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I love this song! It took me a long time to find this song, because for the longest time I assumed the artist was Darius Rucker (from Hootie and The Blowfish). I haven't heard of Avicii before, I'll be looking forward to hearing more of his music. 20 and a half million Shazams is pretty impressive. Goes to show you, hip hop doesn't always rule. Hurray for diversity!!


Today I decided to create a new category.  It's called "New Album Spot Light." This new category is basically new albums that I think are worthy of being added to our playlists. Although my blog is 90% old school, I felt it was equally as important, to give acknowledgement to some of the few truly talented artists today, who are making great music and respectable music. Today the spot light is on Jill Scott. Congratulations on her number one album just released not too long ago. I downloaded it and listened to it on the train to day, and let me tell you, I think it is awesome. Jill has some serious vocals, and knows how to take control of a mike. The beats have a very old school rhythm for most of the songs on the album. The sound reminded me of deep soul music from Memphis in the late 60's early 70's. I love the song called "Can't Wait," and another song called "Closure." "Closure" is awesome. I really love it. Listen on Rhapsody.

Today I decided to create a new category. It's called "New Album Spot Light." This new category is basically new albums that I think are worthy of being added to our playlists. Although my blog is 90% old school, I felt it was equally as important, to give acknowledgement to some of the few truly talented artists today, who are making great music and respectable music. Today the spot light is on Jill Scott. Congratulations on her number one album just released not too long ago. I downloaded it and listened to it on the train to day, and let me tell you, I think it is awesome. Jill has some serious vocals, and knows how to take control of a mike. The beats have a very old school rhythm for most of the songs on the album. The sound reminded me of deep soul music from Memphis in the late 60's early 70's. I love the song called "Can't Wait," and another song called "Closure." "Closure" is awesome. I really love it. Listen on Rhapsody.


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You know, after seeing The Bionic Woman so many times as  a child, it is really difficult for me to see Lindsey Wagner in anything else.  The movie could be about her being attacked by a vampire, and I’d still yell “throw a damn chair or something Jaime!” :-) I have to say, even though The Bionic Woman is a fictitious television series, this particular episode drew me in as if it was actually real. I think this is my top favorite Bionic Woman episode. IMDB rating is 8.9 for this episode, and that’s pretty damn high. A lot of television shows don’t have ratings that high for their episodes, so it’s very impressive. I think in comparison to all her episodes in the series, this was her greatest acting performance. This was her greatest performance because she has shown the audience that she is not just bionic, but a woman with feelings, and a person willing to do anything to save life on the planet. In essence, the episode is about a rich and crazy scientist/doctor played by David Opatoshu, who takes it upon himself to teach the world the ultimate lesson as a result of the planet’s violent ways. He has created a super intelligent computer, designed to drop a bomb that would destroy all life on the planet. Jaime’s job of course, is to stop this super computer from dropping this bomb at all cost. Jaime really took a beating by the super computer in this two part episode. Each time Jaime thought she defeated the super computer, it was smart enough to logically switch gears and throw up another barrier at Jaime. This episode proves to use what a great actress she is, because she basically did this movie almost by herself, and the voice of the super computer named Alex (played by Guerin Barry). The ending was really powerful, and almost made me cry because of (which was the cherry on the cake) a very true statement that was said by actor Kenneth O’Brien (Dmitri Muskov). Will Jaime succeed in destroying the super computer, while trying to prevent the bomb from being droppped on the planet? Login to your Netflix account and order Season 2, Disc 4.



