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There’s an interesting article posted by Rolling Stones Magazine called “Napster, Spotify and the Fall of the ‘Middle-Class Musician’.” The article was written by Jonathan Taplin. He writes about his book called, ‘Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy’. It appears that a significant chunk of this book discuses (the claims of) how ever since the invention of music streaming, the internet giants who got in the the music business has made it impossible for the lesser known artists to make money. I don’t know, is it possible that this is a bigger issue than what I’m able to see?

 Taplin delivers a digestible account of just how the CEOs and venture capitalists who make the Internet run – many of them guided by the philosophical teachings of Ayn Rand – have created a monopoly, gained far too much power and also made it even more difficult for artists to survive.

I know what I’m about to say is probably a horrible example, but it’s the only one I can think of right now. But, I see this issue no different than when people thought new technologies back in the 80’s where taking jobs away. However, the fact was, new kinds of jobs were actually being created. The real issue as I saw it was, the insecurities of old employees learning something new, and the difficulties they had embracing change. You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d make the assumption that in a subtle way, Taplin is trying to say that lesser known artists was some how put on “minimum wage.” An unwilling salary cut.

I just think that there are soooo many other additional issues that people are not taking in to consideration. A LOT. I’m not going to make this article lengthy, so I’m just going to cut to the chase. We’ve seemed to forget that, the OLD P2P Napster was partly responsible for the massive digital overhaul, and the way we receive and experience media today. The whole reason why most people were illegally downloading in the first place, was because we literally could not afford the music. I think that I can speak for most TRUE music fans, that we prefer to purchase our favorite artists. However, if we don’t have the financial means to pay (cause there’s a 900% markup on CDs) it’s by human nature that we will find other means as to get the music that we want, especially if music is in our blood. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but it is very human. That’s just my opinion. Streaming has allowed people who can’t afford to buy music, stream unlimited music for a reasonable AND affordable price; or YouTube or Spotify for FREE streaming; AND it’s totally legal. Anybody who still use Bittorrents when it comes to music at this point, is just coocoo out of their mind. Well, somebody else can explain it to ya, ’cause I’m done with that. The rates in which they have to charge is going to be different than selling CDs in units. You cannot expect to make not even close to the money you used to make, when you’re under not only a different price structure, but under an entirely different music culture. Not only that, young people between the ages of (I’d say) 14-30 are using more streaming than any other age group. Having said that, most of these age groups are very picky about what and who they listen to, in addition to the fact that, you’re not the only artist that people are exposed to. I liken this to photographers and Behance. Being a photographer and competing to be seen over literally millions of other photographers is no easy task. By any means. Or picture starting a twitter account, and trying to get REAL loyal followers? It’s not an easy task. It takes a very long time. This is where good family culture comes in. The fact of the matter is, unless you’re Beyonce, you’re not going to get those streaming numbers that’ll get you the dollars you feel you should have.

I understand the struggles of a musician, but the real issue is the record labels still taking 70% of the profits, leaving a streaming service very little to have a functional business. Do you know that music streaming services are charged a flat rate (every year I believe) just to have the right to stream their music, ON TOP paying royalties? To my understanding, they’re not even paying songwriters for newer music streamed anymore. Why do you think big names like Janet Jackson are all starting they’re on labels? Record labels want to not only take your money, they want to control every inch of your creativity, style, the way you look, and sometimes they even try to force you to change your name if they don’t like it. There’s nothing you can really do about the record labels greed and their crookery. So trust me, services like Spotify and other streaming services are NOT the enemy. Stop trying to blame them ’cause the record labels are too big to be controlled. Streaming services are just as much a victim as artists. Get it? Having said this tho, there is absolutely no excuse not to use Spotify (FREE $0) services, or any other streaming service you love (paid or not), ’cause your favorite artist will not receive anything if you don’t.. The flip side of this coin is that, it’s unfortunate that a new artist needs a record label, because they got the connections and promotional money to put you out there. Music was never a main source of income, it’s always the actual performance. So, use the music to promote yourself, and if you’re good, when contract renewals come around, make the decision if you’re good enough to venture out on you’re own without a label.


Ok guys!! Rant time!! Haven’t done one in a long time. When it comes retailers and their high markups for their accessories, can kiss my @ss 😡. I’m specifically referring to Samsung’s OEM earbuds. Anybody that’s a die hard, true music lover knows that, no matter how much you pay for a pair of headphones, THEY NEVER LAST!! I know that a lot of my readers maybe brand-loyal, but trust me, ALL major brand headphones crap out within 2 years of consecutive use, 3 years if your lucky. Some may last longer, but they still don’t last long enough, when you weigh the amount of money we spend for them.

