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Yuk!! I don’t care how good looking a guy was, if he wore plaid, it would be a no go! LOLOLOL!!! I’m not sure why, but I absolutely hated plaid when I was young. It was just something about it that I hated. I wasn’t sure if it was the actual design, the colors, or the way the colors sit on the material. It didn’t matter if it was a shirt or a pant, I hated it if it was plaid. Now, the only exception was if he had on a Zoot Suit. Although it was rare that we saw plaid Zoot Suits (thank goodness), they seemed to be the exception to the rule.


Ok guys! We have to take a moment to reflect on another forgotten group, The Delfonics. The Delfonics was a Philadelphian group, and had tons of hits spanning 1965 to about 1979. The group originally started with Randy Cain, William and Wilbert Hart, and Ritchie Daniels. Randy left the group and was replaced with Major Harris (Love Won’t Let Me Wait). In the early 70s Cain had a hand in putting together the Blue Magic.  Today, to my understanding what’s left of the group is still performing on special occasions from time to time. Their last recording was sometime in 1990, and at that time, music has changed so much, it did not do well as their earlier albums.

Not too long ago, a badass song came on the radio. Wouldn’t you know it, it was from The Delfonics, and it was called “Ready Or Not, Here I Come (Can’t Hide From Love).” I absolutely LOVE this song, it truly is badass, from the lyrics down to the musical composition. This particular song is a huge change from the typical “I’m begging you please, baby, baby” songs that plagued the radio in the 60s/70s. This song said, I’m not begging no one, I’m coming to get you, and you’ll be mine! This song was with purpose, instead of whining and hoping to get the girl. I almost forgot to mention that I liked how Lauren Hill added the bridge medley to one of the songs to the Fugees first album (I believe). Some of my other great favorites from this group are, “I’m Sorry,” “La La Means I Love You,” “Didn’t (I Blow Your Mind This Time),” and “Hey Love.” Listen to The Delfonics on Napster.


Since (technically), this is my personal blog, I felt that it would be very appropriate to share this piece of myself. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight, I’ve never been the type of person to share a bunch of “before and after photos.” Not that I was embarrassed or anything, it’s just that sometimes that can get so obsessive it can distract you, or even worse, obsess over how little I’ve lost, or how much I’ve gained. Anybody who has ever tried to lose weight knows that that will literally drive you nuts.

So, I needed to renew my passport and I needed to get new photos. I didn’t realize it until I compared my old passport with my new photos how much weight I lost. My jaw dropped. It was a great feeling though, because I never obsessed in the mirror over my weight, it became a big surprised when I saw it in a photo. It has taken me a loooooooooooooong time. But the important thing is I did it MY WAY. I didn’t need surgery. And you know something else? I eat bread! LOLOLOL. Sometimes it is necessary to tell people to mind their F** business so that you can clearly think for yourself. Literally thousands of people will descend upon you (unasked) to give you nine billion personal advice to things they don’t know anything about, or have first hand experience. Sometimes that includes “professionals who are not abreast with new findings/understandings of various conditions, and or health. Other peoples beliefs and assumptions will kill you.

I lost a total of 50+ pounds. My highest was 276, and I’ve reduced myself to 220 ponds. But when I was temporarily unemployed, I gained back 8 🙁 😡 America is so oblivious to stress that we almost never equate that with our health, unless a doctor mentions it. Let’s not forget the stress that other people causes, especially when they don’t mind their own business! It is so important that you invest in medical magazines, and frequent credible medical websites such as MAYO clinic. Continue to research, on top of your research, don’t just accept the first thing that someone tells you, because health is not a game. Because when your laying in the hospital because a huge complication as a result of what someone told you, the only thing he or she can say is, “but I thought?!?!?” People can see with their own two eyeballs over and over and still don’t get it.

I was going to do this photo in sepia, but I changed my mind. See the RAW Me. So I’m sharing this so that people who are trying don’t give up! Continue learning, and continue QUESTIONING YOUR OWN DOCTOR, not your cousin Bruno who lives up the street. Find YOUR OWN TRUTH. Peace….


Don’t Breathe (2016), IMDB, YouTube trailer. Starring, Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette (whom I ALWAYS mistaken him for one of the Jonas brothers (by the way, all of the Jonas brother grew up to be very handsome men IMHO). If you like thriller movies, this will NOT disappoint you in my humble opinion. You guys really need to Netflix this bitch and see it! Just about every major movie website has given this rave reviews! And that includes Rotten Tomatoes, so don’t just take it from me 😀 . Now, most of my blog fans who really follow me, know my feelings about very young actors; they’re usually the stereotypical bullshit, with the college students driving up to some house in a secluded location to “unwind.” They start having a bunch of sex, and the next thing you know some monster, vampire, alien whatever, comes out and slaughters or eats them all up. Yada yada, yada. Boy, did this movie shock the hell out of me! Totally blew my mind! Kind of got a little bit “Blair Witch” for me towards the middle of the movie. But, please trust me, it was totally worth my time watching!

