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Today I watched the long awaited reboot of “HEROES: Reborn” on Hulu. Although I was very excited from the moment I discovered that they where making a new Heroes; I had a lot of concerns. I was very hesitant in terms of wanting to watch this pilot, because the original series was such a disappointment. However, it wasn’t because it wasn’t exciting, neither was it because there weren’t any good actors. It was because the last season (I believe it was season four) ended real shitty! But it had to with good reason. Many of you may, or may not remember. But, the problem was several years ago; there was a huge writer’s strike that put almost every hot TV show at that time to a screeching halt! Even the Soap Operas were effected at the time. In fact, many, many Soap Opera shows were cancelled because of it. Millions of dollars were lost as a result of this strike. Unfortunately, one of the shows that were also effected was Heroes. It was obvious that because the writer’s strike happened mid season, they had no other choice but to quickly end the show. Although I understood studio’s situation, but they could have tried to figure out a much better ending than that. But then again, they probably had no time to have a real discussion as to how the show would actually end. In fact, they probably wasn’t even sure if they would even have the same writers come back. But, because I really like the theme and story line of the show, I decided to give it another try, and hope that I am not wasting my time. It looks like they’re bringing back most, if not all of the old cast back. In many ways, there are elements of X-men in this show; “a war is coming,” or “something big is brewing and we must prepare for it!” However, what annoys me about Heroes is that it looks like they are repeating again in this reboot, what they did in the original series, is that it’s taking them too long to show the viewers what this “big thing is!” I’ve watched almost two hours of this show, I think I should have gotten a better clue as to what they will be fighting against (or help us work our imagination). I really like Jack Coleman as an actor, but I don’t like the type of character the writers has given him as a lead actor. I’m always left feeling like he’s always holding back. We know he is a huge part of the clue (as to what’s supposed to happen), but the writers has him playing the stupid clumsy nerd, instead of the kick ass “let’s see what the fuck is going on so I can help save the world actor.” I think the story dragged on a little bit longer than it needed too. I’m hoping the writers are just trying to help us get a feel for what the other characters’ lives are. Quite honestly, the best actress that made that pilot interesting to watch was Kiki Sukezane. Out of all of them, she’s was the only character that had some balls; actually kicked some ass with some martial arts. She was doing what I expected Masi Oka to be doing on season 4 of the original Heroes. I forgot what Masi Oka’s powers were; I think he has the ability to stop time, and travel through it. She actually had a sward that looks like the one he had in the original Heroes. I’m thinking, either she is the reincarnation of himself; or the father she was trying to save was actually him. After watching Kiki kick some ass, it got me interested. But, again, like I’ve said, the story line appears to move too slow. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though, and continue to watch it. Hopefully I will not be disappointed. 🙂


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