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Welcome nostalgic family! I just wanted to take a quick minute to explain my new playlists. In short, rather than doing actual album reviews, I felt that it would be best to just put together themed playlists of both legendary and lesser known artists. Doing so will help me to introduce to you some of the best classic music genres throughout the last 6-7 decades. The music in my playlists will be individually hand picked, focusing on music that is fun, historic, nostalgic, and meaningful. The playlists are small, consumable, and offered on the Spotify platform (and if you don’t know, they offer FREE accounts). On occasion, I may use 8tracks, for my rare albums not on Spotify. I must reiterate, I created this blog for a specific age group, and to promote cultural DIVERSITY! Meaning, my eclectic musical taste range from almost every kind of genre except for heavy metal and hardcore rap. If you’re only expecting hip-hop from 2000, look somewhere else, not here. But, if you truly “love all kinds of music,” I think you’ll love it here. I urge people of color to start their own music/movie blogs, we have almost no presence on the internet. It’s bad enough a large chunk of our community don’t read, we must make an effort to start creating our OWN content on the web.