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Don’t Breathe (2016), IMDB, YouTube trailer. Starring, Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette (whom I ALWAYS mistaken him for one of the Jonas brothers (by the way, all of the Jonas brother grew up to be very handsome men IMHO). If you like thriller movies, this will NOT disappoint you in my humble opinion. You guys really need to Netflix this bitch and see it! Just about every major movie website has given this rave reviews! And that includes Rotten Tomatoes, so don’t just take it from me 😀 . Now, most of my blog fans who really follow me, know my feelings about very young actors; they’re usually the stereotypical bullshit, with the college students driving up to some house in a secluded location to “unwind.” They start having a bunch of sex, and the next thing you know some monster, vampire, alien whatever, comes out and slaughters or eats them all up. Yada yada, yada. Boy, did this movie shock the hell out of me! Totally blew my mind! Kind of got a little bit “Blair Witch” for me towards the middle of the movie. But, please trust me, it was totally worth my time watching!

So you have these 3 deadbeat teens, handsome Daniel Zovatto (although he had only a small role, he was very believable in this role), Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette. In a nutshell, these kids are hoodlums, and go around robbing people. Actually, I should say two of them, because I could tell right away that Dylan did not want to be involved. He really was just there for the because he liked Jane. So, unbeknown to him, Dylan learns that his love of his life is leaving for good, while in the midst of planing “the big hit.” They learn that an old blind guy has got a huge settlement as a result of a murder of his daughter and his injuries (and keeps ALL of the cash in the house). Now, I have to be honest, my first thought was, this is going to be a bullshit movie, how much good is this going to be?!?! I pictured a bunch of talking and negotiating. NOT!!! The guy who is played by Stephen Lang, is NO ordinary guy. Before I continue, I have to say that this old guy was ripped!!! Oh my goodness. He’s an old man in a young mans body.  He was just too pumped! Well, I guess he had to be in order to pull off this role.

Stephen had a surprise for their ass honey! Yes!!! The three thugs broke in to his house and all hell broke loose. I have to be honest though, by the end of the movie, I had so many mixed emotion about Stephen. I felt sorry for him, but on the other hand, by the end of the movie I’m thinking, HE was the bad guy. Stephen wasn’t just protecting himself, he was hunting the three down with the focus of trying to kill all of them. Homeboy locked the doors, bordered windows, and got busy. It wasn’t until further down the movie that I realized Stephen was also trying to hide a big secret. He was hiding someone in his basement. The person in that basement has a short part, but was one of the many important keys to this puzzle. Now, again, this had a lot of action, and damn realistic for a guy being blind. You can clearly tell that he was planning this moment, like he knew someone was going to break in!

Oh, did I mention that they also had to fight an attack dog, whom I call Cujo! I call him Cujo because he looked and acted just like him! Now, will all three survive and escape before Stephen kills them all? Will they discover that hidden person in the basement in time? Or more importantly, will they be to try and save that person? Now, you know I don’t like giving out spoilers unless I am forced to. So I’ll just stop right here, cause I’ve said enough. Rent this movie From Netflix, you will definitely enjoy it!! Incredible acting, and lots of suspense.


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