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I remember when my mom crocheted my first vest when I was about 4-5 years old.  I loved that vest. It was red and black similar to the picture above. Later on, I started crocheting too. I remember in elementary school, one kid told me that he actually had a crochet class; I couldn’t believe it, simply because it wasn’t something that young boys did (allegedly). I was really amazed how comfortable he was acknowledging that he does it in class; then again it was something that all the students in his class participated in. I did some historical digging and found out that crocheting/knitting  was something that was originally done exclusively by only men. Hmmm, finding that out was a shocker. I was inspired by the very handsome ex-football player/actor Rosey Grier. Rosey made big headlines back in the day, because if I remember correctly, he was the only man in football (only straight man in football); or any other sports for that matter, who came out as a person who loves to needlepoint! He’s done some really nice work! When I found this out, I was inspired to do it all, crochet, knit, tatting, rugs, macrame; and embroider. In the 70’s growing up, everywhere I looked someone guy was asking me to make them a kufi/skull caps; they were very popular back in the day. I have to say that, there was a lot of money to be made with those hand made sweaters and stuff. But it was kind of hard finding good clientele. A lot of people didn’t appreciate the money it cost for quality yarn, nor the work it took to make sweaters, etc, and didn’t want to cough up the money. Even the most basic scarf was work, because once you drop a stitch, sometimes you had to start all over again. Ahhhh, the seventies…. I really miss those days..

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