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Let me start off by saying, I’ve always loved Donna Summer ever since I’ve heard her song “Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (1976).” I was about eight years old then. I remember one day in my grandparents house, sitting in one of the rooms with my little tape player, and singing all of side A and side B of Donna’s “On The Radio (1979)” cassette. After I finished, I would turn it over and do the whole tape again, as if I were performing a concert. As young as I was, her music really connected with me on so many levels. I naturally connected with her. As I got older I’ve discovered almost every gay person on the planet loved Donna Summer! LOL. You know, over the years I’ve always questioned her fashion choices 😀 I said to myself, Donna I love you, but what they hell are you wearing!?!?!? When I saw this album, I said to myself WTF??? If I didn’t love her so much, I don’t think I would have purchased this album.

This happened to be one of my many favorite albums from Donna. There aren’t many artists that we can say that spits out a lot of albums were we love almost ALL their songs. Donna has been pretty consistent, but then again, she’s re-released a lot of her same music too. Witch is quit interesting when you think about it. Why? There has been only one other artist I can think of, that can put out so many re-releases and still make money from them, and that’s Barbra Streisand. This speaks to the level of dedicated fans she had, now even more after death. I think my most favorites from this masterpiece is #1 “Loves About To Change My Heart,” it’s such a beautiful song, Donna’s voice made it so romantic, yet the danceable beats made it fun to listen to. #2 “Whatever Your Heart Desires,” another romantic and danceable tune. #3 “This Time I Know It’s For Real.” And lastly #4 a song called, “Another Place And Time,” which is a much more mellow song, and is one of those reflective songs (after the fact) I always speak of. Listen to her album on Napster here.


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