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You know, I’ve probably said this before but; it is my opinion that some of the most beautiful music in the world comes from Spain/Mexico. I say this as a person who has an affinity to music, and as someone who has always been exposed to many many types genres. There are quite a few old school music that comes from Spain, that are so beautiful to listen to, you don’t need to understand a single word the performer is singing, just because the emotion in the music is often enough to understand. I’m particularly attracted to guitar compositions. I’ve heard music from Spain that are so beautiful, it can make you cry. On this post, I’d like to focus on my most favorite Carlos Santana music composition ever. It’s called “Europa.” It’s a combination of music from classic Spain and American soft rock.


Many, many artists have reinterpreted Santana’s Europa, and I’d like to share with you some of my favorites with you. The first beautiful interpretation of Europa is from Guitar Romantica, and the album is called “Beyond Borders.” Second musical interpretation of Europa is from an album called “Panorama: Trumpet Prism,” and the composer is Vaughn Nark. And the third interpretation of Europa I like is from an album called “Soft Sexy Jazz,” unfortunately, the only thing in the artist description is “Various Artists.” So, I’m going to assume that this album is a collaboration of lesser known artists. These guys deserve a lot of credit, because they’ve done a wonderful job. Actually, you should check out the entire album, most of them are pretty good. I think you’ll like their interpretations of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” The last interpretation of Europa I like is a very mellow flute composition, from a guy named Bradley Leighton, and the album is called “”Just Doin’ Our Thang.” There are many other interpretations out there, and I encourage you to find them.


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