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Did you guys know that handsome Sal Mineo had an album? Actually quite a few albums. I happen to stumble upon this whilst I was googling. Well, let me say this, I was so excited to listen to this particular album at first; but let me tell you, I think he was a much better actor then he was a singer. This album sounded like he had a voice coach for one week; before he then put out this album. After listening closely, I could tell right away that he did not have a well trained voice. However, according to a video I was watching, he had a lot of number 1’s; but which ones I have no idea, cause what I heard on this album were not #1’s in my onion. “Baby Face” was a very famous song, sung by so many classic artists; but when Sal Mineo sang it, he actually sounded angry; like “they made him sing it.” LOL. The only 2 songs that I felt was kind of cute to listen to was called “Cuttin’ In” and “Down By The Riverside.” Maybe some of you guys would like to listen to his music and hear for yourself? You be the judge!

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How many of my Latin seasoned visitors remember Carmen Miranda? I can’t find the words to describe how hugely popular Carmen Miranda was. Carmen literally was a franchise on to herself. There were dolls in her image, clothing, you name it. Carmen kind of reminded me of Gloria Estefan (from Cuba). She is probably best remembered by her trade mark; a head garments with fruits/flowers/ornaments on her head. Even if you didn’t know her name, you’d know her by her head dress. She was so popular that even plenty of cartoons have imitated her, such as Daffy Duck. You know, when I first saw her perform on a television movie for the first time in the 70’s, I had absolutely no idea she was Brazilian. I didn’t realize her nationality until decades later. In my opinion, Carmen Miranda was another one of those people I’ve talked about numerous times on my blog; performers who performed acts that were specifically catered to “the American market” back then. She used to sing so fast that I often thought she was trying to be one of those “singing comedians.” Kind of like a female version of Danny Kaye; she was always animated in that same manor. There were a couple of favorites from Carmen. My most favorite was a song called “Mama Eu Quero,” which I believe was the very song that made her extremely famous. Anothers were “Chica Chica Boom Chica,” “Touradas Em Madrid,” “I Yi Yi Yi (I Like You Very Much),” and “Tico Tico.” All are fun songs to listen to. She has also recorded some English albums as well.

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As many of you had probably noticed already, since my blog’s inception it has gone through numerous transformations. Some of it was due to new creative directions; and other changes were made to make things easier for me. It was  long journey trying to figure out what I felt worked for me. By now, I hope my blog fans can finally see and understand what I’m trying to accomplish with my blog. I also do hope you’re enjoying the new format and the diverse content I have shared, and I hope my visitors continue to enjoy the culture and assortment of genres shared in the future. If you are new to my blog, and if you haven’t already, please click on about to get the general idea of the goal I have for my site.

As far as my youtube channel. There are a lot of issues that exist with youtube, that make it difficult for youtubers to freely create content without dealing with a whole bunch of crap. Some of it is youtube’s consistent unpredictable and unapologetic changes to it’s site; others times it’s the tons and tons of copyright red tape that youtubers have to go through to keep our channel legal. In the end, I decided that movie reviews for even semi classic movies was more trouble than what it is worth. People may not realize, the successful movie reviewers often times have staff helping them in the background (editors, writers, producers, etc). It’s quite difficult when you’re the sole youtuber doing everything, then have to fill out tons of copyright forms, it gets annoying.  I’ve carefully researched other youtubers, and sadly, if you’re not a gamer reviewing games, or reviewing the latest new movies (which would pull in 6 digits worth of subscribers each and every single month), there just isn’t a whole lot of views for classic movie reviews older than 1980s (this is for most channels other than my own).

However, I have noticed that there are many views for full public domain movies. I have a funny feeling that this has a lot to do with youtube integrating more and more with television technologies. People can now watch public domain movies, as well as newly purchased movies on just about any TV with youtube capabilities. Having said this, I will now use my youtube channel to post full public domain movies. I will not include these videos on my iTunes channel, to prevent my host from being taxed as a result of high volumes of bandwidth. Thank you for following me, and if you have any friends that love the classics, don’t forget to tell about my blog!


Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat King Cole has had many challenges; from drug abuse, to being on dialysis as a result of kidney failure, and came close to losing her life quite a few times because of illness. Through all that, Natalie still persevered!  She is an inspiring woman. Well, being the daughter of one of the most famous men in the world in his time, the public had a lot of expectations for Natalie, and she did not disappoint.  This is for me, the most memorable album from Natalie, and it has 3 of my most favorites! “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” “I’ve Got Love On My Mind,” and finally “Inseparable.” Those three songs were the bomb back in the day (I don’t care what anybody says)!  I also like “Mr. Melody,” in some weird way, it reminds me of “Copacabana” song by Barry Manilow. There is one other song that I really liked which is not on this album; it’s the song she released using prerecorded sound clips of her father; it’s called “Unforgettable.” Unfortunately, I don’t like a lot of Nat’s music (I can probably count on one hand), but I feel that “Unforgettable” was a really beautiful and romantic song, and Natalie did an excellent job paying tribute to her father.

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Ok guys, I am REALLY dating myself here. What are the chances of you finding Black American talking about this oldie (in this day and age)?!! LOL. To be honest, I don’t know if this is a one hit wonder or not, because I don’t listen to Japanese music (unless I am watching a martial arts picture). Mr. Kyu Sakamoto recorded an album in 1961, which included a song called Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki became a  huge hit in the United States, and around the world. It was basically a “puppy love” song; a guy singing about how sad he is because his girl basically dumped him. Interestingly, the song’s lyrics has nothing to do with the actual meaning of the word “Sukiyaki.” You can read more about the song and Kyu Sakamato from Wiki here. Many artist around the world covered this song, including “Taste Of Honey,” and Selena.

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The Righteous Brothers consisted of Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley. Their career spanned from about 1963 to about mid 70-ish. Now, let me start off by saying, although I like many of the Righteous Brothers music, for many of you, their style would be an acquired taste. Their first big hit (which happens to be my very favorite) was a song called “You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin’,” in 1964 under the Philles record label. The song was such a huge hit that several other big named artist covered the song; including Dionne Warwick, Elvis, and Glen Campbell. Another very huge hit that came out of their career (and another big favorite of mine) was called “Unchained Melody (1964).” Till this day, I think it is one of the most beautiful love songs I’ve ever heard. Many big names have also covered this song, some of those artists include The Platters, Tom Jones, and Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge . Last favorite from The Righteous Brothers, is a song called “You’re My Soul Inspiration.”

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I love “easy listening” type music, but I find much of Roberta Flack’s music to be way too slow, even for me. Actually, to be quite honest, I think that a lot of her music is very boring and depressing (and I am as open minded (musically) as they come). She has only had one hit every couple of albums that really struck my fancy; such as “Feel Like Making Love,” and “The Closer I Get To You.” However, “Killing Me Softly,” was the song that put her on the map! I think Roberta is probably best remembered for “Killing Me Softly,” than any of her songs. When Lauren Hill was with the Fugees, she made the song a big hit once more with her rendition. However, the album I wanted to write about is what I believe to be her first album called “First Take (1969).” This album contains another huge hit from Roberta called, “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.” The song was number one for 6 weeks, and to my understanding, it became a hit by word of mouth only! There is another song from the album that has a really thick jazzy funk rhythm to it, it’s called “Compared To What.” It has a sick beat to it, and it has become one of my favorites that few people remember. I enjoyed the song called “Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye,” again, very heavy rhythms with the use of base violins, very nicely done. Lastly, I thought the song called “Angelitos Negritos” was interesting. It was the one and only time actually heard her sing Spanish. Anyone who loves traditional jazz, I think you’ll like the song entitled “Tryin’ Times.”

