“Live To Tell” by Madonna was one of my favorite songs from the mid 80s. I felt the music composition was beautiful, yet very dramatic, and was perfectly suited for the lyrics being sung. You know, thinking back, Madonna has actually done an outstanding job throughout her career. I don’t think there has been anyone who has caused so much controversy, pissed as many people off than Madonna; yet the more people she offended with her musical art, the bigger she actually became. It was also interesting how she tried really hard to emulate Marylin Monroe. I used to think that Madonna used to flip to the “Marylin persona” when things got too raunchy (just to show the public she can be a lady when she wants too). It became clear just how much she admired Marylin, when she came out with the the music video to “Live To Tell.” There were many female artists who have tried to take on that “Marylin persona,” and that included even the late Anna Nicole Smith. My opinion is that Madonna has done it best, and I think it was just the era we were in when she done it. Also favorite on this same album is “Papa Don’t Preach.” Talking about pissing parents off. WOW!! Many parents in the 80s interpreted Madonna as encouraging young girls to have children. Given her track record for exploiting her sexuality, I can understand why… Every single 80s talk show must have talked about that song. LOL.. Listen to this old classic, or add it to your Spotify playlist.

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