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Black Belt Jones (1974) Starring Jim Kelly and Gloria Hendry. Looking back at some of Jim Kelly’s movies, I can’t believe many people saw him as skillful as Bruce Lee. I have to be honest, most of the time I only watched him because I thought he was incredibly handsome (and because he didn’t take the classic traditional roles that were available for most Black male actors at the time (the classic drug dealer, butler, or porter)). I really thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but not because I thought Mr. Kelly’s performance was exceptional, but because the movie had a great cast, and plenty of action. However, this was one of those rare cases I think the co star Gloria Hendry was a much better fighter than the lead actor Jim Kelly! Gloria not only whoop ass, but she looked very natural doing it; whereas Kelly was what I called “a strike and pose” TV martial artist. So long story short, a big time mob boss of some kind wants to steal a building (karate school) that was thought to be owned by a guy named “Papa Byrd” (Gloria Hendry’s father). The mobster wanted to resell the building to the city so that the area can be turned in to a money making district. But the building actually belonged to Gloria. Although this movie is not really a comedy, it had a lot of hilarious scenes in it. I heard phrases I didn’t hear since back in the day; such as, “I’ll slap the black off of you!” Lots of twists, turns, and setups. How will Jim Kelly and Gloria Hendry save the day without getting hurt? Order it from Netflix and find out.


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