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Soul II Soul is a group from London, that hit big with their 1989 album “Keep On Movin’.” I most say, this remains to be the most favorite album of mine from Soul II Soul. Their music is very unique (I think). The mood of the album is a mixture of funk, jazz and pop. I’ve checked their website, and it appears they haven’t performed in the states for ages. That is a shame, I’m sure a lot of Americans would have loved to see them perform again. My favorite songs off this album are “Keep On Movin’,” “Back To Life,” “Fairplay,” and “Jazzie’s Groove.”

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Calypso Rose (McArtha Linda Sandy-Lewis) was dubbed the calypso queen of of all time. At age 75, Mrs. Rose is still performing and filling people’s hearts with culture and dance! In 2011, she was given the Africa Festival Lifetime Achievement Award. Rose is probably best known for a song I believe was responsible for making her the megastar she is today, called Fire In Me Wire. Unfortunately, I am having trouble pin pointing the original release date right now. I only see the digital release date, which is 2009. But I’m guessing it was between 1970 and 1975. Everybody was dancing to “Fire In Me Wire!” Most of the time I hated to dance, but when that song came on, I was dancing it up! This was one of those songs you HAD to dance, simply because it’s fun and it made you move your body. If you ever throw a Caribbean party with seasoned folks, throw that song on your playlist, and you’re guaranteed to get the entire house dancing! Calypso Rose also has a documentary I recommend everyone see and it’s called “Calypso Rose – The Lioness Of The Jungle.” Lastly, I heard a song  recently, again I’m not sure what is the original release date (sounds resent tho); but she sang an absolutely BEAUTIFUL rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “I Say A Little Prayer For You.” I never heard anyone sang this song so nice before. Any Calypso Rose fans out there, I highly recommend you check that out.

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Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved The Jets in the 80’s. I played almost all of their songs on cassette tape. This was a brother and sister group, with the last names Wolfgramm. I even used to love how they dressed (they were very Menudo’esk). They’ve done a lot of Soundtracks for many movies including “Beverly Hills Cop” with a song called “Tough Guys (1987).” To my understanding, the group broke up more than 20 years ago; but gets back together again for those occasional reunion performances. My favorite songs of all times are “Crush On You,” “You Got It All,” “I Do You,” and “Make It Real.”

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Kenny Loggins has been around for a very long time. The last big hit Kenny had was in  the mid 1980’s when he produced “Footloose (1984),” which was the theme song for the movie “Footloose.” Although he hasn’t had a major hit since the 80’s, this 67 year old is still performing! He’s made quite a few albums throughout his career, but only 3 are my really big favorites. They are “Footloose,” “This Is It,” and “Danny’s Song.” It was interesting because I always thought that this songs was written by Ann Murry (to be honest, I like Ann’s rendition of the song a lot better). Turns out that Kenny Loggins actually wrote this song as a gift to brother for his son. The song was actually on two of Kenny’s albums, yet I don’t recall hearing it sung by him, only Ann Murry.

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The band called Cameo has been around since the mid 70’s, and has had a string of hits. They appeared to have started off doing a lot of disco; then when disco was dying out, they started doing funk/pop music closer to the 80’s. I really liked the group Cameo, because between the  70’s and mid 80’s, radio was playing a lot of what we called “conscious music.”  While I think it’s very important for songwriters to write about world issues; Cameo created a lot of songs in the 80’s that allowed us to have fun, and think happy thoughts! My favorites are “Single Life,” “Word Up,” and “Candy.” –

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I was about to write an article that GrooveShark shut down as of last month. However, it looks like only the U.S. has shut down (, not the British ( If I remember correctly, I’ve read that they allowed more music to stream on their service, then the licenses they’ve paid for. I don’t think they were trying to do anything illegal; it just may have been that there was a technical mix up (physical hardware/network). Unfortunately, because of that, they got caught up in all kinds of U.S./international copyright legalities, and got sued. Copyright can and do get ugly. That’s unfortunate.

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