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So, scrapped up enough money to see X-Men APOCALYPSE (2016) in 3D. As always, as a huge fan of X-Men, I think this 2 and a half hour movie was AWESOME!! However, this time, the 3 dimensional effects wasn’t as strong as I expected. Don’t get me wrong, the special effects were fantastic! But as much as I love X-Men, I recommend that fans just see the 2D version, you’ll save some money, and enjoy it just as much. I should warn you that if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and you’re a die-hard comic book fan as well, a LOT of things you’ll see will annoy you. Nothing will make sense to you, if you’re expecting the story line to follow the comic books. You’ll have to watch the movie with a very open mind, it’s the only way you’ll really enjoy it without being annoyed.


You know, one of the many things that make me a fan of X-Men, are the global characters. It would have been nice to have a little more Latino representation in the movie (I’m not one to get on the “race” bandwagon when it comes to movies, I’m just saying). Speaking of which, for those of us that have seen the movie, have you noticed how much Latina Olivia Munn (who plays Psylocke) looks? She’s gorgeous in the movie though. Unfortunately, she did not have a big part in the movie; but the little she did, was a powerful performance.


So, in essence Apocalypse is another very powerful mutant, who sees himself as a god. Apocalypse has been re-awakened and is on a mission to cleanse the world by destroying everything in it.  Any mutant left alive will help rebuild earth. Although the movie had loads of action, this movie also focused a lot on the psyche of each character; their fears of knowing that the world will end not knowing exactly how to stop it, or if they will even be successful doing it. Apocalypse was a special kind of mutant that no other mutant in the movie’s time frame has ever encountered. Xavier’s kids were still students; but once they realized that Apocalypse has the ability to steal a mutant’s powers; at that moment they became the X-Men. You see, the one thing that would technically put Apocalypse in “god” status, is to steal Xavier’s powers of mind control.


What made it even worse, we all know how powerful of a mutant Magneto is. After Magneto’s wife and daughter was murdered at the same time in front of him, Apocalypse used this and the fact that his parent’s were also taken away as a child; to get him to join him in the pursuit of destroying the world. That’s a lot of rage Magneto will unleash. It’s hard to defeat Magneto as it is, how the hell our heroes can fight both the master of magnetism and a thousand+ year old mutant?


I don’t want to say too much more, but I will say that there was a surprise appearance of a mutant that helped rescue a couple of our heroes (indirectly). I had the impression that this was the last installment; but after watching it, it is very obvious their going to at least branch off in to different segments for each hero. I’m likely to believe that the rumors of Storm, Angel, and Cyclopes getting their own movies, just may be true. Let me also just say, something happens with Jean that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Awesome special effects! Please don’t see the bootleg, spend the extra money to see it in a theater, it’s the only way to get the full effect. Or wait for it on Netflix. Again, it’s not exact to the comic books, but watching it happen was freak’n’ awesome! JMHO.


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