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Well, times has certainly changed! We’ve gone from 8-track tapes, to carrying big ass boomboxes, to cassette Walkman(s), to large CD players along with a carrying case of at least 10-15 compact discs in it, to iPods, and now smartphones. Who would have ever thought that we’d be listening to our music on our cellphones? I for one would have NEVER imagined it. How wonderful is it to have a device that does so many different things, yet, is still small enough to fit in our pockets? Technology is a beautiful thing I’d say.

There are now millions of Android fans & users out there, enough to make even a huge company like Apple concerned I’d say. I wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about how to improve the sound quality of your Android device (regardless if you’re still using cord or Bluetooth). This in my opinion is the most overlooked when it comes to Android Operating System Features. Why? I have no idea! I recommend that every Android user perform these steps on their smartphone; because depending on what application you’re using to play your music, not all equalizers are created equal (hey, I think I just made a pun)!

First off, I think it’s important to mention that ever since KitKat about v4, the Android developers made significant changes to how we hear sound on our devices. They have done what Sony has done with their Walkman(s) in the 80’s; they’ve reduced the maximum volume capacity in order to make pedestrians more aware of cars while walking, as well as to prevent ear damage. Unfortunately, when the Android developers did this, it effected the way equalizers would function. Many times when we make changes the sound would reduce even lower. When you’re listening to certain 70’s music and older, sometimes they were not always  recorded in stereo, and it gets a little aggravating if you are around loud machinery. If you have an older cellphone, or if you’re stuck with KitKat, you’re shit out of luck; ’cause the developers made it so that programmers can’t adjust/boost the volume (however, KitKat does have a similar tool, just not updated). Although it is the same deal with Lollipop, there is a tool you can use to enhance the sound quality, which will also improve volume (and perhaps even boost). PLEASE NOTE: You must use this tool in a quiet place, because it optimizes your device sound by testing your hearing. You must be in a quiet enough place to hear the tones in order for it to work!











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