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So, YouTube is offering a free 14 day trial of their new “YouTube Red.” I am not impressed. Not impressed at all! My readers know that I would NEVER tell a person not use or abandon a service; because if they like it, who am I to discourage right? Well, this is my first exception to the rule. Guys, I really don’t recommend purchasing the “YouTube Red” service. I’m going to sum it up in one sentence. “You’ll get more value from using Spotify’s free service!” I’m not kidding about this! It is exactly what I have expected. They are pushing to the public an unfinished product. I’ll be honest, my personal opinion, is that Google put this together as quickly as they could just to keep the music labels off their ass. The mobile app is not even intuitive. It took my so long to realize where my playlist were. I can assure you, if you’re a power user of any music app, I’ll doubt you’re going to like YouTube Red. And if you mostly use YouTube’s website, I really don’t see the point to pay $9.99 month to get the same thing with the exception of the removal of ads.


Well at least I know that they have two modes, a video mode and a head phone mode. So you can listen to it without video. I couldn’t figure out how to create playlists from the mobile app. It looks like I had to like the videos I was listening to. So in other words, my likes became my all in one playlist. The only other good thing about the YouTube Red mobile app, is that you can control the storage capacity. However, from the looks of the storage settings, you’re downloading the entire video and not the audio only. This is a problem, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post that unless you have a really good bandwidth and or unlimited mobile 4G, this is an issue! My first impression of this app is that it was not well thought out, or designed for a power user, just like their website. I will not waste my time with YouTube Red. They’re offering way too little for what they’re charging. Users just don’t want unlimited music, we want features as well; and YouTube Red offers almost none. Therefore, use Free Spotify, or if you’re looking for real user power, come on over to Napster for the same $9.99 a month.

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