Netflix has TV originals such as “Jessica Jones,” and “Daredevil.” They have regular shows like “Supernatural,” and “Continuum.” They also have nice classics such as “Xena,” and “Farscape.” I think Netflix has better movies available for streaming, such as “The Rite,” “Swelter,” and “Anacondas.”



One of my ultimate favorite stories from the Twilight Zone, is from season 5, episode 6 called “The Living Doll (1959).” It stars Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche. This was one of the most creepiest and scariest story lines I’ve ever seen. What scares me about it (I guess) is the fact there is no special effects, monsters, gore, or sadistic props of any kind. This episode in essence is about one man’s obsession with a doll. In my opinion, this performance really put Telly Savalas on the map as an actor; because this was not an easy thing to pull off and still appear authentic.


Telly Savalas and Mary LaRoche are married, with one child played by Tracy Stratford. Telly and Mary were having marital problems from the start. The episode started with Mary coming home with her daughter after a day of shopping. Mary purchased a doll for her daughter as a gift. Telly immediately took a disliking to the doll. At first, you get the impression that Telly was just a mean husband, but soon it becomes apparent that his wife has a spending problem, and objected to the purchase of the doll. In Telly’s frustration, he was mean to his daughter, wife, and the doll. Unbeknown to the wife and daughter, the doll was possessed and eventually threaten to kill Telly.


At first, I felt sorry for Telly, but by the end of the episode, I realized that Telly was really a bastard, and found myself on the doll’s side. I mean, Telly tried to burn the doll’s face, and got a kick out of the fact the doll appeared hurt by the flames. It was quite obvious that the doll was not going to hurt the wife or his child. Who won the battle of the wits? Was it the “Living Doll,” or was it Telly? Did Telly survive? Watch it on Hulu.



I absolutely loved this song back in the day. But unfortunately, this was the only song I ever liked from Jean Knight.  Mr. Big Stuff  shot up to number 1 for about 5 weeks, according to Billboards “Soul Singles” in 1971.” This was one of many songs that always played in family gatherings. In a way, the song almost became somewhat of an anthem, always played when a guy got on a woman’s nerve. She had a couple more hits since then, however, none achieved the same success as “Mr. Big Stuff.” Personally, I just didn’t care for her music much. Her music wasn’t bad; she obviously had a great voice; I think maybe it had something to do with how the overall sound was produced on her album. I’ve heard a couple of her songs that kind of sounded like she was singing inside a karaoke bar, or saloon.  Hear her hit on Rhapsody.



Watched another episode of one of my favorite TV shows, Kojak! This episode is called “The Best In Town,” with special guests David Doyle (who played Bosley on the original “Charlie’s Angels”),  and Mark Shera (who played officer Dominic Luca in the hit 70’s show S.W.A.T.). This was an interesting episode, because it dealt with a topic very few TV shows have touched on a serious level back then; and that is the stress of being a fresh new cop on the mean streets of NYC. I like this episode because not only did it show a human side to people in law enforcement; it also showed the reality of how something could happen in the blink of an eye; and you literally have only milliseconds to make a decision. Mark plays a rookie cop that is late for a meeting with Kojak. He could not catch a cab, so he runs into a hotel and makes a quick phone call, he happens to open an unlocked apartment door and witnessed an attempted murder in progress by several men (while he was on the pay phone). The bad guys wrestled and disarmed Mark, and then they fled; making Mark both  victim and witness. Everything had gone down hill after that. Mark had made a whole lot of mistakes, so much so that it temporarily cost him his badge. But thankfully, Kojak was there to give him the guidance he needed, and was able to get his badge back. Now that Mark is back on the force, see how he was able to help Kojak get the bad guys on Hulu!



Awhile ago, I was listening to some music on Pandora. Usually I enjoy a significant portion of the music selected for me. But on one particular day I think I chose to create a Ben E. King station, and much of the music selected I was either not in the mood for, or just was tired of hearing the same songs. Repeat songs can happen when you create stations with artists with very similar style of music. So, I’ve done what most people would have naturally done; I skipped the songs I didn’t like, or was not in the mood for. Much to my surprise, there was a limit on my skips! What?!?! I have premium service (which went up by the way). I paid almost half what I’m paying Rhapsody, and I get a boatload of features with Rhapsody. Pandora didn’t want to throw me a bone at all. LOL. Shit, Jango is free (and also legal), and they have unlimited skips! Now I thought, what am I paying for? I was so aggravated, thinking there was a mistake on my account or something. I emailed Pandora, and the rep told me that the limited skips (I think was 24) also exist for premium accounts. The only bonus I get is the removal of ads, that’s basically it (and I guess the privilege of using their Genome technology). Now, I supported them because I know that music licenses are expensive; but they are not an “on demand service!” :-( It would be better to subscribe to Live365; although there are no skips available; at least a human DJ is more likely to play the music that you like consistently, rather than having a computer try to use algorithms to try and predict what you like. From hence forth, I will stick to their free portion. I’m annoyed that Pandora doesn’t clearly state this in writing from the get go. I recommend everyone to only use the free version of Pandora.


