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I clicked on a YouTube link of a guy who was reviewing the latest Amazon Fire. I was totally stunned by what I heard. Not because of what he said about the Amazon Fire product itself, but what a user failed to do after she returned her fire back to amazon. Now, I’m not sure totally what the situation was, because many times companies send YouTubers products to review them; and I’m thinking maybe this one was an Open Box or something like that. In essence, the person sent back the Amazon Fire to Amazon, and failed to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, that woman’s Amazon Fire was sent to the YouTuber with ALL her personal information, and that includes access to purchases in the android store. He actually purchased a game for five dollars to prove a point. Now, the YouTuber mentioned that this was a security issue; which I agree; but I think the security issue does not lie with Amazon; it lies with the user. Anytime you change your Smart Phone, Tablet, or any other device that requires you to enter personal information, YOU MUST RESET DEVICE BEFORE RETURNING IT! This is not funny, yet I find it comical at the same time. There was a time in the 80’s and 90’s where people would go ape-shit, if they saw anyone entering their credit card on the internet, because “someone could steel it!” The truth of the matter is, credit card theft happens more on the retail level, and not on the internet level. Most large business like Amazon invest millions of dollars to make sure they have all the tools and the latest encryption technologies in place to keep your credit card information safe when purchasing online. This is also why you need a paid and trusted anti-virus package like Norton’s Security.


I’ve heard a many of dumb-ass “technicians” tell customers that anti-viruses are a scam to make money. This is soooo far from the truth. While retailers have security measures to protect your personal information being sent to them via online; your anti-virus prevents malicious code coming in. Anti-viruses prevent malicious from getting inside your computer, scanning any bank software, cookies, record keeping programs; and executing “credit card stealers” that grab/transfer/datamine and migrate all your financial information kept in your program files. You no longer have to download anything anymore to get a computer virus. You can accidentally open up the wrong email and have bad code in it; this is one of the reasons a lot of business chose to use their email programs in “TEXT MODE ONLY,” instead of HTML or RTF. You are even more vulnerable when you use illegal sites and P2P applications; they are swarming with really, really, really, bad viruses and malware, that are in *zip, *rar, *lzh, *exe, *com, and yes, sometimes they’re also found in newer versions of *pdf files. Even something as innocent as *doc, *docx, *xls, or any program that allows you to write bad program scripts, unbeknown to the downloader when they open the document; it doesn’t necessarily have to be Microsoft Word, or Excel. There is very little one can do about security if you don’t restore your device first, before you send back your device to the manufacture or retail store. Or at least, if you’re one of those people that always forget, DON’T set your android market to automatically remember your store purchase password; always enter it manually. Sometimes if you send back a device under warranty, they DO often check the device for all kinds of damages. Sometimes they check to see whether the problem is software related;  and even if you put a lock on your device; there could be a combination of complex button sequences (both internal and external) on your device to unlock it (that only a authorized service center would have). Trust absolutely nobody and ALWAYS factory reset ALL devices before you return a device, or hand it down to another. Here is the YouTube link if you’re interested here.


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