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I believe this was New Edition’s first album release. Personally speaking, I think this was their best album, because it had more hits on one album. Although they’ve had other hits on subsequent albums, they just never quite hit that same success of their first album. At first, I really wasn’t impressed, because at the time, it was very obvious that (just like every other label) they were marketed to be the “next Jackson 5 generation.” In fact, Ralph became extremely annoying; personally, I couldn’t listen to him live, after their 5th/6th album. The reason being, once he became a teenager and puberty kicked in, Ralph strained his voice during performances in order to try and keep that “little Michael sound” and it wasn’t working. I think it wasn’t until they broke up, and got back together again and Johnny Gill joined the group, his voice became a lot better. However, that doesn’t take a way from the fact that they were/are a very talented group. I’m not sure if they’re still performing together. I think that Roni, Ricki, and Mike are still known “Bell, Biv, Devoe,” and they have performed in the recent past. My favorite songs from this album are, “Give Me Your Love,” “Candy Girl,” “Is This The End,” “Pop Corn Love,” and “Jealous Girl.” Please listen with Rhapsody.


This remains to be my most favorite album from Carole King. If I am not mistaken, this was also her very first album. Carole is a composer, and a songwriter. She has snatched lots of Grammy Awards, and had been inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame. Carole’s music is sort of what I call, modern folk music; very similar to James Taylor. In fact, Carole and James performed together quite a few concerts. On the original album, there is only one vinyl. However, since the digital release, they have added an extra bonus album with 11 extra live performances. This album has the kind of mellow music that is perfect to listen to while you’re reading, or perhaps while relaxing in the park. This album is packed with what remains to be her most greatest hits (in my opinion). She released this album throwing some hard punches with 6 huge hits, starting from the first three tracks back to back. “I Feel The Earth Move,” “So Far Away,” and “It’s Too Late.” The piece “So Far Away” is so beautiful, I believe if she would have made it an instrumental only, it still would have become a huge hit anyway; the entire composition and the base is just wonderful. There is also “You’ve Got A Friend,” “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” Yes, that song is actually Carole’s song, not Aretha’s. Carole has written that song along with two other composers. Please listen With Rhapsody.



I absolutely LOVE Bill Withers’ work! In my opinion, he is a musical genius that hasn’t gotten as much credit as he deserved during the prime of his career. His music is so unique, and his voice is distinctive. The only other musician that has almost a similar style of music is probably Al Green (in my humble opinion). Although, I think Al’s music tends to be a little slower “church” sounding tempo, whereas Bill’s tempo is more of a mixture jazz and funk. Mr. Withers story is inspiring; before he became internationally known, he suffered from stutter. You’d never know he had a problem with stuttering after listening to some of his music. He actually talked about this in his video biography called “Still Bill.” I highly recommend this video! The video gets in to detail about his life growing up, but it’s also a history lesson. If you are a Bill Withers fan like I am, rent it from Netflix. Bill has so many hits that I felt it was best to pick-out a greatest hits album. This album has A lot of his great hits I love, including “Harlem,” “Grandma’s Hands,” “Who Is he (And What Is He To you)?” “Use me,” “Lean On Me,” “Lovely Day,” and “Just The Two Of Us (with Grover Washington).” There are quite a few other hits that are not on this album, so I recommend that you search for them. Listen with Rhapsody.


You can’t tell me that this isn’t in direct response to Apple’s new streaming service. It appears that a lot of streaming companies are now offering incentives. I just got a message from Rhapsody on a new yearly subscription. Basically my monthly services are now reduced to $7.99 a month. This is a phenomenal deal in my opinion. I think GooglePlay did something like this when they first kicked their streaming service off. There is really no excuse to hack music now, I would be extremely surprised to find a service that is giving as much as Rhapsody is for $7.99. Low monthly membership; download as much music your device can handle; international music; old school music; 34 million+ songs and growing; and the artists get paid each and every time you press play! Finally, true music fans can start saving more of their money for other things.



You know, I wasn’t really a fan of this album, but I didn’t think it was horrible either. I thought it was alright, nothing to go crazy for. However, for some strange reason, I like it better now than I did when it originally came out. I think it’s because the album clearly has that unmistakable 80’s sound, that adds to the nostalgic experience. When I listen to the song “Torture,” I am immediately transported back to watching it’s cheesy video for the first time. Not only did this video NOT make any sense, you almost wonder how is it that a family with this much talent, can make a music video so bad? There were actually some cute, almost danceable songs on this album. The danceable ones I liked were “Body,” and “Wait.” “State Of Shock,” duet with Michael and Nick Jagger is a thumbs down for me. This was one of those songs I couldn’t understand how it became a hit. Their music styles were so different, it just didn’t blend well for me. Some collaborations should never have happened. I like Randy Jackson’s “One More Chance.” Michael’s “Be Not Always,” was just too damn sad to listen to. I always skipped over that one.. LOL I believe this was the last album the Jacksons did together.. Listen with Rhapsody.


I want to say off the bat, although I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for several years, this post is not an advertisement; I am simply passing along information. T-Mobile has something called a “Freedom Plan.” The “freedom plan” is included in any one of the “smart choice” data plans (if I remember correctly, please check to make sure you’re on the “freedom plan”). Simply put, the freedom plan allows you to stream music from selected services UNLIMITED! More online services are being added all the time, which also includes Rhapsody. This T-Mobile link shows you just some of the vendors that qualify for unlimited streaming. The “freedom plan” only applies to radio streams NOT downloads. So if you listen to radio on Rhapsody, you can listen to it all you want and the streaming will not go against your monthly bandwidth allowance. This is huge, since some radio channels transmit at a high bitrate, data can add up if it were actual downloads. If you’re not sure whether or not the radio application you’re using qualifies for free streaming, give T-Mobile a call. Keep in mind that the freedom plan only applies to your cellphone, not your tables. I am so hoping they have something like this for video one day.



