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Angie Dickinson plays Sergeant “Pepper” Anderson, on Police Woman! First off, I gotta say that this was my most favorite musical theme. The melody is soo beautiful and it appears to fit with not only the premise of the show, but also Angie’s character as well. You know, at first glance, I didn’t think this show would turn out to be much; not that I thought Angie was a terrible actress; I just wasn’t entirely sold that she could pull off this kind of role. I was surprised to find out that she did very well. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the episodes, and subject matter for many of the episodes interesting, and some controversial. When I saw the title “Police Woman,” I pictured Angie doing a lot of physical acting (which made me think, no way is she going to pull this off). Now, the male actors did most of the heavy and borderline dangerous stunts, but Angie was such a good actress that it actually balanced the show out. I don’t think that we can do that today; most of today’s you’re literally required to be fit and ready to do some amazing acrobats!

Angie was one of many to help pave the way for many other female cop actresses, and I’m sure that would even include Mariska Hargitay, who plays Olivia on “Law and Order (Special Victims Unit).” Mariska Hargitay has been on that show for like forever! She just may be the longest running female cop actress on television (I’ll have to research that, but it sure feels like it). LOLOL.  Sorry, correction —>>> Netflix has the first season here, If you’re e vintage fan like me, I’m sure you’ll love the show.


Kool cigarettes are made with menthol and created by ITG Brands LLC. Since I don’t smoke, I really don’t know a whole lot about cigarettes at all. However, I still wanted to share this video, because this is one of the many things I remembered from my childhood. Seeing them in the commercials, and watching soo many adults smoking this brand of cigarettes (almost exclusively it seemed). Now, there were other brands, but this was one of the many brands that I remembered to be popular. Kool cigarettes were first sold around the time of 1933, and enjoyed much success through the 50s. But when studies came out about the rising health risks of smoking, the cigarette giant realized they’ve got some big challenges. To address this, ITG created a variety of filtered cigarettes, and pretty soon other cigarette makers have done the same. However, because of fierce competition, the company was forced to merger as a result of declining sales.


Hello my beloved blog readers!! Well, if you haven’t heard already, Prince passed away without having a will, and the powers that be were/still are scrambling to figure out how to manage his $$$$$ estate. Prince made it known that he did not want to have his music streamed by any streaming service, because he felt that they were just as bad as the record labels for not paying fairly. As I’ve expressed in an earlier post, I was pissed when he pulled ALL his music, and that included Spotify! I’ve always highly disagreed with Prince’s theory from day one. It only seemed artists are not paid fairly because we are no longer selling physical media anymore, so there is a resistance to the new pricing structure.  However, I just got an email today from iHeartRadio, and the email stated that they now have Prince’s entire music catalog! Now, since iHeartRadio has now made on-demand streaming available, AND since their streaming is now powered by Napster, Napster now has all his music too. I’m pretty sure that more services will follow.

I was really pleased to see this. Although, the reality was I had almost all of his music anyway so it didn’t matter to me. However, it was the principle of it all. I didn’t feel Prince was any better than the record labels, by forcing his fans to sign up for Tidal Streaming service if they wanted to stream his music (just because he felt Jay-Z would pay more money, but in reality, Jay-Z was in legal for not paying a lot of labels (so much for honesty)). Your only alternative was to purchase from iTunes, Google, Amazon, or pay collector’s prices for original albums from a specialty store. I’m sure if we could hear Prince now, he’d be pitching a bitch! But, as the record company finally understood in the end, was you can’t control, nor fight technology. End of story. Their reign of terror, and hijacking musical art for their own gain is over.


Some of you know just how much I loved Angela Mao from back in the day, but I haven’t really written about her. I want to take the time to talk about someone who could have been (in my opinion) the next best thing to Bruce Lee. Yeah, I know I know, a ton of you are probably saying already “he’s off his rocker!” “No way does she come close to being Bruce Lee.” However, when I say “the next best thing,” But are you sure about that? Sometimes I think that a lot of people who strongly disagree with me on that statement, are judging more strictly on the basis that Bruce was a male, and males (especially in those days) are seen as the ones with all the power and skill. In other words I think there’s a little sexism there. Granted, her first movies were weak, I have to be honest and give you that. However, it took her no time in improving her skill. I never saw anyone punch like her with such precision. Most importantly, I love the fact that she didn’t do a whole lot of “flying” as was so popular in the 70s. That flying made everything look sooo unrealistic.

If I remember correctly, the first time I saw Angela was I saw “When Taekwondo Strikes (1973),” or also known as “Tai quan zhen jiu zhou (1973).” Now, keep in mind, during that time, there were not that many female martial artists at the time. The industry was clearly male dominated, so to see her fighting skills, AND the fact that she was able to sustain her ultra femininity was huge in my book (given the culture at the time). Now, I loved this particular movie not because I felt Angela kicked ass in it, but because it was a powerful movie with a good story line. In essence, rebel leader Jhoon Rhee was part of a Japanese resistance. The Japanese were like the Nazis in this movie. They absolutely hated Chinese people, and they literally invaded China and tried to take it over. Angela, hot-headed Carter Wong, Ann Winton, and a few others were apart of that Japanese resistance. Unfortunately long story short, the Japanese captured Jhoon, and tortured him in order for him to hand over important documentation. The Japanese treated the Chinese so crewel, I just couldn’t wait until the heroes kick their butt! Lots of action, kicking ass, and emotion. This movie was a head of its time. I was hoping they would remaster this movie, but you’d be lucky to find DVD quality (that’s if you find the movie). It should still be available on amazon for streaming. To rent When Taekwando Strikes, it’s only $3.

