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04.22-The-Mighty-Sparrow1Today, when people think of calypso music, they think of jumping up and party, dancing, good food, and lots of eye candy! However, calypso music is also about world issues and politics (very much in the same way that reggae is. The Caribbean music has always been about raising awareness! The Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) was no exception when it came to political awareness. In 1958 Sparrow was the only person to have a triple win in the same year during the “Carnival Road March.” The first song was called “P.A.Y.E” which talked about the importance of paying taxes in Tobago and Trinidad.  The second song was “Russian Satellite,” which talked about cruelty to animals. The last song was called “Theresa,” which in essence was a song about a gold-digging woman. This was the first time in Sparrow’s career that he sang both English and Spanish. Actually it was still mostly in English, I guess because bilingual music wasn’t really performed, people was crazy in love with the song.

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