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Do you remember TCB? I remember they were extremely popular by the late 70’s. Personally barely used any of their products.  Although I do remember using one product from them, it was called the “Hot Oil Treatment” I believe it was called. It was soooo much work to do, because it involved using a hot towel. I really did think it was worth the trouble, however once I finished my hair would smell so good!! I must have only performed this treatment about once every two months. There was a time were it seemed every single store in my neighborhood  had a line of TCB products (including the pharmacy and sometimes the supermarkets too). By the time the 80’s came along, and Jheri Curls were “the in thang”, “Care Free Curls” took over; then S-curl eventually dominated for quite a few years after that. It was funny because S-Curl had a distinct fragrance on almost all of their hair products. Anytime someone walked in the room, it is almost guaranteed that someone will ask if “you use S-Curl?” LOL…. By The Way, if you haven’t noticed yet, the guy in the picture is Billy Dee Williams. I never thought he was particularly handsome, but he did have a kind of swagger on film that made him attractive.


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