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In my opinion, José Feliciano is definitely a lost Spanish Treasure. José is a Puerto Rican guitarist and composer, and has an absolutely beautiful male voice and I really love his earlier music.  I don’t think too many children of this generation know anything about him. Listening to José is almost like listening to a Spanish version of Jim Croce. Although José performed different genres of music, my favorites has mostly been his folk style rhythms. Although José has had many hits throughout his career, once he released the holiday song Feliz Navidad (1970), it was almost as though he became immortal. This song was played everywhere, by everyone; it ascended beyond race and culture; Italians, Indians, etc, etc were playing this song literally every year (next to Nate King Cole Xmas albums). Two other iconic songs you may remember from José, Light My Fire (1968), and the theme song from the hit 70’s TV show called “Chico and The Man (1974).”


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