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When I was a young boy, Sea Monkey advertisements were in the back of practically every single comic book! I couldn’t remember one comic book that i’ve owned, at least up until late 1975ish didn’t have these ads. First off, I tried these things at least about 2 or three times, and they NEVER worked for me. Not sure why, maybe I just had bad luck and got bad batches? Not sure. However, one thing I do know, If I had seen how see monkeys REALLY looked, instead of the cartoon drawings in the back of these DC/Marvel comic books, I never would have been interested in getting them in the first place. Sea Monkeys are hideous!! Oh, my, they are so ugly ya’ll!! They look nothing like monkeys in my opinion (at least Sea Horses, resemble horses), in fact, many of them appeared to be more like baby Caterpillars if they were fish. Some looked like frayed pieces of white string with two big black eyeballs, while others look like the kinda food scavengers would eat.. Either way, they would have not been something I would have been interested in having as a pet. However, What I found interesting is that, I remembered the ads really emphasizing on how easy it was to grow them, but they never really talked about a safe way to clean the container you have them in. The plastic tank they gave you with the kit would always turn cloudy (I guess because of the monkey deposits), and of course there was no 800# available to ask questions. Sea Monkeys now appear to be a distant memory; we have transitioned from the wonderful world of Sea Monkeys to the awesome world of video games, and the Internet – a course of no return.


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