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Salutations All Fans Of Old School,

My primary mission is to resurrect & preserve the memories of ALL GENRES in classic music and film culture; and to help my visitors rediscover rare or physically out-of-print oldies on digital format/legal streaming. The kinds of hidden gems that are NOT usually promoted anymore through (including, but not limited to), collector magazines/classic membership clubs, “On Demand” audio/video streaming services, and retail stores. I’d also like to help expose my visitors to some great music they may or may not ever heard before; in hopes that I can assist in reintroducing/rebuilding our lost classic culture. I try to focus on writing articles on things I personally like and or remembered growing up. So, just about every post you’re reading on my blog is the best of me; and if you’re a TRUE fan of the classics, and if your tastes are like mine, you’re going to enjoy at least half of the music and movies I write about.

My blog is truly about cultural DIVERSITY! So, if you’re expecting to see only hip hop here, this is most likely NOT the blog site for you!  I am a rare handful of multicultural bloggers of color, to own one of the most diverse classic music/movie blogs in cyberspace. In a world full of copy & paste bandits, I pride myself in working hard to write my own shit! I’ve taken extreme measures in making sure that the content you’ll read here is unique and are of my own memories, experiences, and thoughts (as a PERSONAL BLOG should).

I VERY much enjoy hand blogging (A LOT), and wanted to help breath life again to the many genres that have been forgotten about, ignored, and or perhaps abandoned. So much of what we find on search engines today, as it pertains to classic movies for example, usually centers around “the film noir era,” specifically. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with film noirs, I’m just trying say that our film culture is far too rich and broad for the internet to be inundated with “film noir only classic blogs.” I do hope that my readers understand what I’m trying to say.

I’m working hard to not only bridge that gap between the old/new and technology. But I’m also trying to bust wide open the stereotype about bloggers of color, that not all of us are exclusively interested in only hip hop, basketball or even Blaxploitation as we talk about classic entertainment. Neither should MY people expect that those genres/subjects be my only interest, or make it a prerequisite before finding my blog worthy of reading. I have have so much to offer, and you’d be really doing a disservice to yourself. We are extremely diverse in interest, just as with any other race.

I try to make a conscious effort not to flood my social media accounts with the same retweeted/reshared content that seems to pop up about every hour on Facebook and Twitter. Mind you, it’s not that I think resharing and retweeting are bad, it’s incredibly important to share to get the information out there. However, because of social media very few of us are actually blogging anymore (as a whole) (especially bloggers of color), it just seems like there is no new unique information or enough diversity circulating. If we’re not writing, people who use social media as a huge part of their daily life, is more than likely to have a very narrow view of things based on what’s not read or seen on social media. We’re not being exposed to diverse information. Let’s face it, a lot of people get their news from social media.

If you need some proof of this, try Googling “Classic Music.” Your results would be of “Classical Music.” If you Google “Old School,” you’d mostly get results in relation to “Old School Hip Hop.” Black people are the one race that historically have always been the most connected to our music culture as well as cinematic history. It is absolutely unacceptable that it’s this difficult to find more historical Black music and movie bloggers. We talk so much about “knowing our history” (usually in relation to slavery) that we forget the other important part of our history, our musical and film history. Guys, our experiences has always been in our music (more than anything)! WTF????? Now, although, I do take in to consideration that a lot of us were poor back in the day, and could not afford a lot of the entertainment we so enjoyed. However, at the same time, there are now FREE and LEGAL digital technologies that allow us to re-experience those moments in high-definition; and we can then write about them!

This is one of the many reasons why I mention throughout my blog why seasoned folks have got to learn and use technology; we need you to help write our stories, which are your stories, so that our young online generation have something to read! We need more of the seasoned folks learning technology so that historical Black music is not forgotten, and fall in to a digital black hole forever. This is also unacceptable, since classic music and movies are now easier to find in the digital age; we just need the memories in order to find them. If we don’t search for, or request historical films, eventually licenses will not be renewed, and the content will be lost forever. And what if they truly don’t exist on digital? Then use your memories and your keyboard to create new content to tell that story! There’s nothing more gratifying than creating your own sh**. Do you now understand how powerful Black writing is? Also, not to mention how therapeutic it is?

What do you think Wikipedia has been doing since their inception? What people of color should be doing more of; researching and creating content that previously did not exist online. We need a grand scale “Blackepedia,” that will NOT focus on an abundance of hip hop, urban wear, sports, the woes of “dealing with a Black man or woman,” and articles devoted to obsessions with anti-homosexuality. If you’re a teacher of color that works in a public school, try and start a newspaper and teach some of your ill behaved students a piece of our history! I don’t know how to explain the significant importance of Black presence online anymore than that. There exist a lot of garbage on the internet, and Black children need us to counteract it; but there’s barely anything they can search for (other than a bunch of bad hip hop with bad language, which carries over to their adulthood). Seasoned folk have always complained that young Black children aren’t being educated, yet you’re not helping to create the education material needed; just criticize, that’s all we tend to do. Stop with the ego fueled beliefs and open your eyes people!

Anyway, enough of my rant 😀 . Although technically, I don’t work in the music or movie industry, I’m very well informed in those areas (as a fan and a blogger) because I love it so much, which makes my blog worth visiting frequently. I want to focus on the lesser known/remembered pioneers of the entertainment industry, which is the whole reason I created VintageNewscast. I designed my blog simple and easy to navigate; without the intrusive background popups and annoying widgets that take forever to load. In addition, I try to keep my fans/visitors informed as to the direction of music and film within digital technology; yet, writing in away that seasoned folks like myself can easily understand in plain English. For many of us, we must get out of the habit of solely using torrents and illegal download links; when we can use a plethora of FREE music services (and growing film services) that are not only legal, but are way easier, simple, safer, and convenient to use than primitive torrents.

Unless you already remember many of the albums I write about, you will not easily rediscover them on today’s radio (unless of course you’re watching one of those “Time Life Infomercials,” or one of those Doo-Wop/Disco Specials on PBS (even then, it is usually the same people) (and mind you those shows have become scarce)). For us older folks, our old classics has been replaced with a newer generation of classics. Marvin Gaye has now become R. Kelly; Aretha Franklin has now become Kelly Price; and Teddy Pendergrass has now become Jaheim.

Most music posted here can be found on most on demand streaming such as FREE Spotify (although I do recommend that you subscribe though, cause then you can download music, and access to more awesome features). Other suggested digital retailers are Amazon, GooglePlay, and iTunes; all quick, safe and convenient. Most of classic movies I post can be found on either *Hulu,* *Netflix,* Amazon, Amazon Prime, Amazon’s On-Demand, iTunes, GooglePlay, VUDU, and or YouTube (public domain, Creative Commons, or legal commercial free programming).

I recommend that you bookmark my site and visit at least once every week. I frequently update my blog with something new. Follow me on twitter to get my classic tweets. If you’d like to also contact me, you can do so by sending me a direct message through twitter, Google+, or Facebook. Please be kind and tell your friends about, your new home for new classic discoveries!


Updated March 17th, 2017



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