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Do you remember when guys used to wear feather earrings? I do. In fact, I remember an old hip-hop movie that helped made feather earrings so popular. It was called ear cuff links too. Ear cuff links were more like ornaments than earrings. They only sold them as singles in stead of pairs. I was not fond of those ear cuff links, mostly because they hurt like bloody murder 🙂 . They always felt like there were coming off my ear, and I would continue to squeeze and the edges of the earring wind up digging my skin, causing bruises. At that point, I realize it was just best to pierce my ears. The last really popular earrings I remember was the “T-spoon” earrings. Many High schools band these earrings because a lot of people used them to snort coke. So the earrings made you an easy target whether you were on drugs or not.

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