This movie should not be confused with San Andreas Earthquake (2015) (which I have not seen yet). Much to my surprise, the movie was better than I thought. Although there was a lot of action, the 3D was somewhat disappointing. With all the action that was in this movie, I expected expected the 3D to be a little more dramatic. By the way, the I should mention that the retail 3D version is actually a conversion. The entire movie was not shot in 3D (hence, explains my disappointment) :-( . The special effects alone in the movie were believable. The CGI was pretty well done, and I did not detect any fake scenes (that I can remember). However, don’t spend extra money to purchase the 3D blu-ray version, your better off watching the standard 2D version on stream (or wait until it the 3D version comes available on cable).  In essence, The Rock, is an air rescue guy, who’s job is to save as many people as he can during a deadly earthquake. This earthquake is so bad that it hits over 9 points on the richter scale! So basically the whole of California and then some is at risk of being destroyed. Unfortunately, as with all movies like this; it is very typical that no one believes the weather scientist/doctor played by Paul Giamatti. While The Rock is doing his best to stay alive, keep his ex-wife (or separated) alive, and trying to save his second daughter; we also learn that he was riddled with guilt, because of an accidental death of his first daughter. Having that regret, he risks all manor of danger trying to save his second daughter.  Ioan Gruffudd also had a very small part in this movie. I hated his character, because he did something really messed up, but I can’t white about it because it would be a major spoiler. Check out the movie; like I said the special effects where pretty good; lots of action; just don’t waste money on the 3D. The 2D version of San Andreas (2015) is available on Amazon, but it’s not worth $20. Wait a little longer until the movie studio offers a license for rental.



As a kid, I wasn’t sure why I like this particular episode so much. After watching it again recently on Netflix, although it’s not one of Star Trek’s more action filled episodes, it does make you think a little bit (as most of their episodes were designed to do). Captain Kirk, Bones, and Spock, were investigating a planet; when suddenly the enterprise alerts Kirk to some kind of cosmic storm coming their way. Kirk immediately orders the ship to get out of harms way temporarily, and assures everyone that Spock, Bones, and himself would be ok, and that the planet their on has a good enough atmosphere that they would survive. Next thing you know you hear a bang, and everything starts shaking like an earthquake. One by one Spock, Bones, and then Kirk disappears, and is transported to a dark place, were they see a women who Bones identifies as an “empath,” played Kathryn Hays. Kathryn reminds me so much of Lena Horne. It’s amazing how much she looks like her. Her facial expressions almost mimic her too. The woman is unable to verbally communicate because her species doesn’t have any vocal cords. Now, what makes this episode interesting; without words, she was able to communicate via emotion. In trying to communicate, she also uses a lot of body movements; which starts to look like she is ballet dancing. I don’t believe I ever saw any Sci-Fi show with this particular story line. The writers had a lot of balls, because you really had to have a good actress to pull that off. I think she did a good job. It wasn’t a stellar performance, but it was decent. There were a few moments in the episode were it got quite comical; watching Kirk interacting the mute woman almost dancing with each other. It just seemed so out of character for Kirk. One more thing I forgot to mention, the alien woman has the ability to heal other people. The problem was 2 crazy ass male aliens was using her and Kirk along with his crew as test subjects. How will Kirk get himself and his crew out of this situation? Login to your Netflix and watch.



If you don’t know already, Kojak is my most favorite cop show of all time! The TV series is about 40 years old now, and not only is the acting realistic, most of the episodes are still relevant today. I was watching season 2, episode 10 called “A Souvenir from Atlantic City” on Hulu. I’m not going to lie, this episode was sad, however, I think it was still worth watching. I man walks in to a bowling alley with a bowling bag. The bag turns out to be a bomb; and as the man setup the bomb, another man named Papo saw him. Unfortunately, by the time Papo realizes what the man was doing, there was no time to warn anyone. The building explodes, and Papo barely made it out alive. However, Papo runs and didn’t contact the police. Turns out that there were two agents in that bowling alley. Kojak comes on the scene, and finds out that Papo is actually an informant. Long story short, while everybody else was thinking someone put a hit on the two agents, Kojak figures out that the hit was for Papo. But you will NEVER guess who wanted him dead. To find out the answer, you’re gonna have to watch a free episode on Hulu. I try my best not to give out spoilers! I hate it, so I’m sure most of my readers do to.



