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clear+sparkles+jelly+shoesAccording to wikipedia, Jelly Bean Shoes became a fad in the 80’s. However, I seem to remember them slightly before the 80’s (like 1977-78 ish). I could not believe how popular these shoes were. To my understanding some of them actually came with a pack of Jelly Bean candy along with the shoes. At first, I thought they were cool, because they were not only unisex, they also came in different colors too. I had a pair of blue ones when I was a kid. Boy, let me tell you they hurt like bloody murder after the first couple of hours wearing them. They hurt so bad that I remember getting some sort of blisters around my ankles, because the straps were so hard and thick, they were digging in to my skin. The base of the slip flops were so hard that my bunions hurt just within a couple of hours wearing them. These shoes were supposed to protect our feet from the ground, but there was nothing really to protect our feet from the Jelly Bean. LOL. Thank goodness I had older sneakers I could wear back then.

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