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Salutations Vintage Fans,

VintageNewscast is simply a way for me to share all my personal nostalgic memories of extremely rare and forgotten music and film with “like minded” visitors. Both my musical & cinematic tastes are extremely eclectic and diverse, which I believe adds more value to my blog. Here, you will see many genres of music and movies from 1995-ish and older. The purpose of my site is to expose my visitors to classic genres they would most likely never have seen otherwise (in this digital age); so if you’re only interested to see one kind of music or movies, this is not the site for you. In addition, I research and write tiny articles about musical entertainers back in the day. Also, check out my personal “Classic Film Recommendations” on the menu bar.

My blog idea came to me when I’ve noticed that ever since online radio, I’ve found it difficult to find or rediscover old music that I grew up with. The new generation of internet radio has made it quite difficult to find classics, because they mostly promote newer music. Unless you remember many of the albums I’ve talked about on my blog, you will not easily find/rediscover them on internet radio (or mainstream radio for that matter). For us older folks, our old classics has been replaced with a newer generation of classics. Marvin Gaye has now become R. Kelly; Aretha Franklin has now become Kelly Price; and Teddy Pendergrass has now become Jaheim.

My goal is to help visitors remember, discover and or rediscover rare and historical classic music (now also movies) of many genres, to add to one’s personal playlists. Most music can either be found on Rhapsody & Spotify (Rhapsody has a bigger library of original music tho (34+ million songs and growing every week)). If neither one has the song/album you’re looking for, you can always check youtube; there’s always some kind youtuber willing to upload their rare and priceless collections. Most of my Classic Film Recommendations can be found on either Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Prime, or VUDU. I am one of the very few multicultural bloggers of color, to own one of the most diverse classic music blogs within cybersphere.

I recommend that you bookmark my site and visit at least once every week. I frequently updating my blog with something. Please be kind and tell your friends about, your new home for classic memories and new classic discoveries!


Updated April 25, 2015

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