Today I watched the long awaited reboot of “HEROES: Reborn” on Hulu. Although I was very excited from the moment I discovered that they where making a new Heroes; I had a lot of concerns. I was very hesitant in terms of wanting to watch this pilot, because the original series was such a disappointment. However, it wasn’t because it wasn’t exciting, neither was it because there weren’t any good actors. It was because the last season (I believe it was season four) ended real shitty! But it had to with good reason. Many of you may, or may not remember. But, the problem was several years ago; there was a huge writer’s strike that put almost every hot TV show at that time to a screeching halt! Even the Soap Operas were effected at the time. In fact, many, many Soap Opera shows were cancelled because of it. Millions of dollars were lost as a result of this strike. Unfortunately, one of the shows that were also effected was Heroes. It was obvious that because the writer’s strike happened mid season, they had no other choice but to quickly end the show. Although I understood studio’s situation, but they could have tried to figure out a much better ending than that. But then again, they probably had no time to have a real discussion as to how the show would actually end. In fact, they probably wasn’t even sure if they would even have the same writers come back. But, because I really like the theme and story line of the show, I decided to give it another try, and hope that I am not wasting my time. It looks like they’re bringing back most, if not all of the old cast back. In many ways, there are elements of X-men in this show; “a war is coming,” or “something big is brewing and we must prepare for it!” However, what annoys me about Heroes is that it looks like they are repeating again in this reboot, what they did in the original series, is that it’s taking them too long to show the viewers what this “big thing is!” I’ve watched almost two hours of this show, I think I should have gotten a better clue as to what they will be fighting against (or help us work our imagination). I really like Jack Coleman as an actor, but I don’t like the type of character the writers has given him as a lead actor. I’m always left feeling like he’s always holding back. We know he is a huge part of the clue (as to what’s supposed to happen), but the writers has him playing the stupid clumsy nerd, instead of the kick ass “let’s see what the fuck is going on so I can help save the world actor.” I think the story dragged on a little bit longer than it needed too. I’m hoping the writers are just trying to help us get a feel for what the other characters’ lives are. Quite honestly, the best actress that made that pilot interesting to watch was Kiki Sukezane. Out of all of them, she’s was the only character that had some balls; actually kicked some ass with some martial arts. She was doing what I expected Masi Oka to be doing on season 4 of the original Heroes. I forgot what Masi Oka’s powers were; I think he has the ability to stop time, and travel through it. She actually had a sward that looks like the one he had in the original Heroes. I’m thinking, either she is the reincarnation of himself; or the father she was trying to save was actually him. After watching Kiki kick some ass, it got me interested. But, again, like I’ve said, the story line appears to move too slow. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though, and continue to watch it. Hopefully I will not be disappointed. :-)



Ok guys. My small fan base should’ve known that at some point, I would write something about Barbra Streisand. In fact, I am shocked that I haven’t already :-) . As I’ve said many times before, my tastes are multifaceted when it comes to music and film. Therefore nothing you see on my blog should surprise you. I am not automatically locked down to a particular genre simply because I am a person of color (neither should anybody else in my opinion). That said, I absolutely love Yentl, and I say this without bias. As much as I love Barbra, I have no problem saying  it’s a bad movie if it was. However, I suppose this kind of movie may not be for everyone. If I never saw this movie before; with all the major changes happening in the gay community; in today’s climate I would have immediately assumed this movie was about transgender issues. But it’s not. Although I thought to myself, I imagined that a lot of situations Barbra’s character got into, must be similar to what a lot of transgender go through. To make a long story short; Barbra reminisces on her father teaching her about her Jewish faith as a young girl. When she grew up that passion continued. However, the problem was her passion led to her wanting to be a Rabbi; but there were no female Rabbi, it was not allowed. So she risks everything by disguising her self as a young boy in order to learn more about her religion. Things got really complicated when Barbra was ordered to marry another woman (without anyone knowing she wasn’t a guy). I don’t want to give out any spoilers, you’ll just have to see how she gets out of those situations. The movie had so many twists & turns; although this was far from an action movie, it was very suspenseful watching Barbra get out of situations. Be forewarned, this is somewhat of a  musical, yet it’s really not. But honestly, any Barbra fan wouldn’t mind. Her vocal cords were on point in this movie! Without giving to much away, there is a very happy ending. The movie is very educational as well as entertaining. The movie was produced by Barbra herself, and has one academy awards (if I remember correctly). I think most cultural movie goers would love this movie. It’s Barbra for goodness sake!! 😀 .