500x500Although, the subtitle of this album states “Greatest Hits,” this isn’t her best greatest hits album. I suggest visitors doing a search for Dionne Warwick’s music, she has actually produced quite a number of hits, and I don’t think they’re all on one album yet (at least I don’t recall/noticed one that exists yet). I selected this particular album because there is a song on here that I don’t think has gotten enough “old school credit.” The song is called “Heartbreaker (1982),” and if I remember correctly, it was written by the Bee Gees; however, only Barry’s voice was used for background vocals. According to Billboard, the songs was on the charts for 22 weeks, and peaked at #10 on January 15, 1983. This was a huge hit, it boggles my mind how even a lot of the major radio stations don’t even play this song anymore. Another phenomenal hit that was lost in old school history was “I’ll Never Love This Way Again (1979);” the song peaked at #5 and stayed on the charts for a total of 24 weeks. There wasn’t a radio station that wasn’t playing “I’ll Never Love This Way Again.” I also enjoyed “Deja Vu,” which is a very laid back romantic song. Again, search for her music, there doesn’t appear to be one album with all her greatest hits, they are all scattered unfortunately. But you can listen to THIS album here on Rhapsody.



I know there exist a lot of people who love to feed the propaganda monster; and will probably dislike me for this article. But, what the hell, It’s my blog. Do you really think there’s a White conspiracy in the music industry, to “steal Black music” away from Black culture? I’ve heard this talk over and over for quite some time now. As someone who has always had music in my blood since I was extremely young, I have a very different opinion on this matter. You know when I was little, there were many performers I listened to, that I never knew they were actually White. One of those people I distinctly remembered was Tom Jones; and apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought so; many people thought he was back then. I also thought that Michael McDonald was also Black for awhile until I actually saw him on TV. The reverse has also happened. I thought Chuck Berry was White until I saw him on TV. So, what exactly is the point of my two previous statements? The point is music influences all cultures regardless of where you come from. Second, despite what people think, (or want to believe), I don’t think we can put a color on music. The color of a person’s skin doesn’t denote their culture, neither should music.

Now I know a lot of you may think I am plum off my rocker! Yes it is true that Black music has literally influenced the world, I don’t think any music historian, or any average music lover would try and challenge this. However, understand that it is because Black music has been such an influence, it is only natural that other groups of people will try to mimic it because it’s so great! This is another reason why I suggested a few posts ago, to listen to intentional radio. If you listen to current music from India, Japan, Africa, and yes even Arabian countries, almost all of them sound American. Many Asian countries are very heavily in to hip hop. If it were not for the different language, you’d think that all of their music was produced by Pharrell, or Dr. Dre. No one is bitching that Japan is trying to “take Black music away.” I’ve heard some Arab artists that can drop lyrics better than some American artists! No one is trying to proclaim or take away anything, it’s just the nature of good music, everybody wants to do the same. The reality is, other cultures fought a long time to try and keep their traditional music, but it is fading away, just like American classic music. I think trying to take ownership of a style of music that was once ours, is like the military yelling and screaming on television that the internet was started by them, and they want to be acknowledged. The internet is so huge, and has been etched in to the fabric of our lives, does it really matter?

I think what’s important is to try and focus on keeping the memories of our dying music, rather than spending a pointless life time of pointing fingers, of an issue that really makes no sense.



Starting January 2016, I will be creating web streaming tutorials for my YouTube channel. I had taken a very long vacation away from YouTube; but I will be back soon with a new idea and focus.  Many of you may not realize it, but sometimes it takes awhile trying out numerous things before some YouTubers “find our focus/purpose.” One thing’s for sure, I didn’t want to just jump on the bandwagon, and do all the same type of videos everybody else is doing. There is enough YouTubers doing game reviews, or acting crazy and doing insane things hurting themselves (or others) in order to make viewers laugh; or perhaps incite anger, or spew propaganda. Sometimes it’s kind of discouraging, when we consider the fact that this is what most YouTube users want to see (or look for). Although not impossible, this fact does make it harder to promote classic music and history, when the majority’s attention is somewhere else.

