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You know, to any fans of Denroy’s music, I apologize before hand for what I am about to say. I’m sure you’ve read me blog about this before; I absolutely hate it when musicians from the island try to Americanize their own music. To me, it’s sounds so unauthentic when artists do this. Then again, he could have been trying way too hard to appease his record label. After listening to this album, you can appreciate why some artist bust their ass to own their own record label, so they can have full creative control of their albums. There are very few artists that can mix American/rock style of music with reggae, and sound good. This album almost sounds like it was produced by Eddie Grant (which is another artist I don’t care for). It is my opinion that Denroy should have only stock with either all reggae style of music, or all American.  Unfortunately, the only song that I liked out of his entire career, is the one that became his biggest hit; “I’ll Do Anything For You.” –

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I know I am late with this news, but better late than never. DJ house music legend Frankie Knuckles died at 59 years old this past week. He was a well known 80’s DJ, who has remixed some of the hottest music, as well as DJ’d at some of the most hottest clubs, including the Warehouse. Some of his biggest mixes include “The Whistle Song (1991),” “Hot Stuff (Donna Summer remix),” “Work Out,” and “Move Your Body.” It was said that he was responsible for creating the foundation for trance and electronic music. Knuckles suffered a long time with uncontrolled diabetes, which resulted in the loss of his foot around 2008. On Monday March 31st 2014,  Mr. Knuckles died from the complications of his diabetes.




Almost a week ago, I was listening to an old album I have of Aretha Franklin called “Aretha Franklin – Live at Filmore West.” I have to confess that this was not one of my favorite albums from her. I’ve heard much better albums. Then again, it’s rare that I enjoy live albums; I’d rather see a performance on video rather than hear it (that’s just me). Well, despite the fact that I was not feeling most of the songs in this album, one song stood out. The first song (don’t remember if it was side A or B) was Dr. Feel Good. I love hearing her sing it on this album, not because it was “good,” but because it was hilarious!! In fact it was so hilarious, it is the only real reason I ever listen to this album. When you hear her sing “Dr. Feel Good” on this album, you can tell right away that she was obviously TOASTED!! When you first hear her sing it, I guarantee that at some point in the song you’ll be thinking at least one of these things…. Did she just faint? Or, Is she bugging out on cocaine? Or, is she being abducted by aliens? Or, is she screaming because she thumped her toe???? Your thoughts will go all over the place with this song.

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albinia_jones.jpgAlbinia Jones, was a wonderful and, talented female blues singer, of the 1940’s era. I had a very difficult time trying to find research material on this artist. Very little is written about her; she is almost forgotten about. This woman had a voice like no other. When she sings, she means what she sings. It’s almost as the she is talking to you directly, when you hear her music. She has performed a few songs with the great Dizzy Gillespie. She was a featured performer on an album called “Evil Gal Blues”. Which I can’t seem to find either. I guess it is out of print most likely. You can download her song called, “Give it up daddy”, FREE Click here – Albinia Jones – mp3