Hello classic family! I’m taking you REALLY back to day! I know a LOT of people have forgotten about my girl Sheena Easton! Sheena was one of Prince’s many protégé(s), and has had many, many number one hits. Now, yesterday a couple of people took issue with me using the word “protégé.” Although I don’t need to explain myself, I just want to take a moment to remind the passerby, and or my small blog fans; please keep in mind that blogs by definition are pretty much journals. That said, this means that blogs reflect the personal OPINIONS of the blogger(s); irrespective of the opinions of the reader. Bottom line, in my opinion, protégé is an appropriate word because no one really knew who she was until Prince got involved and influenced her career. Some readers may think differently, that’s ok. You can start a blog and talk about what YOU think. Anyway. She’s had so many hits scattered all over the place, that if you’re not a member of a streaming service, I recommend searching for her greatest hits album. Sorry to my gay people, but, I think Sheena was waaaay more talented than even Vanity6! Vanity used sex to sell her records, whereas Sheena actually could sing. If I understand correctly, according to Billboard, Sheena has had several top 10 hits on Billboard’s “Hot 100” list. One of them happens to be my ultimate favorite (and in my opinion I think most old school people remember her most by) “Sugar Walls” released in 1984. “Sugar Walls” was such a naughty song, yet it was very danceable and tasteful. You can definitely hear elements of prince in this particular song (well, he wrote it). Another huge she had was “Morning Train.” Since a reader complained about accuracy (because bloggers are supposed to remember every single minute detail, of every celebrity we write about), but doesn’t have a forum/blog of his own with HIS own links to reference the accuracy of what HE writes about; celebrities that can say and do anything for the expressed purpose of gaining publicity; and a passerby that obviously must automatically believe that no large news organization has ever made a mistake, or never shape what they want the public to think; and since they are lazy to just do a google search; the following statement is true: The song was originally named “9-5,” but the British songwriter Florrie Palmer,  changed the name to “Morning Train” to avoid confusion with Dolly Parton’s “9-5.” There are many more favorites I have; including “Strut,” and “Wings Beneath My Wings.” Oh my goodness, “Wings Beneath My Wings,” is a sad song, BUT she sang the shit out of that song. She had a lot more power in her voice than I realized. Although I love the way Bette Midler sang it, I think I like Sheena Easton’s version a tad better. There is one last favorite that is not on this album, It is called “For Your Eyes Only,” which is the soundtrack to 007’s “For Your Eyes Only (1981).” Trust me, this was one bad bitch, and deserves homage. Listen with Rhapsody.


I haven’t posted a look-a-like in a really long time. I was sifting through twitter, and an old photograph of Richard Widmark caught my eye. I instantly thought of Jim Carrey’s “The Mask (1994).” How much you want to make a bet that Jim’s movie was inspired by Richard’s movie (who played a psychopath); I think this particular screenshot was from “Kiss of Death (1947).”


Another forgotten group in today’s music history. Tony Orlando and Dawn was one of the hottest groups of the very late sixties and seventies. Dawn were Tony’s 2 amazing backup singers Telma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent.  I loved a lot of their music, and still listen to them today. They sang great hits such as “Tie A Yellow Ribbon ‘Round The Ole Oak Tree,” “Knock Three Times,” and “Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?” Tony Orlando’s and Dawn’s music was so distinct and unique, I don’t believe I remember any other group that sounded like them. The minute you heard their music on the radio, we instantly knew who it was. The group was so popular in the 70’s that they even had their own variety TV show, which was aired on CBS. Joyce Vincent was asked to replace Mary Wells of the Supremes. However, before that was made official, Motown decided to disband the group. But Ms. Vincent did manage to record as backup on one or two songs on the Supremes’ album called “Partners.”  Telma Hopkins turned to acting, and has appeared in such movies as “How To Murder A Millionaire.” As far as I can tell, Tony Orlando still performs his same classic songs a couple of times a year. Listen with Rhapsody.



