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Hi guys, today I watched a free premiere episode of “Preacher” produced by AMC. At first, it seemed like it would be a typical boring horror comedy, you know, equivalent to something like one of those Sy-Fy original movies. Yet, the comedy was very subtle, you kind of don’t know certain things were supposed to be jokes, until you think about it way after it happened… LOL However, I did give it a chance, since the trailers I’ve seen looked so good. I’m glad I did, because the ending of this episode was shocking as shit! My Jaw dropped, but of course, I’m not going to spoil it for you guys, so I’m not going to say anything about it. 😀


The TV show stars handsome, Dominic Cooper, who plays the preacher. From the trailers that I’ve seen, I had the assumption that this TV show was about the supernatural. However, I realize that it looks like it could actually be a Sci-Fi alien thriller. It’s too early to tell, but that was my perception. The movie starts off with some kind of unidentified object crashing down to earth. Some kind of energy was released after the object crashed, found it’s way to a preacher in Africa, while preaching to his congregation. The force of the energy was so strong it momentarily killed him, he then came back alive. Everyone in the church thought it was a miracle! But then seconds after praising a miracle, the energy inside the preacher caused his body to explode. Everyone ran out of the church scared and screaming. After many years later Dominic takes over a church (that looks eerily similar to the first church where the first preacher was killed), and tries to continue to keep the towns faith.


He helps everyone with pretty severe situations. He helps people like Ian Colletti, who I’m not sure if he suffers from a severe birth defect, or if this was an accident. It’s funny, when I first saw him, I immediately said to myself, “hey, he could be Conan O’Brian’s Son!” LOL. Not only is Ian dealing with a serious facial defect, he is also dealing with built up guilt for things he’s done in the past, and needs the preacher to help him deal.


Of course there are kick ass rebels on the show like Ruth Negga. She is no joke, I get the impression she is some kind of bounty hunter. There is some kind of relationship between her and the preacher, but I”m not sure what it is yet exactly. The story line alluded to the fact that they had a past business relationship, and she’s desperately trying to convince him to go back to what they were doing. However, because preacher has made a promise not to go back to being violent, he consistently declines her offer. Much of this has to do with the murder of his father. However, that all changed when that same energy that killed the first preacher, entered Dominic. Not only has he changed from being the nice preacher, he also now has the ability to control peoples minds (literally). So, the show took a little bit to pick-up the pace, but I think this will be a show worth watching. Keep in mind that this show has many story lines, so you’ll really have to sit and watch it. The show shows you strange things happening all over the world, you won’t understand what’s going on, if you’re not stuck to the TV unfortunately. I’m not sure how all of these different stories relate to each other yet. If you want to watch a free episode, just create a free VUDU account here. Free version is in Standard Definition, but it has surround sound.

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