I couldn’t believe I found this CD on Rhapsody (also on Spotify)! This is one of my favorite Latino house music compilations. Music was mixed by DJ legends Steve “Chip Chop” Gonzalez & Lord G. I love Lord G, he has made some hot remixes in his day. I love almost all the songs on this CD. If you love house music, it will surely make you sweat to the oldies. The CD consist of many popular 90s dance music. My favorites are; “Mama Love,” “In The House (Boriqua),” “Carnival,” “Padentro,” “The Ha Dance,” and “Las Mujeres Estan.” Oh my goodness, it seemed as though every Latino was blasting this song from their car. Man, if you are not dancing to at least one of the songs on this CD, there is something wrong. You can’t be a lover of house music and not dance to the classics on this CD.  Listen With Rhapsody


The Blu-ray optical disc format, once a bastion of hope for reviving the home entertainment industry, is struggling to survive under the assault of video-on-demand and downloads.

Honestly, this should be of no surprise to both movie goers and the movie business in general. I think the movie industry found themselves in the same predicament that the music industry is currently in. Which is, not moving towards technology, and thinking that records would be forever “the true business model.” I think the music industry is not just scared because of the drop in revenue as a result of piracy; but it is my opinion that the music industry still didn’t take the internet seriously, despite the billions, and billions of dollars generated from iTunes. It was almost as though the mentality was “those are the people that like apple,”  our primary focus is on CDs; and I think the industry paid for that mentality (or at least it was part of the reason). I could be wrong, but it is just an opinion as a collector of music. I think the film industry is going through that same hurdle. But there is hope, as I’m sure they’ll pull themselves out of it, as the music industry is doing with “On Demand” streaming. Unfortunately, the companies that produce physical CDs for the record labels will suffer tremendously.

I also think (like the music industry) that because of the shift in technology, and the convenience of “On Demand” viewing, they will need to start concentrating on the following:

  • Making new Blu-ray movies affordable.
  • Make Blu-rays more valuable, by offering more extras, and behind the scenes.
  • If a Blu-ray is 3D, don’t charge us 3D money, when in reality it is a cheap 3D conversion. This is not how you treat loyal fans.
  • Concentrate their marketing in the poorer neighborhoods.
  • Making licensing cheaper for providers, so that they can offer more movies, and be more competitive.
  • Don’t try to charge us full Blu-ray price, for a Standard-Definition movie. This is not how you treat fans.
  • Remembering that if you have a movie of quality, people will buy it! But unfortunately, there are just way to many movies that are crap!
  • Consider the reality that the new business model for the music industry really works!

The above are just a few things that I can think of right now that could revitalize the movie industry. But unfortunately, my honest opinion is that Blu-rays will eventually die out in the same way vinyl did. Despite the recent spike in vinyl sales, it is evident that the rise was because of the scare a few elite die hard fans of vinyl had, when they thought it would be gone forever as a result of music streaming. I’m also sure it was about the nostalgia; as well as not being able to find their desired music on any streaming service.

To be honest, movie quality via streaming services has improved tremendously over the decades. I only keep the CD portion of my Netflix only because they have movies that are not available on streaming. Even “On Demand” movies through cable are damn near superior to Blu-ray. The movie industry simply needs to focus there attention on the internet, and give customers the high quality we demand; fantastic visuals, a good storyline that makes sense, and great actors (at a price we can afford, not what you want to milk out of the fans). Subscriptions are the way of the future. Here is a link the article I’m referring to here.




US revenue from streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple’s Beats eclipsed sales of CDs last year, according to data from the music industry’s trade group.

I found an article that has a quick break down of profits made by streaming services. This is great news, if the revenues continue to rise, it will save the music culture! Hopefully, it will also bring many more classics out of retirement. Here is the link here.


CeCe Peniston had a lot of great hits throughout her career. However, this is my ultimate favorite album. I’ve been shaking my booty to many of these songs in quite a few clubs back in the day. Her voice matches perfectly with the songs on this album. I’m not sure how old she was when she made this album, but I liked it because it sort of represented a combination of coming out of adolescence and high school. It’s a very fun album, and continues to make me want to dance. I think the 80’s babies will like this album too, or at least make you bop your head at best. My favorites are “Finally,” ” We Got A Love Thang,” and “Keep On Walkin’.” I’ll be honest, there were a couple of slow songs I didn’t like; “Inside That I Cried” was one of them. But overall, it’s an excellent classic to play at your next old school gathering. Listen with Rhapsody.


I’m not going to bother doing a review for this album. We all know that this is the baddest album in music history. I really miss Michael. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I was jamming to a lot of his music today. I remembered looking at few clips of Motown 25 not too long ago. I don’t know about my visitors, but, when I think of Motown 25, I immediately think of Michael’s Billie Jean performance. Oh, man, the beat, the base, his moves, everything was just perfect. I don’t think that Michael could have redone it any better than what it was. All of a sudden, I was in the mood to listen to some Michael all day today LOL. I’m not going to even bother choosing the best songs I like, because I love all of them, as I’m sure you do too. Listen With Rhapsody

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