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I have to tell you guys, as a child this movie was very traumatizing to me. However, as an adult, I think this is one of the most hilarious horror movies I’ve ever seen in my life! There was something about that doll that was scary as f**k! Even if you’ve never seen the movie before, you can take one look at that doll and know that the movie is scary. I mean, anyone who is old enough to remember seeing this movie as a child would agree; that this movie is scarier that Chucky! Understand that it really wasn’t just about how scary and demonic the doll looked; it was the fact that the African doll in this movie would not stop torturing its target victim (whoever becomes owner of the doll) until they are finally either killed or possessed. Chucky on the other hand, just likes to kill for fun, and at random simply ’cause it’s a d**k. Trilogy Of Terror is actually 3-4 short stories, all starring Karen Black. However, the last one (The Vudu Doll) was what made her famous. I don’t think any body even remembers the other 2-3 shorts. As an adult, what made this movie so hilarious, Karen tried to stab it, thew it, kick it, stomped on it, & blow it up. She even tried throw it in the oven and burn it. That doll would not die for shit LOL. The doll was possessed with an evil African spirit, that was unfortunately given to her as a gift. But, there were specific instructions to keep the special chain on the doll, otherwise it becomes alive! Of course, you know the chain so easily falls off once she put the doll on her living room table. I think this is worth a Netflix order, just to see the last short with the crazy vudu doll.


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