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Salutations All Fans Of Old School,

The primary purpose for my blog is to help my visitors rediscover rare classic music and film on digital format; the kinds of music & film that usually are NOT promoted in the digital realm! This includes most internet radio, “On Demand” audio/video streaming services, printed magazines and advertisements for DVD’s and Blu-Rays, and online entertainment (especially non-collector) stores. My blog is about cultural DIVERSITY! So, if you’re expecting to see only one type of music or movies here, this is NOT the blog site for you! :-) I am one of the very few multicultural bloggers of color to own one of the most diverse classic music/movie blogs in cyberspace. My blog is simple and easy to navigate. Here, you will see many genres of music and movies from 1995-ish and older.  In addition, I try to keep my fans/visitors informed as to the direction of music and film within digital technology. Don’t forget to also glance at “My Classic Tweets” often, as I post all kinds of interesting links relating to vintage nostalgia; and music I’m currently listening too. My taste in music and film is so eclectic, you will never figure out what I will post next!

Unless you already remember many of the albums I write about on my blog, you will not easily rediscover them on today’s radio (unless of course you’re watching one of those “Time Life Infomercials,” or one of those Doo-Wop/Disco Specials on PBS (even then, it’s usually the same people) (and mind you those shows have become scarce)). For us older folks, our old classics has been replaced with a newer generation of classics. Marvin Gaye has now become R. Kelly; Aretha Franklin has now become Kelly Price; and Teddy Pendergrass has now become Jaheim.

Sometimes as a collector, physical albums and movies can just cost too much! In today’s digital age it’s all about sharing; sharing and adding “new forgotten” (perhaps even abandoned music by the streaming services who accept big bucks to only advertise new artists) memories to our digital playlists/watchlist. Most music posted here can either be found on Rhapsody & Spotify. For now, Spotify’s desktop (PC) application is totally free to use. However, Rhapsody has a bigger library of original music tho (34+ million songs and growing every week). Most of my “Classic Film Recommendations” can be found on either Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Amazon’s On-Demand, iTunes, GooglePlay, or VUDU.

I encourage all seasoned folk to learn how to use some of the streaming services we have today; there’s a lot of wonderful oldies floating around the internet. In fact, not only are the albums cheaper digitally, you can legally listen to them for free, such as the use of Pandora, Spotify and a plethora of other services. Some free platforms are limited in terms of music library, and or amount of hours you can listen per month. But most importantly, the forgotten artists gets paid each and every time you listen to their music, per person (unique IP)! Either they get paid by your paid subscription to a music service, or the free music services like Pandora or iHeart radio pays the artist by way of licensing fees/advertisements. There is nothing for you to lose. So you see, it is extremely important to share your favorite music.


I would also like the seasoned folk to seriously keep this in mind, if we don’t continue to listen to our classics digitally (even on the free services (legally free services)) (or at least give them a 5 star vote or a thumbs up to tell the service you love the kind of music your listening to; even if you’re listening to yahoo radio, I don’t care), the streaming services may decide not to renew the licenses for particular songs based on low popularity. Why should you care? Because they can either become digitally lost forever, or you could be spending a shit load of money trying to purchase  an original album if you really wanted it; and it may or may not be in mint condition. Why? Because no one else would have it!  Many of the classics we hear on these streaming services are technically physically out of print already. If your favorite streaming service does not have your favorite oldies, they often have an option for members to send requests. Based on contractual agreements amongst the services, they may or may not be able to renew or purchase that license.

I recommend that you bookmark my site and visit at least once every week; I frequently updating my blog with something. Follow me on twitter to get my classic tweets AS WELL AS updated articles. If you’d like to also contact me, you can do so by sending me a direct message through twitter. Please be kind and tell your friends about, your new home for new classic discoveries!


Updated June 13, 2015

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