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I’m not going to tell you know lie, I used to think Al B. Sure was fine as hell back in the 80’s. He sort of reminded me a lot of Christopher Williams in a way (they do look alike). I’m going to take a wild guess and say that most people probably remember him for his hit song “Night And Day (188).” I used to LOVE that song, it had such a unique sound to it, I no other musician’s music that I can think of compared to it at the time. “Night And Day” was probably his biggest hit, judging by how much I remembered hearing it on the radio. However, he actually had a few more hits, which happens to be on this same album above. One of them was a song called “Off On Your Own.” Let me tell you, when I saw the video to this song, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video where the girls in it had skirts so high and tight, if they farted they’d be in trouble. LOLOL. The next song from this album I really liked was called “Rescue Me.” I really liked this song, the lyrics were fun and the beat was danceable (although the beat is reminiscent of “Off On Your Own” with different vocals LOLOL). I do like how he redid “Killing Me Softly.” Unfortunately, this was the first and only album from him I liked.


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