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Do You remember your first Vew-Master? I do. I had a lot of fun with mine, but I do remember getting a little tired of it after a few years, because we had to go back and forth between reading the text on the disc and viewing the image. I must have had discs of just about every major show that was on television. This included Star-Trek (the cartoon version as well), The Flintstones, Road Runner, Casper, Sub-Mariner, Buck Rogers, and Bazooka Joe. We would get about 3 discs for about 4-6 dollars each. Today, the older classic discs from the 60 -70’s are now collector items; and you’ll pay about $20 and up to about $60 dollars depending on what’s on the disc, the condition of the disc (mint or not), and if a View-Master comes with it. I can’t tell you how many discs I had (and how many I actually lost). But it was a mesmerizing little gadget.


Then I got the talking View-Master. A mini record was attached tot he back of the picture disks. We would place them in to the unit like normal, and then the sound would voila! The sound would play. I kinda hated this unit because we had to always remember to position the disc in a certain way. Each scene was numbered from 1 through 8 (I think). If the number 1 wasn’t facing upward, then the audio disc would play out of sync. LOL. Each time we would crank the lever down, the Talking View-Master would play the next chapter associated with whatever scene you were looking at. In essence The view master was the first portable slide show. View-Master then moved on to wall projectors, which was pretty cool. My only problem was, when I’d visit friends our other family, by the time you found a perfect spot to watch it on, I had no interest to watch it anymore. LOL. I could be wrong, but I think the View-Master may have been responsible for inspiring the professional projectors today used in colleges and conferences.

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