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. Photographer: Christian Sommer | Used under CC License.

What’s surprising is that the trend that boomed in the UK has now become a global phenomenon. The vinyl resurgence has already reached various parts of Europe (Sweden, Italy, France, the Netherlands), as well as the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, South Korea) and Australia.  In fact, global vinyl sales increased by 51 percent in 2014, a year when the US vinyl sales surpassed those of the UK by almost $151 million.

This is a really interesting article, more news about the increase in sales for vinyl. Well, I guess what it really boils down to is the fact that people realize it IS inevitable that one day record labels will seize all vinyl manufacturing permanently; therefore vinyl is quickly becoming treasured collector items before our eyes. I’m also wondering the possibility if this can create new business sector? I must admit, I am very well informed of music technology, and even I was pretty taken back with this new “rebirth” of vinyl interest. My only question now is, could collecting albums become so expensive, that collecting albums will become exclusively for the “elite” group of people who can afford it? Will collecting albums be like Barbie doll collectors; just by the album without opening it only to resell it again at a higher cost? The number of sales shown in the charts I’ve seen are outrageous! To read more of this article click here.

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