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CeCe Peniston had a lot of great hits throughout her career. However, this is my ultimate favorite album. I’ve been shaking my booty to many of these songs in quite a few clubs back in the day. Her voice matches perfectly with the songs on this album. I’m not sure how old she was when she made this album, but I liked it because it sort of represented a combination of coming out of adolescence and high school. It’s a very fun album, and continues to make me want to dance. I think the 80’s babies will like this album too, or at least make you bop your head at best. My favorites are “Finally,” ” We Got A Love Thang,” and “Keep On Walkin’.” I’ll be honest, there were a couple of slow songs I didn’t like; “Inside That I Cried” was one of them. But overall, it’s an excellent classic to play at your next old school gathering. Listen with Spotify.



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