Every retailer I’ve ever purchased these Samsung headphones from were all $30. On average, I’d say I squeeze about 4-6 months of life out of them before buying a new one. So, 90 dollars a year is a lot of money to spend for an accessory, that’s not even sturdy, or child proof even! I know I probably sound like a spokes person for Amazon, but, I keep telling you guys, BUY FROM AMAZON! They sell almost everything up to 4 times cheaper in a store. Retailers get you because their convenient. You hear a little crackle in the left ear, just go to any electronic store or T-mobile store and pay for a $30 new one. Amazon has these same OEM buds for $7. You can buy 3 of them for and still come out cheaper. Sad part is, these are the ONLY in ear buds that fit comfortably in my ear. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, cause I know a whole lot of you will still gonna spend full retail price anyway, after I told you not to. Shaking my head 😕


A very young Janet Jackson and Todd Bridges. If I remember correctly, this was on the set of  the hit 80’s TV show “Different Strokes.” There was something about this picture that I’ve always assumed that Janet & Todd have dated for some time. But then again, although Janet has always said she’s been attracted to “all” kinds of men, when I’ve looked through all her very public relationships, every single one of those men have been light skinned. But, the other side of this coin is, Todd has admitted eons later that he had a serious drug problem. So, kudos for Janet choosing not to get involved with that mess.


I remember watching this movie as a child. I loved all those giant monster movies that come from Japan. I don’t know what was it about those particular creature movies that made America love them so much? To be honest, I’ve only really been a fan of the old Gamera and Godzilla. Although they couldn’t speak, they had personality that showed through their body language, especially Godzilla, Godzilla was hilarious! It wasn’t all about giant monsters destroying cities, and killing millions of people. We got a sense of what monsters were really good, and which ones were really bad. I wish they’d come back to traditional Godzilla tho, it appears to have changed from a protector of earth, to a demonic/supernatural conjured creature. I also loved Mothra too, you know, the giant butterfly?  A can’t remember too many giant creature movies that America has made. Well, there’s “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman,” but she wasn’t really a creature, but I guess that depends on how you interpret it. I know there’s probably a couple of others, but there isn’t much in comparison. I think it’s safe to say that America’s thing were vampires, wolves, and supernatural type of movies.

So, in essence, Daimajin is some sort of god, that I can’t help but to notice many similarities to christianity; in terms of crucifixion, a god that will come and take out revenge on behalf of it’s people, etc. I really don’t know about Daimajin in the historical sense. But Japan probably had just as many mythical gods as the Romans. However, this particular god has a twist. Daimajin is almost the equivalent of the god of war, yet Daimajin is really good. The problem with Daimajin is that once you pray to him, invoke his name, and he comes to your aid, that’s it! He comes to destroy EVERYTHING including all the victims’ town! The person, or persons that pray to this god, damn near gets killed themselves trying to stop him from decimating everything (including woman and children). Now, yes, Daimajin is a demon, you might say “how is he good?” Well, he’s kind of like the evil that can handle evil to do good. You understand what I’m trying to say? I find it interesting that when Daimajin comes alive, his body still looks like stone (great job in conveying that), but his face is human. It quickly becomes obvious that it is a guy with a mask. Makes me think was this intentional? To convey a human side? This is NOT a stellar series, however it is wonderfully nostalgic. There’s about 3 or 4 Daimajin movies that you can order on Netflix.



This movie was released ruffly around 1954. This movie became one of the most popular AND remembered creature flicks of all time. It was about a man fish. That’s right a man fish. NOT to be confused with a “Merman.” What movie is this? Once you think you have the answer, please use your Smartphone to scan the QR code to see if you’ve got the right answer!!

Bonus game question. This young superstar is a female country singer. One of the very few country singers that has been successful doing more than one genre of music, which includes christian and pop music. However, this particular country song she released in 1997 shot her career up like a bullet. Almost every single person was humming the tune to this famous love song……….. One last clue….. Another famous singer redone the same song in the same year, and her name was Trisha Yearwood. What was that song, AND the name of the celebrity that sang this massive hit? Once you feel you have the right answer, use your Smartphone to scan above image to see if you’ve got the right answer!!

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