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I love to watch foreign movies. However, normally I don’t watch Spanish movies, only because the movies that are marketed to the United States, or English speaking countries, only play up to the stereo types (as if it is the only way it will sell). Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places? I mean, I have a wealth of resources, and yet the only Spanish movies I’m able to find most of, are the ones that can be boiled down to three categories; drug cartels, novelas (that contains a bunch of women slapping somebody or each other, as if that’s all Spanish women do all day? Yeah, that’s realistic ūüôĀ ), or a bunch of romance movies that don’t have strong captivating story lines. Searching for good Spanish movies is very difficult for me. If anyone knows of really good action Spanish movies, send me a direct twitter message. I did come a cross a movie called “Asmodexia (2014).” I’m not going to say it was a good movie “per say,” but it did have all the elements of a good classic horror movie made in 2014.


First off, I wouldn’t put this movie in the gore genre, but there were many scenes that was so gross, it was awesome! I just wish the acting was a little better. To be honest, I think the only two things that kept my attention, was being determined to understand what’s going on; and the other was just hoping to see the next big disgusting thing. Now, the movie isn’t “Hellraiser (1987)” disgusting, but it had the potential to be. There are a lot of things going on in this movie, I’ll try to condense my writing as small as possible.


So, this old guy¬† who is a preacher/exorcist is traveling around town casting out demons, as well as teaching and grooming his granddaughter to do the same thing to take his place. What I couldn’t help but to find interesting, was that throughout the movie, they never once took a bus or a car whilst on their travels. I don’t know if that was an over-site on the director’s part, or maybe it was to signify spiritual strength, I don’t know.¬† Now, turns out there is something very important about this girl. I can’t (or shouldn’t) say anything more about her, I’ll risk giving out a major spoiler. So I’ll stop right here. But I will say this, I was taken back on how androgynous she looks. I almost thought I would see something from “Sleep Away Camp (1983).” LOLOL Those who saw that movie know what I’m talking about.


The make up on this woman was pretty good. But I don’t know who idea it was to put that green coloring on her teeth, but that shit was a bad idea. That green candy looking mixture just made the overall makeup look fake, don’t you think? They probably ran out of fake blood, and had to compensate. LOLOL BUT. BUT. There was a scene where this demon possessed lady vomited on another woman’s face, it was so disgusting! Yuk!! So the young grand daughter came to exorcise the demon out of her, and was successful. Dead, but successful. LOLOL.


Again, there are some good scary moments in the movie, but I liked it not because¬† it was a “good movie,” I liked it because it’s different, and nothing else I’ve seen. I’m not going to lie, by the end of the movie, it left me saying to myself.. WTF???????? I was left feeling like I didn’t know whether the preacher or the girl was bad or good. Turns out the preacher/exorcist isn’t what he leads us to believe! Again, I am terribly sorry, but unfortunately, it was too hard writing about this movie without giving up major spoilers. But what I can say, is that it involves a resurrection. This movie alludes to a part 2, however, it is nowhere to be found (at least I can’t find it in the U.S.).¬† All I can say is, see the movie for the foreign special effects, and the occasional weird soft gore. Considering all the novela like movies all over streaming, this is a change of pace. Watch on Netflix.







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