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You know, Eddie Murphy has had such a huge acting career, with movies like “48 Hours (1982),” “Coming To America (1988),” and so many others, it’s hard for me to see him a singer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is a bad singer, but he’s not a great singer either LOL. In my opinion his voice was/is average; but unfortunately his singing voice didn’t wow me enough to want to actually buy his records. If I can be honest for a moment, a lot of his musical recordings sounded like he produced them in a karaoke bar. I really hate that style of recording because it comes off cheap.


Now, I don’t mean to offend Eddie Murphy fans (but I am actually a fan of Eddie’s work as well) however, the only song that I really liked from Eddie is a song off the “How Could It Be” album called “Party All The Time.” That was the ONLY song I really liked, and that was more probably because it was a catchy tune. Then there was a song called “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” which sounds ok but he sings the song like he’s a long lost Jackson that no one knew about LOL. It appeared that Eddie really tried hard to make it as a solo artist, but his music really didn’t light my fire. I did make time to listen to his later album called “So Happy (1989),” but I was turned off because it was obvious he bit really hard off of Prince. Listen to his “Party All The Time” classic from Spotify.





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