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Do you remember Pop Rocks? In essence, they were an assortment  of flavored candy, that really popped in your mouth when you ate them. To my understanding, the candy was first introduced in the 1970’s, however, I remembered them up until at least mid 80’s. My favorite was the grape as a kid. They felt like firecrackers popping in my mouth LOL. However, I did not eat a lot of them, because back then their were rumors that if you drank soda behind it you would die. The rumors got so bad that I remember either the company that made Pop Rocks, or the FDA created a special hotline for parents who were concerned about the exploding candy. Despite all the reassurance from the FDA, this was one rumor that got the best of the company. By the mid 1980’s, the once famed Pop Rocks disappeared just as fast as it was first introduced. I often wondered if Pop Rocks ever did come back, would the old rumors resurface? I’d be honest, although I knew they were rumors, it was enough to get me to stop eating them. Ahh, the power of belief systems..


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