Another movie I enjoyed very much was a movie called “Hapkido (1972).” She got her butt beat pretty bad in this movie, but she prevailed. One of my favorite scenes in this movie, was when she kick this dude’s butt with her ponytail! Her ponytail! Then I knew then she was a bad bitch. I never seen anyone do that before! Again, although she was well known in the martial arts world, I really expected her to blow up in America behind Bruce Lee. Especially since she had a small role in “Enter The Dragon.” But I forgot, most people remembered Jim Kelly, John Saxton, Bolo Yeung, and of course Bruce. That includes myself. I always forget Angela was in this movie. But I guess the culture for female fighters just wasn’t there yet. Although, you can’t tell me she didn’t pave the way for people like China O’Brian, Uma Thurman, and even Kelly Hu.


As an artist, I think this was a very clever ad. It actually does make it more enticing in a way. However, the spaghetti and meatball from Chef Boyardee now-a-days is far from delicious. About several years ago, I was so hungry one day, and I was too tired to cook a meal, so I opened a can of Chef Boyardee’s Spaghetti and Meatballs. YUCK!!!!!! It was one of the most horrible foods I’ve ever tasted in my life. I don’t remember it tasting that bad when I was a kid. But then again, as a kid most of us all ate what was fed to us. Folks, it tasted so bad….. I’ll tell you exactly how it tastes…. It tastes like…. I remember as a child, I could not swallow any pills, so when I was sick, my mom dissolved aspirin in a spoon using water. That awful taste of aspirin that stays on the backsides of your tongue. A taste that no amount of water, or Cool-Aid can get rid of.  🙁 Horrible, it was worse than drinking Castor Oil……


Today, I’d like to honor the dynamic husband and wife duo, the late Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson (living). Nick always reminded me of the lion from the wizard of oz. When I was a kid I actually thought he was the guy that played him for awhile. Woow, talk about a once  one of the greatest musical couple groups, and now no one plays their music anymore… Oh boy. Ashford and Simpson was so popular, it is amazing some of the many people I’ve talked to thought of husband and wife team Peaches and Herb before they thought of Ashford & Simpson. How does that happen? Nick and Valarie have been married for about 40+ years, and have continued to be the role model for married couples everywhere. They’ve been performing together since the late sixties and early seventies, up until Nick’s death in 2011. Valarie recently expressed that she is still having a very hard time with the loss of her longtime partner. However, she did manage to come out with a solo album, which sounds really good! I’m proud of her. Many people who have performed with someone for that many years, don’t usually come out solo for fear they no longer represent the “full package.” Good for her.

I don’t there is enough time in one day to calculate how many hits they have spit out. “Street Corner,” “Solid,” “Is It Still Good To Ya?” “Send It,” and “Love Don’t Make It Right” are just a few of their hits that I love. Listen to a rare interview of Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson given by MetroTV Part 1, & Part 2. Also, Ashford & Simpson performing on David Letterman W/ interview on YouTube. They harmonized flawlessly! When they performed, you can see the pure love they’ve had for each other. Listen to more of their music on Napster here.


I normally don’t like “B” movies, unless it is Blaxploitation. However, this shit here? Despite the 4.8 IMDB rating, I found this movie to be fucking hilarious! Just the title of the movie alone, got me laughing about 5 minutes. I immediately knew that I needed to search for it, and watch it as soon as I could. Oh, my goodness. Granted, you have to be a certain kind of person to be able to watch this movie, but If you like “B” movie horror, I am pretty confident you’ll like this one. I haven’t laughed at a good low budget movie in a long time. Look, the reality is, very few directors can take a low budget movie, poor actors, and create a masterpiece (and that still holds true today).

The thought of zombie animals coming back to life? I’ve never seen a movie like this before. What the hell a zombie animal look like, how do they act? To be honest, I first thought about the zombeavers feeding on other animals, since traditionally the once human now zombies feed on humans still alive. The thought of something like that dying and coming-back alive, without some sort of magic, or a witch being involved was so foreign to me.

This is the typical movie, where college kids go to some family’s members house (who happens to be on vacation of sort) to eventually have sex, then all hell breaks loose.What I also liked about this movie, was that the director/writer throw in one additional huge bomb. In addition to having to fight these dead  beaver zombie creatures; there are 3 boys, and 3 girls who are all friends and currently dating each other. One of the girls cheated with with another guy in that group. Out of heat of anger, both her female friend, and the cheater’s boyfriend all found out at the same time. How their struggle to survive these killer beaver zombies, knowing that two people out of the six cheated. Like any other zombie, their bites are infectious, and slowly their friends are starting to turn in to beaver zombies.

Please remember that this is a modern “B” movie, the acting here was awful, but it is the kind of awful that is funny tolerable, and the beavers (you can see they’re obviously puppets with quite a few of the scenes) are hilarious. Although the pool scene got a little serious (I will not share spoiler), I still don’t know whether the movie is a comedy or not, it appears to swing in either direction. Will the students be able to get out alive? Get if from Netflix here.