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I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEEE Gloria Estefan! I just HAD to share this photo of her.  She is on the front page of Spry Living’s magazine, which was in this past Sunday’s “Daily News.” This bitch is GORGEOUS!! She hasn’t aged one day, not ONE!!!! I am so happy for her, I mean for real! I’m really happy for her. Not only do I love her music, she is truly an inspiration; and anybody who is old enough to remember her during her peak career (in the 80s) understands exactly what I’m talking about. From the boating accident that not not only almost killed her and almost left her paralyzed for life; but also the issues she faced not being able to go back to her beloved country, Cuba. Just imagine, dancing is a huge part of your culture and career; laying in a hospital bed and the doctor tells you you may never dance again, ’cause your spine suffered major damage? Just sit down and think about that! Shit just not being able to walk would make me crawl over the tallest building. Honey, this woman went through a lot, and she still looks fucking good! You would never know she was under such incredible stress like that. And before you say “I don’t believe,” you better use google and search it, before you get on Facebook, cause I know a lot of your parents won’t tell you to. Thank you Gloria for your music and your positive energy. Huge love to you sistah… 🙂

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