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Boy, do I have an oldie for you guys today. Does anyone remember Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson? Gloria Loring is an actress and singer. I believe she became really popular when she landed a gig on a soap opera called “Days Of Our Lives” back in the day.  Carl Anderson is an actor that became recognized as for his role as Judas, in the hit Broadway musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” back in the day. TheY both recorded a hit song together called “Friends & Lovers” in 1985, but it was released in 1986. The song was produced as a new theme song for “Days Of Our Lives” (if I remember correctly). It was a huge hit, and peaked at #2 at 22 weeks. The song was not only a huge hit, it also played an important political role in the 80’s. Many of my visitors may have been be too young to remember, or weren’t born at all at the time. Among many social issues we had in the 80’s, one of the big controversies that existed was interracial relationships. It seemed that every single talk show and news media were discussing morals of interracial relationships. Personally, I never saw the big deal. If someone has a good heart, and treated me with respect, I couldn’t care what their race, or color was! This song help force people to deal and address the issue of anti-interracial relationships. I still think it is a great song.  Listen on Rhapsody.



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