It has been a really long time since I’ve enjoyed a really good vampire movie. You know, one thing that I think is sometimes bad in the film industry, when one film becomes a hit, they try to repeat the same “formula.” I can understand that as a business; however, as a movie fan it can get boring quite quickly if everyone is doing the same thing. I think that was what turned me off from seeing another vampire movie for a while. But, “Dracula Untold (2014) was such a good movie, I had to Netflix it again. I cannot recall any vampire movie that I actually wanted to see again (except for the original Fright Night (1985)). The very handsome Luke Evens, best known for “Lord Of The Rings” and Immortals,” did a fantastic job in this movie. The special effects were spot on, the colors were brilliant, there are very few bad things I can say about this movie. The story line has completely changed from what we’ve traditionally known about Dracula; and I think that’s part of the reason what made this movie so great. Removing at least some of the classic traditions of Dracula, also removed some of his limitations as Dracula as well. Dracula is still a monster in this movie, but we also got to see him be a loving husband, and a loving father. Now, that is something unheard of in vampire-ism. Lots of action from beginning to end. In essence, the movie is about a king witnessing untold amounts of his people being ferociously murdered; and makes a deal with the devil to give him supernatural ability to take vengeance; and to protect both the remainder of his people and family.



Back in the 70’s, one of the things that I absolutely loved about Sylvester’s music, was the fact that when we heard it back in the day, no one was thinking about “is that guy gay?” “Get that faggot off my turntable, I don’t want to hear that sh**!” Think for a moment how powerful that is; considering the very fierce anti-gay climate in the 70’s (especially for an artist of color). The only other artist or group that kind of had that same effect in the disco era was “The Village People.” Although not everyone was gay in that group, The Village People had (and still has) the kind of timeless music that no one thinks about their sexuality when it is being plaid. They created the kind of music where our minds immediately shifted to dance mode, no questions asked! I think it’s safe to say that in the disco era, Sylvester was one of the greatest dance artists of his time, and we have truly lost a legend way too early. The Original Hits (1989), just about has all his big hits; including, “Dance (Disco Heat) (I have to do some research, because the background singer sounds exactly like Martha Wash),” “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real,” and a song he dedicated to all his fans called “You Are My Friend.” Patti Labelle has made this song her anthem, and has sang the song at the end of every performance. There is another hit that’s not on this album though, and it’s called “Do You Wanna Funk” on his self titled album “Sylvester.” Please Listen with Rhapsody.



Next Big Sound tracked an incredible 1.03 trillion streams in the first half of 2015. Many weren’t monetized.

If we added a time range from when music streaming really started; which is about 15-20 years ago (Rhapsody if I’m not mistaken is the original streaming pioneer, and should have been included in those figures), the above quote is an understatement. “Next Big Sound” is a company that tracks music streams, and it has generated a report that showed 1.3 trillion instances of music were streamed. The report included Spotify, Pandora, Sound Cloud, Vevo, YouTube, and Rdio. I”m pretty sure that that a huge bulk of those streams came from YouTube. I am pleased that we are in the trillion mark, because regardless of what platform you used to enjoy your entertainment, streaming is here to stay. It’s also exciting be it also proves what I’ve been saying all along, most people do prefer to get their music legally and support their favorite artists. Just think for a moment, the reports that were generated, didn’t even include other popular streaming services that are also legal, such as iTunes; and literally over hundreds of thousands of free and legal internet radio stations who are also paying the artist royalties! Things are starting to look up for the music industry. The future finally looks promising. Trust me, 1.03 trillion plays translates to a lot of money (collectively). My only concern is YouTube because of how it functions. Companies like Rdio Sound Cloud, Spotify, we know that every song is tracked and accounted for. However, with YouTube, there is no way they can verify (to my awareness) music without ads are being paid royalties by YouTube. I just can’t seem to find that information, it is possible that it could be one of those classified secrets they keep from the public. The only thing I can think of that will insure most artist get paid, is for YouTube to put ads on all non-monetized music videos. It doesn’t account for YouTuber’s possibly stealing money, but they are pretty good with weeding those people out. It’s the very old classic music I’m worried about.



I haven’t listened to this album for such a very long time. When I clicked play, I enjoyed it as though Celine released the album yesterday. It’s funny, because time has gone so fast, I don’t know if we’ve kind of forgotten about Celine, or she’s just dropped off the radar? Perhaps taking care of her husband? I don’t know what the numbers are, but I figure this must have been the biggest album of her career; I say this only because “My Heart Will Go On (theme from Titanic)” is on the album. The movie Titanic (1997) budget was $200 million dollars, and grossed $2.7 billion dollars! Even if hypothetically her album was a flop, having a theme song for Titanic means she was racking in the royalty doe! I don’t think anyone else can truly sing that song; although I know people have tried, but it doesn’t sound right. Besides having a song that is forever linked to one of the biggest grossing movies of all times on this album, there are also other great songs from this album. “Just A Little Bit Of Love” is one of my favorites, it fooled me when it started of slow, then boom, club mix! Very danceable. Another favorite of mine is “To Love You More.” The only song I felt was a little disappointment was “Tell Him.” As much as I love my Barbra Streisand, I hated that song! The song didn’t sound like what I would expect from two divas. Listen with Rhapsody.



