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Well, it looks like we’re finally here! Wow, looking back, I remember a time (during the old Napster days), when both the music and movie industry were totally against the internet. Look at how times has changed! Before, the only way you were allowed to download a movie, was unless you paid per-download for it. Now, they’re available with our monthly streaming service! Yes, I know we were able to do this for quite some time now. However, the difference is, companies like Netflix now has much better movies (although the had to raise their prices to do it, but I think it’s worth it). With this economy, subscription services are becoming more and more important (I dare to say even vital), and I think that both the music, movies, AND now software industry is starting to finally acknowledge that now. With more and more people spending just as much time (if not even more time) on their cellphones as with their computers, this is a no-brainer! One of the many things I am most happy about, is that they offer FULL HD downloads! Instead of spending 2-3 hours ripping one blu-ray disc (sometimes much longer), you can take from about 5 up to 15 minutes (depending on your data speeds) to download a high quality movie, and call it a day 😀 It’s important to note that Netflix did not change anything on their mobile application (well, let me speak for only Android). You still have the same familiar aesthetics, with a few extra download features. Now, of course all movies are not available for download, but a lot are. They have even added a “downloadable” section for you to browse. Although I have a feeling they have more available, so I think it’s a good idea to search for what you want anyway.

Not sure if my readers are aware, Amazon Prime subscribers allows you to download too. The quality is very good, although I downloaded one or two episodes of a TV show and the sound was a little out of sync. But for the most part it works very well. To be honest though, Netflix has the better movies! Although in the TV show department, I think they are about the same (they just offer different content). The only thing that kind of annoys me about amazon, is that it takes them a LONG time to get licensing for newer movies and TV shows. Personally, I think this is because they are also retail, and they make more money by selling than streaming (plus, I guess there’s that whole physical inventory thing… LOL).  The next biggest competitor is Hulu, I don’t suppose Hulu is going to offer downloads for a while. If they do, my guess it’s going to be all the “B” movies that the average person doesn’t care for. Titles like “The Killer Bunny,” or “Santa Clause Meets One Arm Karate Grandma From Outer Space.” I do hope though that more old school copyright holders offer their licenses to streaming; because those classic gems isn’t doing anything for anybody locked up away were nobody can see them again! This to me is so selfish, you’re literally keeping history away! The reality is, it is my opinion that TV stations will probably cease to exist at some point. You can literally create a show in your own home. And if you want to find proof, do some research on how newspapers are now struggling because of online blogs (and I guess you can add YouTube to that equation a well). Which begs the serious question about the validity of information being offered on the web. If you’re not well read from valid sources, you’re up shits creek. Just look at what’s going on in the last few weeks concerning Donald Trump.

So if copyright holders want to make money, they better start offering up their licenses to streaming services at a decent cost, so that customers can afford it. They’ll be no more pitching to TV stations/networks and “see if they will pickup a season, or buy a show.” Everything will pretty much be home grown. I guess you can say the streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon will replace television stations, and television networks might be paying Netflix and Amazon to feature their content on their service.


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