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Do you remember stackable turntables? Looking back, this has got to have been the worst invention that ever came out of the music industry. Although it was great at first, because if you were the only host with many guests, the music was one less thing you had to worry about. However, on the other hand, this probably was the single most reason why almost all my records were damaged. When it came time for the next record to drop, it would drop whilst the turntable was still spinning, thus causing the vinyl to scratch! It’s so weird, because I would NEVER tolerate hearing scratches and pops on any CD or digital recording. However, if it happens to be on an actual album, some how it adds to the quality on the album. All the pops and cricks actually adds to the nostalgia and almost immediately invoke memories. Today I’m sure anybody younger than 20 probably has never seen a turntable before, and if they saw anybody that had one, they’d probably laugh. Turntables only exist today for two reasons; for the DJs that still prefer to use them; and the oldies folk like me who want to convert our albums in to mp3s. They have stayed around for much longer than I thought. It would be interesting to find out when they actually stop production of turntables; or maybe they will always be around? Wow, come to think about it, VHS tapes didn’t even last as long as turntables did. I guess that goes to show you the power that music has in our society and across all cultures!

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