So you have these 3 deadbeat teens, handsome Daniel Zovatto (although he had only a small role, he was very believable in this role), Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette. In a nutshell, these kids are hoodlums, and go around robbing people. Actually, I should say two of them, because I could tell right away that Dylan did not want to be involved. He really was just there for the because he liked Jane. So, unbeknown to him, Dylan learns that his love of his life is leaving for good, while in the midst of planing “the big hit.” They learn that an old blind guy has got a huge settlement as a result of a murder of his daughter and his injuries (and keeps ALL of the cash in the house). Now, I have to be honest, my first thought was, this is going to be a bullshit movie, how much good is this going to be?!?! I pictured a bunch of talking and negotiating. NOT!!! The guy who is played by Stephen Lang, is NO ordinary guy. Before I continue, I have to say that this old guy was ripped!!! Oh my goodness. He’s an old man in a young mans body.  He was just too pumped! Well, I guess he had to be in order to pull off this role.

Stephen had a surprise for their ass honey! Yes!!! The three thugs broke in to his house and all hell broke loose. I have to be honest though, by the end of the movie, I had so many mixed emotion about Stephen. I felt sorry for him, but on the other hand, by the end of the movie I’m thinking, HE was the bad guy. Stephen wasn’t just protecting himself, he was hunting the three down with the focus of trying to kill all of them. Homeboy locked the doors, bordered windows, and got busy. It wasn’t until further down the movie that I realized Stephen was also trying to hide a big secret. He was hiding someone in his basement. The person in that basement has a short part, but was one of the many important keys to this puzzle. Now, again, this had a lot of action, and damn realistic for a guy being blind. You can clearly tell that he was planning this moment, like he knew someone was going to break in!

Oh, did I mention that they also had to fight an attack dog, whom I call Cujo! I call him Cujo because he looked and acted just like him! Now, will all three survive and escape before Stephen kills them all? Will they discover that hidden person in the basement in time? Or more importantly, will they be to try and save that person? Now, you know I don’t like giving out spoilers unless I am forced to. So I’ll just stop right here, cause I’ve said enough. Rent this movie From Netflix, you will definitely enjoy it!! Incredible acting, and lots of suspense.


I was thinking, when was it the last time I actually purchased an album, or a CD? Wow! I really couldn’t remember! The best estimate I can make is some time about the beginning of the 1990s, which is still a pretty long time. Now, this goes to show you how technology has effected all of us, especially me. When I think about the kind of person I am, in terms of being a heavy fan of the classics, I almost never gone a month without buying something, even if it was a single or a remix of something. The 80’s were huge for me, because I used to buy a lot of both records & CDs of disco, club, and acid-house music. Now because of digital technology, I can only remember making 2 physical CD purchases since the 1990s, and that was only because they were a replacement to music I used to have. I must say technology has also changed the way I think of memorabilia too. Now, I just prefer to purchase all my entertainment on digital where it can be stored. Cassettes and CDs really do appear to be a hassle now (in terms of traveling). Wow, I just laugh when I think back on how I used to bring cases of CDs with me everywhere I went, because I never knew what musical mood I was going to be for that day. However, I don’t miss my cassettes being tangled up though. LOL 😀

You know, the one thing I am extremely happy about (at least when it comes to music), because of music streaming and how the music business is now setup, it’s pretty hard to do anything illegal. I mean although I complain about YouTube a lot, the reality is there are many factors as to why YouTube is one of the very few entities that are allowed to getaway with a lot of things. However at this stage, it doesn’t really matter what those factors are, the end result is that people can listen to music free, and as a listener you have absolutely no outwardly known legal obligations, or bound to any contract (other than not illegally RIPping the song straight off YouTube, but if it’s free already, why would you even bother doing that? It’s more work than it’s worth). Just listen and share on social media and the artists (and sometimes songwriters) get paid and marketed at the same time, though the power of fandom. I know I’ve said this a number of times before, but it’s so true, “if you still use torrents to download music illegally, you’re pretty much out dated and doing it because of habit and not necessity.” While the streaming world isn’t going to have every classic music (and for obvious reasons they will never have), to be able to go on Amazon and find that one song you want for download, and only pay just $1.29 at the most for that song (I’ve seen some classic songs for as low as .69¢), that is a steal! Then enjoy everything else  on Spotify or YouTube. The music industry has made a complete 360° turn around, sad to say though, it was done not because they wanted to do right by fans, it was to save the industry. Finally, music is for ALL fans of music, and not only for the elite who can afford it. Now, we just need to work on the movie industry.


