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suplerflyI was contemplating talking about this for quite some time. I wasn’t to sure how to present this topic; actually I wasn’t even sure if my blog was the correct forum to even write about it. We have become such a “politically correct society,” I was really concerned of the possible backlash email responses I may or may not get. In the end, I realized it’s my blog and I can write what I want! I should not be afraid to exercise MY right to free speech.

The lack of Black blogger presence in the blogosphere, has been a long time problem. It is my humble opinion that we should make a greater effort to continue discussions concerning the absence of bloggers of color as a whole.  In the past several months, I have tried really hard to find more people of color blogging (about anything). When we compare the sheer vastness of the internet, there seems to be only a “pinky” sized amount of our people writing journals or blogs. How could this be? When Facebook has almost 850 million faithful active users each and every month and growing, a significant amount of those users are people of color. This really does disturb me a lot; simply because there is a common consensus within the various Black communities (regardless of where you come from); that schools are NOT teaching Black history; yet, how ironic that there is no real push to tell our stories. How can a parent scold a child for possibly not having the desire to read about history; if the Black community also isn’t encouraging our people of color to also write new books you want your to read? I asked myself what are some of the things that could contribute to the lack of Black folk writing:

  • We still can’t grasp the power the Internet has, for expressing our voice?
  • In general, we still have that old belief that the “Internet” can’t be trusted?
  • We worry that everything we write about could be illegal, therefor stifling our own voice?
  • There is still a digital divide among people of color (despite high volume of Facebook usage)?
  • Possible link between not reading enough, with no interest in expressing ourselves through writing?
  • Not thinking we have the ability to blog, believe our voices would be heard?
  • Dismiss the therapeutic power of writing?
  • The list goes on, and on.

I’ve been involved with computers for a long time, both in professionally and personal. When it comes to our people (generally speaking), we’ve gone from the AOL chat rooms to Facebook and Twitter. Very few people of color I’ve personally met (to my awareness) actually doing something constructive with computer technology beyond the heavy use of social media, and or a few simple work related entry. There is such a vast knowledge at our finger tips, yet, there’s a large segment of our community that absolutely have no interest in being a part of any technology beyond using it to simply “hookup and socialize.” Please keep in mind, this article is NOT to be interpreted as me trying to say “I am better than than the reader, because I’m a blogger and you may not be.” This article is not one of judgement, just an observation of our people; my reflection of what I personally perceived, in terms of “our community”.  Mind you when I say “our community/people of color” I also mean across all cultures within the Black spectrum, not just American Blacks; this includes Hispanics, Dominicans, Haitians, or any non-European decent.

blackcaesarI was talking to another blogger of color recently, and he confirmed what I was thinking. Even the so called, or self-proclaimed “Black youtube personalities,” most are not doing movie reviews. In fact, a lot of them aren’t doing anything constructive at all (again comparing the sheer vastness of youtube). However, I do see an abundance of trolls (more than I’d like to admit); a lot of “airing out their dirty laundry,” and what they hate about the opposite sex, and lots and lots of hair and makeup tutorials, people doing anything on video in hopes that it becomes viral.  There aren’t too many of us talking about vintage classics, and when you do find one or two it’s more likely to be a genre closer to hip hop, or blaxploitation (even that is a dime a dozen if your lucky). Then again, so many of us have no one positive to really talk to, maybe youtube is that “person” that we can go to and air out our dirty laundry? One thing is for sure, trolls will always have something negative and stupid to say, but your camera will never discriminate against you for having your feelings.

I thought about the fact that maybe it’s the digital divide? But it can’t be, because we are using more social media than ever before, in fact too much. Maybe it’s those insecurities creeping in, making us think no one would want to listen to us? Well, I think since day one, our own people in so many ways has taught us not to express our emotions, and that had an immeasurable lasting effect on our community. Maybe we’re worrying too much about how we look our sound on video? Honey, I got over that along time ago; it’s not about how you look or sound, it’s the message your delivering; I am not on her to look good, or be someone’s eye candy, my job is to make people aware of whatever topic I need to share. We should never feel that no one would listen to us. The internet has allowed billions of people to connect to each other around the world, surely you can’t believe you’re the only one that is going through something, or have a particular interest? This way of thinking is not logical, and proves that in some way, that many of us don’t understand the Internet’s scope and reach around the world. To some extent therapeutic qualities even; because blogging or youtubing is still very much a personal journal. Writing actually helps you to think clearer than doing videos; you can then share that writing on social media, rather than sharing and liking videos of our people being less than respectful.

I could go on and on about this subject. However, I just want to end by saying, I am not looking to be a role model or anything, but, I do hope that in the future more people of color decide to come out and blog, and invest more time in reading them. Invest about a month or two in computer basics and start writing. Each and every one of us has something valuable we can learn from each other, regardless of how we look, talk, democrat, republican, spiritual, or atheist, all our thoughts matter.

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