However, I can’t deny the power, influence, and importance YouTube has for bloggers. So I’m coming back to YouTube with a new idea and focus for my YouTube Channel. We don’t talk about it much, but one of YouTube’s biggest asset is it’s educational content. Therefore I will be creating very short tutorials on various subjects that deal with music streaming, and perhaps movie streaming too. Since the only way to obtain our classics now-a-days without spending a crap load of money for “original collector’s items,” is to stream them or buy them digitally; it’s about time we start talking more about it now. I may also talk about album recommendations rather than reviews. Hopefully by doing this, I can indirectly get more people interested in the classics again; or at least inspire parents to start sharing with their children. I will be starting up my iTunes channel again as well, so you can subscribe and download, or share my videos if you wish.


7fd264fab15115ac7a0b194957201d61I’ve noticed that there are quite a few software out there now that will allow you to record anything from your internet radio stream. Although the age of cassette tapes are long gone; I don’t think the laws have changed any since the demise of cassettes. It is still legal to record any radio station or TV channel for personal enjoyment, and or fair use (FAIR USE DOES NOT INCLUDE transmitting recorded data, image, sound recording, or film via torrents, or using it for mass reproduction (unless public domain/expired copyright/Creative Commons)). Just in case you’re wondering, one of the reasons why it’s legal, is because we don’t need to circumvent radio in order to record it (same is true for television). However, because of streaming, it has changed the ball game completely, and we need to start using these services (even the free ones) in order to help our beloved old school artists get paid. A few months ago, I’ve written an article called “Legal Streaming vs. Torrents: The Dawn Of A New File Sharing Era!” In essence, I wrote about some of the many hassles that torrent users go through to download files illegally; and how now not only legal streaming is the much more convenient way to go, but much more cheaper than trying to spend money and time on finding the best service to cloaking your computers, to download something that would eventually come out on cable or on Netflix within 6 months anyway (depending on how good the movie is).

I’m not going to explain how these are done, because I don’t want anyone from Google, music, movie industry, or any other authority mistaking my blog for a “how to” hacker site. But I will say that spending any kind of money on a software that records radio stations is a waste of time (even if the software is given for free). In my opinion, I really think that this boils down to a dying error, and old habits die hard. It makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Recording music from internet radio, ends up to be more work than what it’s worth. The amount of self labor you’d cause on yourself by doing that (despite the fact it’s legal) is incomprehensible! You have to find a way of organizing that music and also make it searchable! Other wise you will not be able to find anything easily. You’d have to download a separate application called an ID3 tag editor. By hand, tediously, type information in each field within each ID3 tag, for each single recording you make (and there are many fields). You should also know that there are various versions of ID3 tags (at least 5 of them), and not every software will work with every version of tag you input, per MP3. Not only that, you’ll probably want to search for album covers for each one as well. The only time it would be worth recording radio, is if you’d like to record a live speech, such as the presidential debate; or something important being broadcasted by your local news. If you’re that freakin’ cheap, use Spotify. For a really, really, really cheap person, Spotify is as good as you’re going to get, and you’ll be legal. No need for fake torrent guards.



I thought about something early today, and I think it’s worth blogging about. That is international internet radio stations. I am an avid radio listener, and I use many different applications and sources to get my oldies fix. The one thing I couldn’t help but to notice, is how many radio stations abroad that play classic American music! When I say radio stations abroad, I’m not talking about “Pandora like radio,” I’m talking about “live radio” who are playing our classics. Countries such as Spain, Russia, Dominican Republic, and even London, who has radio stations that are either fully dedicated to American classics, or play a good portion of it. America has effected so many cultures and don’t even realize it. I’ve also noticed that foreign radio stations that play “Top 100” don’t play a lot of American music; especially when it comes to pop or today’s R&B. This says a lot for American classic music; it says that our classics have more meaning, had more structure, and longevity. That’s the difference, most of today’s music is like fast foods, they are only hits today, and is usually never replayed in the same way as let’s say a Gladys Knight, or a Michael Jackson album. So don’t over look web radio stations from other countries, there are literally over 500,000+ (and more unaccounted for (Shoutcast alone has almost 60 thousand)) live web radio stations with all kinds of historic goodness! This is why we use Shazam. We can listen to all of this music free, legally. And, the artists get’s paid, just by us sitting back and listening to our favorite web stations. Please always remember that if your favorite on demand streaming service (such as Spotify or Rhapsody) does not have your favorite song in their library, email or take time to fill out their form to request it, it’s the only way to keep our history alive (especially Black music history). Happy listening and discovery!