Well, it looks like we’re finally here! Wow, looking back, I remember a time (during the old Napster days), when both the music and movie industry were totally against the internet. Look at how times has changed! Before, the only way you were allowed to download a movie, was unless you paid per-download for it. Now, they’re available with our monthly streaming service! Yes, I know we were able to do this for quite some time now. However, the difference is, companies like Netflix now has much better movies (although the had to raise their prices to do it, but I think it’s worth it). With this economy, subscription services are becoming more and more important (I dare to say even vital), and I think that both the music, movies, AND now software industry is starting to finally acknowledge that now. With more and more people spending just as much time (if not even more time) on their cellphones as with their computers, this is a no-brainer! One of the many things I am most happy about, is that they offer FULL HD downloads! Instead of spending 2-3 hours ripping one blu-ray disc (sometimes much longer), you can take from about 5 up to 15 minutes (depending on your data speeds) to download a high quality movie, and call it a day 😀 It’s important to note that Netflix did not change anything on their mobile application (well, let me speak for only Android). You still have the same familiar aesthetics, with a few extra download features. Now, of course all movies are not available for download, but a lot are. They have even added a “downloadable” section for you to browse. Although I have a feeling they have more available, so I think it’s a good idea to search for what you want anyway.

Not sure if my readers are aware, Amazon Prime subscribers allows you to download too. The quality is very good, although I downloaded one or two episodes of a TV show and the sound was a little out of sync. But for the most part it works very well. To be honest though, Netflix has the better movies! Although in the TV show department, I think they are about the same (they just offer different content). The only thing that kind of annoys me about amazon, is that it takes them a LONG time to get licensing for newer movies and TV shows. Personally, I think this is because they are also retail, and they make more money by selling than streaming (plus, I guess there’s that whole physical inventory thing… LOL).  The next biggest competitor is Hulu, I don’t suppose Hulu is going to offer downloads for a while. If they do, my guess it’s going to be all the “B” movies that the average person doesn’t care for. Titles like “The Killer Bunny,” or “Santa Clause Meets One Arm Karate Grandma From Outer Space.” I do hope though that more old school copyright holders offer their licenses to streaming; because those classic gems isn’t doing anything for anybody locked up away were nobody can see them again! This to me is so selfish, you’re literally keeping history away! The reality is, it is my opinion that TV stations will probably cease to exist at some point. You can literally create a show in your own home. And if you want to find proof, do some research on how newspapers are now struggling because of online blogs (and I guess you can add YouTube to that equation a well). Which begs the serious question about the validity of information being offered on the web. If you’re not well read from valid sources, you’re up shits creek. Just look at what’s going on in the last few weeks concerning Donald Trump.

So if copyright holders want to make money, they better start offering up their licenses to streaming services at a decent cost, so that customers can afford it. They’ll be no more pitching to TV stations/networks and “see if they will pickup a season, or buy a show.” Everything will pretty much be home grown. I guess you can say the streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon will replace television stations, and television networks might be paying Netflix and Amazon to feature their content on their service.


I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE me some Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. The string of hits they produced back in the day was just astounding. The had a distinct sound (which in my opinion was more like a doo-wop and pop mix), and I can’t recall anyone at the moment that duplicated their distinct sound and harmony in that era. The only group that kind of came close were the “Beach Boys,” but they sang surfer music, and appealed to a specific kind of audience. The Four Seasons have been performing since the 60’s, and they have been so successful, that a Broadway play was produced about their life called “Jersey Boys.”  I really hope to see “Jersey Boys” live one day (big named tickets are so very expensive here in NYC (unless you’re going for off, off, Broadway)).

Throughout The Four Season’s career, it appears they have switched/replaced more members than the Spanish group Menudo. However, the most recent names have been, Frankie Valli (lead singer, and at age 82 I hear he still has a strong falsetto), Todd Fournier, Brian Brigham, Brandon Brigham, Landon Beard, Gary Melvin, Keith Hubacher, Robbie Robinson. Now that I think about it, it’s a testament to the magic of this group, to have so many hits despite member turnarounds. If you’re a 4 Seasons fan, I’m pretty sure that many of the songs I love you’re also familiar with. On the top of my list is “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Stay,” “Let’s Hang On,” “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore),” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” “My Eyes Adore You,” “Swearin’ To God,” “Who Loves You,” “December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night),” and lastly from the motion picture “Grease (1978),” “Grease.” Listen to this group legend on Napster.