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I haven’t listened to this album for such a very long time. When I clicked play, I enjoyed it as though Celine released the album yesterday. It’s funny, because time has gone so fast, I don’t know if we’ve kind of forgotten about Celine, or she’s just dropped off the radar? Perhaps taking care of her husband? I don’t know what the numbers are, but I figure this must have been the biggest album of her career; I say this only because “My Heart Will Go On (theme from Titanic)” is on the album. The movie Titanic (1997) budget was $200 million dollars, and grossed $2.7 billion dollars! Even if hypothetically her album was a flop, having a theme song for Titanic means she was racking in the royalty doe! I don’t think anyone else can truly sing that song; although I know people have tried, but it doesn’t sound right. Besides having a song that is forever linked to one of the biggest grossing movies of all times on this album, there are also other great songs from this album. “Just A Little Bit Of Love” is one of my favorites, it fooled me when it started of slow, then boom, club mix! Very danceable. Another favorite of mine is “To Love You More.” The only song I felt was a little disappointment was “Tell Him.” As much as I love my Barbra Streisand, I hated that song! The song didn’t sound like what I would expect from two divas. Listen with Spotify.




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