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Do you remember “Shrinky Dinks? I do. Very cool concept, however, this was another one of those childhood gimmicks that never turned out well for me either. Shrinky Dinks were these transparent “cut-able” plastic sheets, that can be use to trace drawings and colored using special non-toxic marker pens. Once you’ve finished your drawing, you would then cut around your plastic drawing and place it in the oven. All your plastic drawings would shrink and turn in to hard pieces of plastic, that could be used for all kinds of jewelry, decals, key chains, and anything else imaginable.

Unfortunately, when I tried to put them in the oven as a kid (adult supervision of course), the plastic would always burn at the edges, or the finished product always wind up deformed. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why. I was left feeling that I needed a special oven to use these “Shrinky Dinks”. Many, many, many years later, it’s maker developed a personal “child safe” oven you can use specifically for Shrinky Dinks”. You can even watch it through a class window as it hardens. Click here to see what the oven looks like on Amazon.

I was very shocked to find out that ALEX, the makers of Shrinky Dinks are still in business and making money. Today, I don’t see any advertisements for Shrinky Dinks anymore. There success must be due to all the parents that remember having them as a child. Shrinky Dinks used to, and still does come in various themes, such as haloween, xmas, thanksgiving, etc. They also used to have Television show themes, such as The Flinstones, A-Team, Superman, you name it. Click here for more Shrinky Dinks


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