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I am very happy today. I got a wonderful surprise email that stated, Rhapsody and Shazam has finally partnered up! Yes, you’ve read correctly! Discovering our classics has become even more easier! Now, when you shazam a song, you can then easily play the song in Rhapsody (just like spotify)! You can also easily save your shazamed song to your Rhapsody playlist! This is so cool! Now, I got to be honest here, you guys know how much I love Rhapsody; but I think Shazam reigns supreme when it comes to music discovery. Shazam’s algorithms rock! Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any other free music discovery application that works as well as Shazam. I think Rhapsody knows this (then again Billions of shazams are made everyday, which means more potential customers), so goodbye SongMatch/MusicMatch. Once you select Rhapsody from Shazam’s pull down menu, Rhapsody will automatically play the song. Rhapsody has also created a special section, that stores all your Shazamed songs played through Rhapsody! Very nice!


I can’t call Lou Rawls a one hit wonder, but unfortunately there is only one song I like from this entire album. The song also happens to be one of his biggest classic hits of all times; which pretty much put him on map forever as far as I”m concerned (at least those of my generation). That song is “You’ll Never Find A Love Like Mine.” Lou’s voice has turned that song in to something special; a song that I believed no one else could have song with the same romantic flair. But, again, that was pretty much it for this particular album. Unfortunately much of Lou Rawls music wasn’t my cup of tea. It was almost like listening to a soulful version of Frank Sanatra. Actually, I like more of Frank Sanatra’s songs than Lou Rawls. I guess that should tell you something. LOL. However, I’m not foolish to think there’s no one else out in the cyberspace that wouldn’t like it. Check out his album on Rhapsody.




I have to say I absolutely loved watching Wonder Woman as a child. I was about 8-9 years old when I started watching her. While almost all the straight boys only reason for watching the show, was to salivate over her gorgeous body; I however loved watching her for different reasons. I loved seeing women in strong roles on television; and as I got older I realized that it was mainly because of two things. The first reason was because so many (if not most) women of television I grew up on played a lot of submissive roles. Some of the roles played by women, had characters that were so simple, I’m left thinking, “surely you can’t be that stupid?” But unfortunately, these were the kinds of scripts written for women, and people of color when I was growing up. The second reason was she did not represent that stereotypical women (both as Diana Prince and as Wonder Woman). You know, now that I think about it; this show was more important than I realized as a kid, because the show started just as the feminist movement ended I believe. The reason why this was significant was because, the the movement left many people with the mentality that strong women “wanted to be more like men.” Wonder Woman was not only strong, powerful, had her own mind, she was also very feminine in every way (perhaps too feminine at times), and she represented America with the ol’ red, white and blue.

It was hilarious, because, the first time I saw her spinning around on television, I said to myself “what the fuck is she doing?” LOL. Then when I started to hear that music, I knew that that was an indication that something awesome was about to happen. Then I saw the special effect used to fade her in to her new Wonder Woman costume. I thought that was so cool! Then again, it made me more anxious; because with some episodes, when the bad guys were coming, it seemed she took too damn long to change to Wonder Woman. I used to find myself saying, “HURRY UP!” LOL. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that thought about this, because a couple of seasons later, the producers started doing that explosion thingy when she spun. Overall, I think it was a good show.

Side note. It was my understanding at one time that many people in the Spanish community took big issue with Lynda Carter, because it was said she denied her Mexican heritage. I was too young to understand any of that stuff. I still don’t to be quite honest. However, in doing my quick research, she was not pure Mexican; she is actually of mixed race, born in Arizona. I guess the show was such a huge success, once it was found that she had Mexican in her blood, the Mexican community felt it was good reason to celebrate that part of her heritage during the peak of her Wonder Woman career. Again, not sure. I was too young to understand any of that stuff.



Do you guys remember “Food Of The Gods?” Starring  Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, and Ralph Meeker? Well, this movie is so bad that I’m not even sure if I can call it a B-movie. However, it’s so bad that it’s good. In essence, the movie is about farm animals that have been fed food laced with some kind of experimental chemical or something. The animals then grow to these giant mutants killing and eating all the live stock. The biggest problems were the mice that turned giant rats. I got to tell you, although the acting was bad, it was pretty funny watching the horrible special effects (from a nostalgic point of view). Eventually, thousands of mice have mutated int to giant rats. They’ve must have used some king of technique where they’ve shot two separate scenes and put them together; because the interaction between the mutant monster rats and the humans were obviously off. If you like watching B-movies for a good laugh, rent this one.


Well, I guess this answers my comment earlier about not being able to find proof that Google is paying for licensing/royalty fees. A service called “Music Key,” is a new service by Google, that lets you watch videos ad free! Now, it wasn’t until I’ve seen this pop-up, that I remembered actually seen this before. In my opinion this is a strong indicator that they are paying at least some the licensing fees, and just trying to make some of that money back paid by creating this service. It’s the only logical explanation that makes sense; otherwise, the labels would not allow so many full length videos to be played on YouTube. But there is still that window of error, when it comes to the older music videos. We still have no possible way of knowing if a YouTuber is taking money by monetizing music they do not own. However, at least the good news is that this new service shows  that YouTube is paying for a good chuck of licenses. This also would possibly mean that, if a YouTuber IS stealing money, and a user joins “Music Key,” Youtube would more than likely pay the fee for that play, because it has an ad, and because the videos are tracked (at least videos that are in their flag database).


I believe this was New Edition’s first album release. Personally speaking, I think this was their best album, because it had more hits on one album. Although they’ve had other hits on subsequent albums, they just never quite hit that same success of their first album. At first, I really wasn’t impressed, because at the time, it was very obvious that (just like every other label) they were marketed to be the “next Jackson 5 generation.” In fact, Ralph became extremely annoying; personally, I couldn’t listen to him live, after their 5th/6th album. The reason being, once he became a teenager and puberty kicked in, Ralph strained his voice during performances in order to try and keep that “little Michael sound” and it wasn’t working. I think it wasn’t until they broke up, and got back together again and Johnny Gill joined the group, his voice became a lot better. However, that doesn’t take a way from the fact that they were/are a very talented group. I’m not sure if they’re still performing together. I think that Roni, Ricki, and Mike are still known “Bell, Biv, Devoe,” and they have performed in the recent past. My favorite songs from this album are, “Give Me Your Love,” “Candy Girl,” “Is This The End,” “Pop Corn Love,” and “Jealous Girl.” Please listen with Rhapsody.



This remains to be my most favorite album from Carole King. If I am not mistaken, this was also her very first album. Carole is a composer, and a songwriter. She has snatched lots of Grammy Awards, and had been inducted into the songwriter’s hall of fame. Carole’s music is sort of what I call, modern folk music; very similar to James Taylor. In fact, Carole and James performed together quite a few concerts. On the original album, there is only one vinyl. However, since the digital release, they have added an extra bonus album with 11 extra live performances. This album has the kind of mellow music that is perfect to listen to while you’re reading, or perhaps while relaxing in the park. This album is packed with what remains to be her most greatest hits (in my opinion). She released this album throwing some hard punches with 6 huge hits, starting from the first three tracks back to back. “I Feel The Earth Move,” “So Far Away,” and “It’s Too Late.” The piece “So Far Away” is so beautiful, I believe if she would have made it an instrumental only, it still would have become a huge hit anyway; the entire composition and the base is just wonderful. There is also “You’ve Got A Friend,” “Will You Love Me Tomorrow,” and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” Yes, that song is actually Carole’s song, not Aretha’s. Carole has written that song along with two other composers. Please listen With Rhapsody.