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I finally got the chance to catch up on all my Heroes episodes. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a simple and quick synopsis from episodes 1-10, because there are just way too many story lines in one show. I have to warn you that if you start watching Heroes, you actually need to dedicate some time to watch it, because you will miss some vital clues if you walk away from the television set. Also be forewarned that the show does a lot of character flashbacks, which makes it really confusing if you’re not paying attention (it did feel like a soap opera at times). However, I will say for me, it was well worth watching. The show is finally starting to pick up, now that I think I understand where the show is going so far. This show is getting very exciting. I’m also happy that many of the old characters from the original Heroes came back. You know, originally I really thought that Jack Coleman was going to be the ultimate “Hero,” but now that I am on episode 10, I now think that the absolutely gorgeous Ryan Guzman may be the “hero.” Having seen all the episodes and reflecting both on Jack and Ryan, I find it very interesting that they are fighting for the lives of “EVOs,” Yet they are both human with no abilities, and risking their own lives. Don’t get me wrong, there are other kick ass characters in the show, but there is so much focus on these two, that I’m starting to wonder the possibility if THEY are EVOs and don’t even know it? I mean, Jack’s daughter from the original show, played by Hayden Panettiere, as Claire Bennet had the ability to regenerate. I don’t even recall if they discussed where Claire got her abilities from, was it Jack or her mother? I would really be shocked if they didn’t write them becoming EVOs in the show. Then again, my imagination could be over reacting. But you gotta admit, that would be freakin’ cool! UPDATE: I did a little research, and turns out that Claire is Jack’s adopted daughter. Hmmmmmm. Still doesn’t mean he can’t be an EVO though…. LOL. Something to think about; he does shoot with accuracy, far beyond just being an “expert.” Let’s remember Jack did not start off as a James Bond type character. So much is happening on the show, ANYTHING could happen. I’m excited to see what they have coming up next for the fans.

Well, Rya Kihlstedt is this crazy rich scientist bitch from hell, who reminds me a lot of the guy that played William Stryker for X-Men. She reminds me of him because both are/were on this f**ked up mission to destroy all people born with special abilities. But, what she is doing is not just trying to kill all the EVOs, she is wiping out basically all of mind kind as well. There is another main character Eve Harlow who in my mind reminds me soooo much of Resident Evil’s Michelle Rodriguez; once you start watching the show you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about (down to the way she looks at the camera, and mannerisms). Eve kicks ass a little bit too. Anyway, like I said, there’s too much going on in the show to break everything down; you’ll just have to take my word for it. Granted, there is still a lot more to see, I really feel we won’t be disappointed this time around. Great writers, and great special effects. If you need to watch the original Heroes (seasons 1-4), you can watch them on Netflix. For the current season of HEROES: REBORN, you can watch it now on HULU.


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