If you’re one of those people that doesn’t scare easily when it comes to the possibility of hefty fines and jail time for downloading illegal content; then the annoyance of actually trying to surf just one of these public torrent trackers should be enough to reform you! LOL.. Before I continue, I just want to remind everyone that using torrents are NOT illegal, but the downloading of illegal content is. Example, if you’re downloading an old, and very well known public domain movie called “Night Of The Living Dead (1968),” downloading it using torrent technology is very legal. Or maybe you are using Linux/Unix OS, and like to download open source software made available for free, it is perfectly legal to use torrents. However, if you download the latest Jill Scott album using torrents, it is piracy. I think that it is important for me to take a minute to write about this, because soo many people have the wrong idea about torrents. They are no more illegal or less illegal than using Mediafire, Hotfile, or even DropBox. It’s not the service or technology that makes it illegal, it’s what you’re doing with it. The point of torrent technology is to share bandwidth, eliminating the need to pay a service for storage; such as Mediafire, Hotfile, etc. Thus making files that ARE free, actually free.

Back in the day, torrents were virtually hassle free. Now, we have to deal with so much bulls**t. There are now ads popping up on the back end that are intolerable; sometimes those popups are able to pass through popup blockers. Many trackers are now using user submitted torrents to try and cash in on the piracy, by asking for “donations to help server costs.” Some trackers go as far as send you emails every other week to remind you to “submit a donation and become a V.I.P.” Now, chances are we’re using torrents because we are too broke to afford the kinds of stuff we’d like, why would I have any interest in becoming a V.I.P.? Some Trackers are now even charging for memberships. You’re hit with a trillion and one rules, the moderators are rude as hell, the members are often either whiny about the smallest things, or they they’re rude and think they know it all. You’re just waiting for that one day your account would get delete for saying the wrong thing. Regardless if you’re on a private or public tracker, more and more fake torrents are produced. If just one person downloads one of those torrents, then 50% of torrent users will have that same torrent. Torrents without subtitles or audio translations. Torrents with several hundred tiny zip files. Torrents with several hundred links to various torrent trackers. Torrents with embedded spam and malware that keep your computer infected with something. Torrents with region restrictions on videos. Torrents from users that don’t know what their doing, yet complain about you. Torrents that contain videos with removed audio and a “Cinavia” error (which I’ve seen on public domain movies believe it or not). Swarms with horrific speeds. Torrents with video bitrate that is so low, you are baffled that someone would even consider uploading. Never mind downloading the bootleg version of “Jurassic World (2015)” is illegal; the amount of bulls**t the average true torrent user goes through, it’s not even worth it. Music torrents with 0kb CDA files. Waiting indefinitely for someone to finally upload that special torrent that you wanted so bad; and if found, you discover that there are numerous file corruptions. Please, don’t think links are any better, because they are actually worse; with 0.2kb speeds and each link will be a different service requiring payment for each service. Unfortunately, because more and people are now using the internet, more and more of those people don’t have a clue as to what their doing.

