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471559532I really contemplated long and hard whether or not I wanted post this topic on my blog; because my blog is about classic music and movies. However, the tensions between cops and folks of color has become a serious issue (beyond measure). I don’t think that I can offer much more than what has already been said in the blogosphere, talk shows, and news organizations. However, this particular photograph stuck out, and it greatly offended me, and confused me at the same time. I’m not sure if this woman was trying to think of something clever to write, or she was really trying to be ignorant. Now, let me say straight up quick, I am not a master in English (but I can hold my own). Nor have I ever been one of those people that make it a hobby to rip apart every single thing an author writes. However, because I know that (personally) I am not the best speller in the world (cause I am human, not like some of you perfect robots), I know that it is compulsory to always have my spell check turned on, and a dictionary and thesaurus handy (nothing wrong with that, that’s what they are there for). I know that if I made a conscious effort to participate in one of the most important televised movements in this generation (possibly our history); I’m going to make sure that I’m not going to misrepresent myself and my people as ignorant.

The sign “Don’t Shoot and We Won’t Loot,” not only has several grammatical errors in it, it’s also offensive. I interpret this as saying, I confirm that all black people are looters, but if you stop killing us, we’ll stop destroying our own communities we live in. That sign does not make us look good at all. You should see the negative stuff I’ve read on other message boards concerning this photo. This sign was so offensive that it made me wonder if she was one of the groups of people willfully causing disruption? It’s interesting, a lot of Blacks want to keep this anger alive, but when LGBT people have been victimized daily by the majority of people of color, Black folk don’t bat an eye. In addition, these same people who write these ridiculous sign want to scream out “know your history!” This is not funny, not funny at all.


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