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I have to be honest with you guys, I don’t remember being a huge Ritchie Family fan. However, I do like the beat of this particular song called “I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby)” recorded in 1982. It has a steady funk tempo, and just about anybody can dance to it. Unfortunately, it is one of those songs that is so rare that Rhapsody doesn’t have it. However, if you’d like to listen to it, here is a YouTube link here. The only song I really loved from the Ritchie Family was called “Brazil,” and it was recorded in 1975. It seemed as though every musician on the planet had their own version of this medley; however, I REALLY liked this version from the Ritchie Family. The Ritchie Family performed the song in a way that was both true to disco and club. If you are a true disco fan, I think you’ll really enjoy it. You can listen to Brazil on Rhapsody.


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