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I’ve always liked Bobby Brown’s music believe it or not. But I felt that it would be more appropriate to write about him after I felt the shock of Whitney and Bobbi-Christina’s death died down. Why? I’ve heard way too many people blaming Bobby for Whitney’s addiction; rumors circulated for decades that Bobby got Whitney hooked. But, as we found out, Whitney had been hooked long before Bobby and Whitney met. Although it didn’t help that Bobby was on it too, but let’s be serious, when you have the kind of money Whitney had, do you think that just telling someone to quit drugs will stop them? We’ve seen this over and over with now deceased celebrities that had addictions.


Some have even claimed that Bobby used Whitney’s fame to capitalize on his own career. I disagree with this, because if you don’t have talent, I don’t care who you know, you’re not going to have the long career that Bobby had if he didn’t have at least a little bit of talent. The rumors probably started just after he left “New Addition.” It was said that Bobby was such a “bad boy,” that the group really couldn’t handle him any longer, he always wanted to do things his way. Don’t quote me, I think that was one of the reasons Johnny Gill joined the group. Well, Bobby leaving the group really seemed to have paid off for his career. I really do believe he would have made it with or without Whitney.


There were many chart topping hits that eventually became my very favorites. I think his first big hit was “My Prerogative.” Actually, if my memory serves, I think this was a song specifically written because of his relationship with Whitney back then. There’s also “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Roni,” and I ❤️ “Every Little Step.” All the beats are consistent, easy to dance to, and he knew how to carry a tune. I don’t know if he still sings as good as he used to, but his oldies are still goodies to me. Here is his greatest hits on Napster.






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