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You know, we know about Blacks being sold in to slavery, but we never actually see the actual business of slavery. Because it wasn’t really talked about much, as a child I always assumed that slaves were sold via direct hand exchange of money. In other words, I’ve always envisioned boats coming to land with a bunch of slaves, and potential slave masters all patiently waiting to see which slaves they’d like to buy, as if our ancestors were produce. Each slave valued differently based on the slave’s physical strength, and perceived health. It never occurred to me as a child that there were actually physical business, buildings that stood, like Price, Birch & Co., one of many actual dealers in slaves trade/Black human trafficking.


Now, the reason why I decided to write about this, is because this reminded me of the movie “12 Years As A Slave (2013),” starring the very handsome Chiwetel Ejiofor. The movie tells the story about Solomon, who was kidnapped in to slavery. In real life, Solomon kept journals of his experience. He had written that a man named “Burch,” stole him; but actually, it was a man named¬† “James H. Birch,” who happened to part own this slave trade building pictured above. Lately, there are a lot more Black films being made about slavery, I know that many are hard to watch, but it’s important to watch at least one as a family, so that we as a people can appreciate where we came. These movies are important, because they remind us the need to respect each other. Do you now see why photography is so important?

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