Having said the above, it’s not worth the hassle of using torrent technologies (unless you are downloading Unix/Linux software, public domain movies, or files from a legal website). Since streaming services came to be, we have seen a steady drop in piracy and increase sales in both streaming services and pay-per-download. Now it is affordable and we don’t have to deal with the hassles of using torrents anymore. And most importantly, not only is it all LEGAL, but you can share them with other members of the same streaming service, LEGALLY! If a friend is not a member, they get 30 second samples; or they can just simply Shazam it, or search for the song in their favorite streaming service. Stop being so scared! If you still stuck in a time warp, and you still don’t “believe” it’s now legal, then just take the time and read the legalese/license for your favorite service yourself (Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, Slacker, whatever(if you are new to music streaming, and don’t know which ones to start with, click here or here or here)). Common sense should tell you that the news would be reporting Facebook and twitter users would be going to jail left and right (hellllllooooo?). You have FULL access to your provider’s entire library for a very low monthly fee. Easy to search; easy to create and save playlists; and easy to help the streaming community by rating your movies, thus informing other users as what to watch; informing the provider as to what to keep in their library and cluing what other kinds of movie licenses they should purchase and make available. Most importantly, if you have an HDTV, I think its best to subscribe to one of these services for best quality. You’re not going to get best quality from a 600mb movie file. Trust me, you’d be lying to yourself if you think you can. You get the highest possible quality, and whatever service you use, you know it’s going to work! No incompatibilities, no spending hours searching, no begging for reseeds and hoping for the best. I think you guys get the picture. Now, the new way of file sharing is sharing Spotify or Rhapsody on Facebook, while helping others to discover at the same time. Sharing IMDB links, along with HULU and Netflix on Facebook or Twitter. Come and share with us. Worry free!



On Spotify’s blog, it states that from the company’s total revenue, 70% of their profits go towards paying royalty fees to artists. If you’d like to see their blog, click here. How the hell were they able to survive for so long as a business paying 70% of their profits to the artists? Please don’t take what I’ve written the wrong way; I’m not saying that artist don’t deserve to get paid. Anybody who has been reading my blog long enough, knows I support legal streaming services, and fair pay for all artists. However, the way Spotify is doing things, I”m not sure how long they can survive much longer. No wonder their software sucks ass! There is no real money available to make the necessary upgrades to improve on their service. You know, if I was a Spotify customer I think I would have left, because that doesn’t make me feel good to know that I am helping to pay for the 45M cheap ass free account leechers (oops, I mean the “frugal” users of Spotify LOL). For all you leeches, you need to understand that if it were not for the paid customers, Spotify would become more Pandora like; there’s absolutely no way that Spotify would be able to afford the licenses they currently have on ads alone. So in reality, your mooching is a privilege, not a right. So don’t say “Spotify is the best,” when in reality you only like it because you don’t have to pay; ’cause I’ve seen quite a few services better than Spotify.

That said, this is not good business practice in my opinoin, and it doesn’t give anyone incentive to become paying subscribers. Which also would mean, if I was a subscriber, everything that is broken in the software would stay broken indefinitely. I really do think that there should be a massive campaign effort to explain to the general public, what music streaming truly is, and the value of paying for a good service. Streaming is so much better; not just because it is legal, it’s so much better than using downloading links with infected malware; or downloading a torrent where the person didn’t know how to rip a CD properly; or you download one thing and get something completely different; or the quality is so low because people are still using dial-up; or your hoping and praying for decades that someone, somewhere on this planet will share that 1960’s album you wanted; and if you did find that torrent, you’d discover that it was recorded from vinyl with several hard scratches on each song.

Not only is streaming convenient, not only are most services easy to search and download, most services also help you discover new music you’ve never heard before, or music that you’ve forgotten about. All of that for $10 bucks a month, instead of $30-$50 on CD’s. Even at 99 cents a download still adds up to a lot of money after a while. To be honest, Spotify’s business model really confuses me. I read their goal  is to offer free music; well I’m thinking if that’s the case, why do you need subscribers? I don’t like the idea of picking up anybody else tab (thank you very much). According to Spotify, things are doing well, and the company has hired new employees, blah, blah blah. I just don’t see it yet. Maybe I’m wrong. I think they way Spotify is doing things gives the impression that the artists are busting their ass for free, because they just love their fans? Oh, please! One thing is for sure, I don’t think iTunes is finished f**king with Spotify. Apple is going to find some way to make Spotify limit their free services. I could be wrong, but let’s see. This would be interesting to see where music will be in the next 10 years.



