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I’ve found two more reasons to add, to the already existing pile of reasons why apple is on my poop list! Now, I kindly ask that my small and faithful blog fans not be upset for this post. Once again, I think Apple makes phenomenal products, so it’s not that I think Apple devices are crap. All their products works damn near flawless! For goodness sake, I’ve owned 3 iPod classics (which all still work); and I still currently use iTunes software because I still think it’s the best music management software for DRM free/mp3 files they have on the market today! My HUGE gripe with Apple, is their quest to hold customers hostage! They hold their customers hostage indirectly with the music content, and the apps. No one can honestly say that they will be using one app, or one type of phone for the rest of their life. I have the right as a consumer (who spent a LOT of money on Apple music and movies), to have the ability/license to switch technologies at will, and not be concerned with all the money I spent before a new technology. Keep in mind, this is one of the huge advantages Android OS has over Apple; Android doesn’t have such a strong choke hold that it doesn’t allow innovation from the outside. Android is open source, and You’ll find many devices and technology that are now using Android OS; they’re not limited to just Samsung smartphones. Including but not limited to video steaming devices [NVIDIA Shield Android TV and other devices], and watches [ASUS ZenWatch and other watch brands]. Even vehicles are using Android Auto. This is one of the huge reason I keep pounding on my readers heads to ALWAYS purchase DRM free mp3 files ONLY!! DRM free files are sold through Amazon, and GooglePlay (both have significant collections of music). If you want to be limited by Apple, that’s your problem. I’ll always be looking for other technologies where I can benefit, or improve the way I do things.


Today, I tried to open up an Apple link that was posted on Facebook. The web page opened, however, much to my surprise, I could not play the music at all. In fact, the play button wasn’t even visible. I thought I needed an upgrade, but my software was current. So I decided rather trying to find the play button, I clicked on the “view/play in iTunes” link. The user that posted the link was a subscriber to their new Apple streaming. I have to be a member of Apple streaming to hear the music. WTF???????? WTF?????? LOLOLOL 😀  I should have gotten at least a 30 second preview. It is standard practice to give previews on all digital products offered for sale. However, they only offer samples on their “pay per download.” In my opinion, that was a really bad move on Apple’s part; non-users should have samples, because samples is what’s needed to make a decision to buy or tryout a service. They need to disable their share features if they insist on doing that; it may be that they don’t want to pay the labels for free samples. Just my humble opinion. The last insult to injury, they took away Apple radio too. Apple radio is now only available to Apple Music subscribers. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. But continued to make their curated radio streams available (for free of course). However, the curated list of stations are very sloppy; meaning you’ll find many duplicates stations; sometimes up to 4 duplicates. Many stations don’t even belong there, such as feeds from Live365. You need to be a subscriber of Live365, because they have a limit of 10 listeners at a time per station. You’ll be forced to use the Live365 software and search for the station you want and play it. I have to say, a lot of the music on their curated stations are not that great either. You’ll do better finding your own radio streams on the internet, and copying the URL in your favorite radio feed software. It’s obvious they are focusing hard on their subscription services. Even the availability of diverse podcasts sucks. Just food for thought guys.


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