Not only is Gloria Estefan beautiful, I think she is one of the most talented Cuban performers of our time. I can’t even list all of my favorites from Gloria, there is just way too many. She’s had so many hits, that I don’t think there is one particular song she is known for. I think the greatest thing she has done for her career, is to cross over into English music. The fact that she was able to seamlessly cross over, and still pump out hits says a lot about her musical talents. In my opinion, she defies the mentality that an artists has to be either all dance, or all ballads. Gloria is one of the very few artists, who can sing whatever she wants, and people love her no matter what she comes out with! After a serious accident that could have left her paralyzed, she bounced right back in to performing, making her one of the baddest, and fiercest divas the world has ever known in my opinion!  There are many hits that came out of this album, such as, “Can’t Stay Away From You,” “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,” and “Anything For you.” All three songs from this album are just a few of my many favorites. If you love Gloria as much as I do, check out Rhapsody’s 3 album collection of Gloria and the Miami Sound Machine’s Hottest albums. I consider them a lost treasure, cause now-a-days people are not listening to her music anymore. It’s a shame because their music is not only beautiful, but timeless.



I have to be honest with you guys, I don’t remember being a huge Ritchie Family fan. However, I do like the beat of this particular song called “I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby)” recorded in 1982. It has a steady funk tempo, and just about anybody can dance to it. Unfortunately, it is one of those songs that is so rare that Rhapsody doesn’t have it. However, if you’d like to listen to it, here is a YouTube link here. The only song I really loved from the Ritchie Family was called “Brazil,” and it was recorded in 1975. It seemed as though every musician on the planet had their own version of this medley; however, I REALLY liked this version from the Ritchie Family. The Ritchie Family performed the song in a way that was both true to disco and club. If you are a true disco fan, I think you’ll really enjoy it. You can listen to Brazil on Rhapsody.



I finally got the chance to catch up on all my Heroes episodes. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a simple and quick synopsis from episodes 1-10, because there are just way too many story lines in one show. I have to warn you that if you start watching Heroes, you actually need to dedicate some time to watch it, because you will miss some vital clues if you walk away from the television set. Also be forewarned that the show does a lot of character flashbacks, which makes it really confusing if you’re not paying attention (it did feel like a soap opera at times). However, I will say for me, it was well worth watching. The show is finally starting to pick up, now that I think I understand where the show is going so far. This show is getting very exciting. I’m also happy that many of the old characters from the original Heroes came back. You know, originally I really thought that Jack Coleman was going to be the ultimate “Hero,” but now that I am on episode 10, I now think that the absolutely gorgeous Ryan Guzman may be the “hero.” Having seen all the episodes and reflecting both on Jack and Ryan, I find it very interesting that they are fighting for the lives of “EVOs,” Yet they are both human with no abilities, and risking their own lives. Don’t get me wrong, there are other kick ass characters in the show, but there is so much focus on these two, that I’m starting to wonder the possibility if THEY are EVOs and don’t even know it? I mean, Jack’s daughter from the original show, played by Hayden Panettiere, as Claire Bennet had the ability to regenerate. I don’t even recall if they discussed where Claire got her abilities from, was it Jack or her mother? I would really be shocked if they didn’t write them becoming EVOs in the show. Then again, my imagination could be over reacting. But you gotta admit, that would be freakin’ cool! UPDATE: I did a little research, and turns out that Claire is Jack’s adopted daughter. Hmmmmmm. Still doesn’t mean he can’t be an EVO though…. LOL. Something to think about; he does shoot with accuracy, far beyond just being an “expert.” Let’s remember Jack did not start off as a James Bond type character. So much is happening on the show, ANYTHING could happen. I’m excited to see what they have coming up next for the fans.

Well, Rya Kihlstedt is this crazy rich scientist bitch from hell, who reminds me a lot of the guy that played William Stryker for X-Men. She reminds me of him because both are/were on this f**ked up mission to destroy all people born with special abilities. But, what she is doing is not just trying to kill all the EVOs, she is wiping out basically all of mind kind as well. There is another main character Eve Harlow who in my mind reminds me soooo much of Resident Evil’s Michelle Rodriguez; once you start watching the show you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about (down to the way she looks at the camera, and mannerisms). Eve kicks ass a little bit too. Anyway, like I said, there’s too much going on in the show to break everything down; you’ll just have to take my word for it. Granted, there is still a lot more to see, I really feel we won’t be disappointed this time around. Great writers, and great special effects. If you need to watch the original Heroes (seasons 1-4), you can watch them on Netflix. For the current season of HEROES: REBORN, you can watch it now on HULU.


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