Salutations Classic Fans,

I am a long-time blogger & digital curator of the rarest classic gems on Spotify. An  extremely popular, FREE & LEGAL music streaming service. Simply sign/sign-up using your Facebook account. Spotify MUST be installed on your PC, or mobile device to listen to my music links. You can find Spotify on GooglePlay, or the iTunes store. For PC/Mac users, go to Spotify’s website directly by clicking here. I have one primary mission; to resurrect & preserve memories of our classic music culture in ALL GENRES. I’m talking about the kinds of hidden gems from our age group, NOT usually promoted anymore through (including, but not limited to), collector magazines/specialty clubs, mainstream radio stations, retail stores, or even S.A.P. (Cable TV). I’d also like to help expose my visitors to some great music they may or may not ever heard before; in hopes that I can assist in reintroducing/rebuilding our lost classic culture. You should know that my blog is geared towards the 35 and older age group. However, younger visitors are still always welcome of course. I try to focus on writing articles on music I personally like and or remembered growing up. So, just about every post you’re reading is the best of me; and if you’re a TRUE fan of the classics, and if your tastes are as diverse as mine, you’re going to enjoy at least half of the music I write about.

My blog is truly about cultural DIVERSITY!  I am an extremely rare handful of multicultural bloggers of color, to OWN one of the most diverse classic music blogs on the Internet (both active & legal). I don’t need endless copycat(ed) YouTube links; nor do I need to know a celebrity’s birth date, nor date of death before I can celebrate their contributions to music.  In a world full of copy & paste bandits, I pride myself in working hard to write my own shit! I’ve taken extreme measures in making sure that the content you’ll read here is unique and are of my own memories, experiences, and thoughts (as a PERSONAL BLOG should).

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I VERY much enjoy hand blogging (A LOT), and wanted to help breath life again to the many genres that have been forgotten about, ignored, and or perhaps abandoned. So much of what we find on search engines today, as it pertains to “classic” music for example, usually centers around either the old school hip hop (most gangster) era, or classicAL music specifically. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those types of music, I’m just trying say that our music culture is far too rich and broad for the internet to be almost exclusively inundated with those genres as it pertains to old school. It feels almost impossible to find any other classic genres. However, it is also true that we don’t have enough bloggers of color unfortunately. But, I digress… I do hope that my readers understand what I’m trying to say.

I’m working hard to not only merge the gap between the old and the new via technology;  but I’m also trying to bust wide open the stereotype about bloggers of color, that not all of us are exclusively interested in only hip hop, sports or even Blaxploitation as we talk about classic entertainment. Neither should MY people expect that those genres/subjects be my only interest, or make it a prerequisite before finding my blog worthy of reading. I have have so much to offer, and you’d be really doing a disservice to yourself. We are extremely diverse in interest, just as with any other race.

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Although technically, I don’t work in the music industry (I guess we can include working in a music store for a number of years (to some extent)), I’ve been a heavy fan of many types of music since I was a baby. Therefore, I’m very well informed in many areas (both as a fan and a blogger) of music, which makes my blog worth visiting frequently if you want to rediscover or reconnect with musical history. I want to also focus on BOTH some great new music, as well as the lesser known/remembered pioneers of the entertainment industry. I completely re-designed my blog, making it more mobile friendly; it’s simple and easy to navigate without the intrusive background popups and annoying widgets that take forever to load.

I recommend that you bookmark my site and visit at least once every week. I frequently update my blog with something new. Follow me on twitter to get my classic tweets. If you’d like to also contact me, you can do so by sending me a direct message through Twitter, or on my Facebook page. Please be kind and tell your friends about one of the most diverse classic bloggers of color in cyberspace!