“I’ve been abducted by Hewie and Dewie.” Ruthless People is not only my favorite comedy from the 80’s, but it remains to be one of my most favorite of all times! From the beginning to the end of this movie, you will not stop laughing. This movie stars Bette Midler, Danny DeVito, Judge Reinhold, just to name a few. There is a chemistry between these actors that is so rare, and each joke was delivered perfectly. There wasn’t a dry moment in this movie! In essence, the movie is about a guy (Danny) who steals someone’s clothing designs, and not only takes credit for them, he makes all the money. When the true designer discovers what happened, herself and her partner put together a plain to kidnap his wife (Bette). Oh, my goodness, Bette gave them a run for their money. I was peeing in my shorts I was laughing so hard! The two kidnappers demanded a ransom for Bette, but it wasn’t long before the kidnappers and Bette realized that Danny had no intention of paying that ransom! Bette, and the two kidnappers planned a revenge!. I definitely recommend this movie to any Bette, or Danny fans especially. I didn’t realize Danny could be so darn funny.


Pharaoh's Curse1957Today saw “Pharaoh’s Curse (1957).” It had about 3 out of five stars, so why not? Well, I think 3 stars was a fair rating. The movie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. But the was very predictable though. In essence, a group of archaeologists go to Egypt to open a mummy’s casket/tomb. Of course, they wanted to do so to study the hieroglyphics. But the people of Egypt forbid them to perform any kind of excavation. Reason being, they would unleash a curse; a curse that causes the mummy to come back alive, and drain all the blood of the living inside the tomb until all is dead. This movie was also about one of the male archaeologists, trying to get in the pants of a female archaeologist who was already married to the head archaeologist. LOL. There was no subtlety about it at all; he did not waste any time. He was a straight up player by today’s standard. The female archaeologist finally gets the guts to tell her husband she wants a divorce, basically because she realizes she was being used by him. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so you’ll have to see the movie to find out how this situation resolves itself. No special effects really. However, the makeup job was fairly decent. This meets my “So Bad It’s Good” seal of approval. :-)



What the hell ever happened to the girl group Exposé? I can’t exactly call this Miami group a one hit wonder; but I didn’t recall seeing a whole lot of albums from them after 1987. That could be because, the album “Exosure (1987) was their best album of their career in my opinion. According to Billboard, they were the first group to have 4 top 10 hits, on Billboard’s “Hot 100,” and those hits all came from this album. All of my favorite songs are here on this album. My most favorite song from them of all times is “Seasons Change.” I think this song is so beautiful. Like Ce Ce Peniston, their music sort of transport you back to our H.S. days of innocence, and learning about boys, life, school, and all that good stuff. “Seasons Change” is truly a classic, because as old as this song is, I can still continue to listen to this song all day. Another song I love from this album is “Come Go With Me,” a danceable pop song that was playing all over the radio @ the end of the 80’s. “Come Go With Me” is another song that is timeless in my opinion. The last song I love from this album is “Let Me Be The One.” After all these years, they are still performing together. Check out their website. Listen to this album on Rhapsody.



What a great subject to write about I thought. I think it’s safe to say that, we focus more on just using Shazam, than thinking how important the service is to us. I have been using Shazam and services like Shazam for quite a few years, and it has proved to be an essential application to have on any smartphone. But, Shazam just doesn’t help the die-hard music lovers; indirectly they also help the streaming services as well! Why? Well, they are actually “bridging the gap,” between the major streaming services (although iTunes/Amazon both have streaming and “On-Demand” download purchases, I still consider it in the same family of streaming). Shazam is not only the best music discovery application to date, it is an independent service that does not depend on music sales “per-say,” but it’s popularity and near flawless functionality. What I’m trying to say is, the music industry depends on Shazam, not the other way around. Shazam makes money by making it easy for Shazam users to purchase their discoveries on iTunes Amazon, and Google. Now, with the recent partnership of Rhapsody, Shazam can encourage people to slowly move over to streaming services. Shazam plays an important role with streaming services, because each time a user Shazams something, they are not obligated to sign up for another service! Shazam will eventually bring all kinds of services together in one application, making it very convenient for Shazam users. If your particular service doesn’t have a song in their library, you’ll still have a choice of purchasing that song through anyone of the three services Shazam is partnered with. The integration with Rhapsody is still new, so the functionality still needs to be ironed out, but the fact that Rhapsody is there speaks volumes. And the fact that some rich dude invested over $40M on Shazam and it’s research. Music fans are in a very exciting era; how wonderful to be living in an age with such incredible technology at our fingertips!


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