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I can’t believe I found this album, I totally forgot about them (I haven’t heard about these guys since the 90s). “C&C Music Factory,” also was known as “The 28th Street Crew,” was really hot back in the 90s. Their music wasn’t just dance music, they were also workout music. You could still rock this music in your ear in the gym, or while doing power walk exercises. This group confused me a lot, because before I knew what they looked like, for the longest time I thought rapper Freedom Williams voice was actually rapper/actor Ice T, who you may remember from the hit TV show “Law & Order.” 😀 Actually I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought that.


I also thought the voice of Martha Wash was Scarlett Santana. I used to say to myself, “for a very skinny lady, she sure knows how to belt those notes!” Turns out it was Martha all along LOLOL. Not saying she can’t sing, but unless I’m wrong, I never saw Martha in any of there videos. I guess they couldn’t afford to pay extra LOLOL. The members of the group weren’t always the same, but Scarlett & Freedom where the ones I’ve always remembered. To my understanding they are still performing, although they haven’t had a big hit (that I’m aware of since the 90s. My favorites are “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm,” “Gonna Make You Sweat,” “Here We Go Let’s Rock and Roll,” “Live Happy,” and finally, a song called “Untitled.” “Untitled” has a hot beat in my opinion; although this particular song has gay overtones, I’m not sure if any of the members where actually gay. But then again, “gay club music” was also hot in the 90s too. Today, Mr. Freedom is working to help the homeless. Which is almost unheard of with many of these celebrities. Check their album at on Spotify.





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